AuctionNinja - Advantages of Extended Bidding


When you are bidding on items on, there are some basic terms you should be familiar with. These terms include "AS IS" and "WHERE IS." That means no warranties, guarantees, or warrantees. If you win a bid and then don't pay it, AuctionNinja may permanently revoke your bidding privileges. In addition, if you're caught bidding twice on an item, AuctionNinja can permanently revoke your bidder privileges.

Bidding increments

During an auction, bidding increments are a great way to keep the auction moving, exciting, and interesting. In addition to helping you place a high bid, the increments increase as the value of the item increases. The auctioneer can adjust the increments at any time to keep the auction moving forward. However, you should know that bidding increments can be as small as a single cent. To avoid being taken advantage of by unscrupulous bidders, make sure to check the increments first.

AuctionNinja is a bidding platform that brings together buyers and sellers. However, many sellers don't offer shipping, and others only offer local pick-up. You should also be aware of the sale terms as they vary by seller. Usually, the terms are spelled out on the landing page of an auction, so be sure to review these before placing a bid. However, there are some common exceptions to this rule.

When you're new to the process of ninja auction bidding, it's best to practice with a few items before attempting to master it on your own. You should also learn as much about the items that are up for auction as possible. Once you're more confident, you'll be able to outbid your competitors in auctions. Outbidding them can increase your chances of winning.

In addition to understanding fair market value, you should know the starting bid and the increments for your items. A 70% return on the value of an item can be achieved within four bids. Similarly, setting a reserve price will help you avoid losing a lot of money on expensive items. If you're new to auctioning, don't forget to use reserve prices so you won't end up underbidding!

Reserve price

Setting a reserve price on can help ensure that your item is not sold at too low a price. Reserve prices are regulated and must be reasonable if you expect to sell the item for that amount. Generally, you should not set a reserve price less than the lowest estimate. In other words, you don't want to set a reserve price for a clock for 800 euros if you're not expecting to sell it for that much.

If you can't make the auction in person, setting a reserve price on will enable you to bid on a vehicle even if you can't attend. The same principle applies to firm orders. The firm order, on the other hand, allows you to place a maximum bid. In this case, the maximum bid is 750 euros. If your bid doesn't meet the reserve price, the auctioneer has the option of reducing the price so that you can purchase the item.

When you're buying on AuctionNinja, a reserve price is a minimum amount that the seller is willing to accept. The reserve price is a way for a seller to ensure that no one wins the auction if the reserve price isn't met. Most auctions start lower than the reserve price to encourage bidding. This is also referred to as the opening bid. However, it's worth noting that the starting bid for an auction tends to be lower than the reserve price.

The company was founded in 1984 with the GPZ900R motorcycle and has since expanded into a line of motorcycles. Auction Ninja's software is designed to help estate sale professionals and estate agents eliminate the most common problems associated with estate sales. Its website has a community of professionals, the Ninja Nation. The auction company is part of the Emanon Auctions And Estate Sales LLC. You can join the online community at to become an expert in the field.

Extended bidding

The AuctionNinja online auction system offers extended bidding, or "soft close." The system mimics the actions of a live auctioneer, who gives bidders additional opportunities to increase their bids until no more interest is shown. The winning bidder is then hammered to close the bidding process. Listed below are some of the advantages of Extended Bidding. Read on to learn more.

Before bidding, you should make sure you understand the terms of service. If you have any questions, you can always contact the support team. You can reach them via email. They will answer all your questions about the service and its features. While you are at it, read carefully the terms of service and make sure you understand them. Depending on the item, make sure you read them carefully before bidding. In some cases, they may not be clearly stated in the auction description.

By registering at, you agree to accept the terms of service and accept the terms of use. You must be 18 years old or older to use the Site or any of its features. Besides, you should be able to form legally binding contracts. In the event you have a problem, you should contact the support team before making a bid. If you do, you will be prevented from bidding again.

When you register with AuctionNinja, you must also provide your tax exemption certificate. These certificates are important for your business and should be provided if you become audited. You can also submit a tax resale form through your member profile. Make sure to enter your name and address exactly as they appear on your resale certificate. You can use this form to register with multiple vendors.

Revocation of bidding privileges

If you lose a bid on an item, you may be subject to revocation of your bidding privileges. You may be suspended or even banned from using the services of AuctionNinja if you violate any of the following rules:

The site will automatically revoke your bidding privileges if you fail to meet the terms of service. It is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions before placing a bid. Ensure you're agreeing to these terms before placing a bid. Otherwise, your bidding privileges may be revoked. The agreement you signed with AuctionNinja describes the terms and conditions of its services.

You should be aware that AuctionNinja does not transfer legal ownership of items through its site. UCC SS 2-401(2) governs the transfer of ownership between a buyer and a seller. Furthermore, AuctionNinja disclaims any implied warranty or term. Further, it is NOT liable for loss of money, goodwill, or any other damages, including indirect, special, or consequential.