Bartons Discounts - A Liquidation Company That Buys Back Unwanted Merchandise


When searching for businesses to buy their returned merchandise, Barton's Discounts came to mind. This Indianapolis-based company specializes in buying back unwanted merchandise from businesses. Its founders were curious about the process, and found an untapped source of customer returned merchandise. Once they identified the right source, they approached a small business association to get a $5,000 loan to start their business. While the company began small, it has since grown into a 150,000 square-foot warehouse with more than 20 employees.

Barton's Discounts

If you're looking for a liquidation company that specializes in surplus merchandise, Barton's Discounts is worth a look. This Indiana-based company is a reliable partner in recovering returned inventory and purchasing excess merchandise. Its unique approach enables retailers and manufacturers to liquidate their excess inventory and maximize their profit margins. Barton's Discounts partners with leading manufacturers and retailers to recover items deemed of no value and resell them on the secondary market. The process of liquidation is fast and efficient, and Barton's Discounts is renowned for its speedy turnaround times.

The company started with a few people and a little cash. Today, they fill a 100,000 square-foot warehouse and conduct business across the country. Owner Joe Barton talks about how he grew the business and how he got started with Bankable. Here are some of the things he enjoyed most about the business. For starters, it's a great place to find great deals on a wide variety of products.


A liquidation company based in Indiana, Bartons Discounts provides a range of services that are invaluable to any retailer, big or small. This company has been around for nine years and has grown to sell over 44,000 pallets a year. They adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines, offer mobile payment options, and are open seven days a week. With over 1,000 locations, there's a location near you.

The warehouse is 20,000 square feet, and offers an array of household and kitchen supplies. They also sell toys, bedding, and nursery items, as well as new cosmetics at a wholesale price. You can find almost anything you need at a Bartons Discounts location, including some brand name items. However, if you're looking for something in particular, Bartons Discounts is not the best place to look. Instead, focus on buying from a reputable company that sells brand-name merchandise at wholesale prices.


In this lawsuit, the plaintiffs are the Appellant-Defendants Christopher Allen Duncan, Patel's Palace LLC, Midwest Surplus Liquidators, LLC, Rupal Patel, Christopher Zorman, and Barton's Discounts, LLC. The company claims that the plaintiffs' prices were inflated and that it had no duty to inform customers of the changes. The plaintiffs also claim that Duncan and ISL committed a conspiracy to steal goods.


The Indianapolis-based company, Bartons Discounts, is a retailer specializing in liquidating items and purchasing wholesale. Bartons has a network of locations throughout the Indianapolis metro area. The company has been in business for 10 years and employs 20 employees at one of its locations. The company offers liquidation services for manufacturers and retailers. Bartons Discounts locations have everything from t-shirts to appliances. Bartons Discounts is the perfect solution for your merchandising needs.

There are numerous Bartons Discounts locations throughout the Houston area, and many of them support military personnel and their families. Veterans and military personnel are also given special discounts. While you won't find anything of high quality here, the staff is friendly and helpful, and you can find some decent bargains on various items. While some of the items in these stores are outdated or expired, the store's hours may not be convenient for everyone.