Best Buy Auctioneers Review

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Shill bidders are straight up liars and crooks

A shill bidder on is someone who tries to outbid other bidders in a bid to win the car. There are several examples of this. In one auction, Bring a Trailer advertised a 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix for $31,000. The car was listed as part of a private collection. However, a commenter pointed out that the car came from an account owned by Gary Duncan of Duncan Imports.

While auctioneers generally exercise restraint in chandelier bidding, shill bidders are more likely to drive up the price and send the consigner home empty-handed. Even when auctioneers are willing to waive consignment fees, they will not do so for a shill bidder. Hence, it is important to avoid any shill bidder.

While a shill bidder may be able to use a known account to purchase a product, a shill bidder could use a new one to make the purchase. Another possible way for a shill to bid on a piece of furniture is to ask a friend to use a known account. Fortunately, online auction companies are doing their best to ensure that all bidders are real.

In fact, shill bidding on Bestbuy auctions is a common problem. ACV claims to have used shill bidding techniques on almost half of its vehicle auctions from 2016 to 2020. One former employee, however, agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity, claiming that he witnessed one employee shill bidding for a car, using a fake account, to increase his interest and win the bid.

The best way to avoid shill bidders on eBay is to stay away from the auction site. These crooks and liars are often part of larger fraud schemes that involve other types of crimes. You can use eBay to track down scammers who steal from unsuspecting buyers. EBay has policies against shill bidding.

Security at auctioneers

When shopping online, the safety of your data is essential. Best Buy auctioneers follow a comprehensive security and privacy program that is designed to keep your personal information safe. You should always enter your credit card number and other private information only after the seller has authorized your transaction. However, if you're not careful, your personal information may be compromised. For this reason, we recommend that you only bid for items you really need.