Has Become a Victim of Its Own Success

$0.00 has a history of scamming people out of their money. Their website claims that they'll fight to get your money back, but that seems unlikely. It's best to go to the original seller and demand your money back. After all, the auction site is only interested in their own money. This is not the way to run a business, which is why they've become a victim of its own success.


Buying a car from an auto auction site like Autoauctionmall Copart can be a great way to get a great deal. These auctions are run by licensed auto dealers. You must have a dealer license, which can vary from state to state. Generally, a dealer must be registered in their state and sell a certain number of cars per year in order to be able to sell them. Buying a car from an auto auction site like this is not for the average car buyer. But you can still take advantage of the benefits of buying a vehicle from a dealer.

The Copart auction site offers thousands of vehicles. Some of these vehicles are clean title and are available for bidding on, but most of the vehicles are salvage titled and have a history of damage. You can bid on these vehicles at a fraction of the cost of a local dealership! Autoauctionmall Copart has a huge selection of cars, so you will never have to settle for a substandard vehicle.

Many auto auction companies have moved online. Auto Auction Mall is one of these. In order to bid on a car from an auction, you must have a dealer license and have an account with Copart. You can also buy a car from a private party. Most of the cars available at Copart auctions are sold by dealers, which means you're paying a fraction of their retail price. By contrast, non-dealers can bid on a car through Autoauctionmall.


The Autoauctionmall IAAI is a web portal that provides access to a range of used car auctions. The site features an extensive range of models from luxury vehicles to classic and salvage vehicles. It has been around since 1982 and was founded by Willis J. Johnson. He grew up in a family business and joined his father's operation in the salvage industry. Copart began in California as a single salvage yard and later went public in 1999. Today, it is a leading IAAI "buy fast" auction site with access to the major salvage and used car auctions in the United States.

IAAI auctions are accessible to non-dealers. To bid, non-dealers must join the IAAI's broker service and pay a fee of $200 annually. The company also provides flexible payment options and brokers to help buyers transport their purchases. They also provide flexible financing options and can even orchestrate transport for buyers who aren't in the market for a new car. They're a great option for seasoned auto dealers who want to sell a car at a price they can live with.

Another online auction website is the Insurance Auto Auction Incorporated. Founded in 1982, Insurance Auto Auctions has a long and profitable history in car auctioning. Their vehicles range from lightly damaged and salvage to stolen recovered cars and parts. They even feature vehicles that have been donated by car dealers. The site makes finding a great vehicle easy. It's easy to browse the inventory and make an informed decision. If you're an experienced bidder, the IAAI website will be a great option.

Auto Auction Mall

If you are considering buying a new vehicle, you might have considered visiting an Auto Auction Mall. This online auto auction site allows you to browse dealer inventories and bid on cars. The Auto Auction Mall also offers shipping services. In some cases, you can even purchase your new car right from the comfort of your home! With a few clicks of the mouse, you can purchase a brand-new vehicle or near-new car coming off lease.

The Auto Auction Mall is a marketplace that connects you to all the major used car, salvage, and pre-owned car auctions in North America. You can buy a car that meets your needs and budget and drive away in a new vehicle for much less than you would pay for it on the dealer's lot. You can also pay with multiple methods, and you can also choose to buy now. Its services have a wide variety of features, including the ability to export vehicles to other countries.


For auto dealers, AutoBidMaster at the aforementioned Autoauctionmall is a good place to start. With a membership to Copart, you will have access to their vast inventory of repairable salvage vehicles and used cars. There are over 162,000 cars to choose from. The AutoBidMaster team refreshes its stock regularly, so you won't have to spend hours searching for the perfect vehicle. This company also regularly stocks motorcycles and quad bikes.

In addition to a wide selection of used and repairable vehicles, you can also purchase motorcycles through AutoBidMaster. The site offers daily and weekly auto auctions, and expert car buyers are available to answer your questions. You can buy a car at an auto auction or online depending on your needs and knowledge of the process. Several auto auction sites provide a variety of services, including live online bidding.

One great advantage of AutoBidMaster at Autoauctionmall is its extensive inventory of Copart cars. This company has the entire Copart inventory, and the website offers a mobile app to bid from your smartphone. Furthermore, there are no registration fees or minimum bids, so you can bid from anywhere in the world. You can also bid with AutoBidMaster at Autoauctionmall if you want to avoid a down payment.

Auction Clearing House

The Auction Clearing House sells cars to the public at wholesale prices. They do not do any more extensive testing than auto auction malls. Therefore, they cannot provide warranties or guarantees for the cars. These vehicles are sold at wholesale prices, so they might need some additional work before you can drive them off of the lot. A salvage title is another red flag. You can tell this car is in bad shape if it has front end and undercarriage damage. The buyers of this car knew it was in bad condition, but they bought it anyway, and therefore, the vehicle is in a bad shape. Hence, the price that the auction clearing house charged is the same.

While it is possible to purchase cars at an auction through a dealer, the buyer does not have protection from fraudulent sellers. If a car is misrepresented or inaccurately described, there is no recourse. The buyer is liable for all costs incurred. Unlike other auctioneers, auction clearing houses sell cars "as is," which means that the buyer bears the full risk of damage. The auction house charges 18-20% of the purchase price of an item, and the buyer is not protected from misrepresentations by the auctioneer.