Benefits of Fashiontiy

$0.00 is a wholesale marketplace that is a great choice for a small business owner. They offer competitive prices and free shipping, products from multiple suppliers, and apps. You can also dropship from this site and take advantage of their wholesale bulk pricing. This article will cover some of the key benefits of and what you can do to make the most of this website. You will also find out more about their Factory contracts and how they can help you grow your business.

Growth of

Registered in Delaware in 2016, has rapidly grown into a global business. It now employs more than 50 people and serves customers in North and South America as well as Europe. A recent survey showed that nearly 90 percent of platform purchases were from small or medium retailers who spent between $2,000 and $5,000. As the company continues to grow, it hopes to become the largest one-stop online procurement platform for SMEs.


The website offers a range of fashionable and affordable products, and requires users to create an account to place orders and receive discounts. This website's "TRY" purchase experiential function allows users to see how adorning a garment will look after using it. This feature allows users to take a photo of themselves wearing the accessory and see the real effect of the adornment. To make this process easier and more convenient, the site also offers a video tutorial of how to use the "TRY" purchase experiential function.

Customers can purchase items at up to 70% cheaper prices than on other sites. The fashion wholesaler offers no minimum order quantity (MOQ), and also offers exclusive shipping and tax plans. Other advantages include private custom services, custom branding and labeling, and printing. Almost all products can be customized. Users can also order items directly from the site and get them shipped to their stores. FashionTIY also offers wholesale services to small and medium enterprises in the United States and Europe.


The wholesale price of FashionTIY is lower than that of other online wholesale sites. Retailers should choose a reliable low-cost supplier for their business to maximize profits. By implementing the factory wholesale price, you can save up to 40%. Moreover, FashionTIY members enjoy other advantages like 24/7 customer service and discounted shipping fees. So, how do you enjoy the benefits of FashionTIY? Read on to discover more!

With the help of FashionTIY, small businesses can achieve cost-effective procurement. With factory direct sales agreements with over 1000 factories worldwide, this online wholesaler offers more than a hundred thousand products at affordable prices. This price competitiveness allows small businesses to save up to 40% of their purchase cost on average. And thanks to FashionTIY's reputation as a reliable supplier, more than twenty thousand small and medium wholesalers trust this online shopping site for their wholesale requirements.

Factory contracts

For SMEs, finding reliable suppliers is a crucial component of success. FashionTIY factory contracts provide one-stop shopping with thousands of factories and hundreds of thousands of products. The online fashion marketplace is updated daily with wholesale prices and offers a wide variety of styles and prices. Customers can choose to buy one or multiple items at a time, and contracts can also be customized according to the desired quality, price, and quantity. As an added bonus, customers can save up to 30% on shipping costs and enjoy one-time discounts on products.

FashionTIY is a super wholesale platform serving global SMEs and is a one-stop shop for all categories of factories. The platform is dedicated to SMEs in achieving low-cost procurement. Since its establishment in 2016, FashionTIY has grown from an online wholesale platform to the preferred supplier for more than 20,000 SMEs across Europe and North America. By focusing on SMEs, it has become one of the most competitive sourcing platforms on the Internet.

For a low-cost, high-quality fashion product, FashionTIY is the right choice. With one-order mixed batch pricing, no minimum order requirements, and 24/7 customer service, FashionTIY helps retailers and brands get access to affordable wholesale fashion products at competitive prices. Whether you're selling products in your store or wholesale online, you'll find a vast assortment of styles and colors at affordable prices. FashionTIY can even help you set up a membership system with thousands of factories, and a one-time shipping cost.

Integration with your store

You can integrate with your store to increase your sales. The site offers dropshipping, bulk wholesale prices, and competitive prices for products from several suppliers. Fashiontiy also offers an application that allows you to copy product material from your store to the Fashsiontiy website. It also offers free shipping. These are all excellent reasons to integrate FashionTIY with your store.