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Take a close look at the high margin products that will roll off your shelves and increase your bottom line - it's everything you've been waiting for.

ASD Marketweek showcases many of the unique and most popular products currently on the market. Exhibit Experience put together this exhibit and exhibitor guide to make sure your products stand out at this major show. Exhibit here and show your products to tens of thousands of buyers. From department stores to convenience stores, from department stores to gift shops, from grocery distributors to fashion boutiques, at this fair, every customer can find unique products that will distinguish their store's products.

ASD Las Vegas brings together the widest range of products in the world in one efficient consumer goods fair that is as easy to buy as it is to love. ASD Las Vegas is the largest exhibition of its kind covering a wide range of product categories; it's like six gigs in one, all in one trip to Las Vegas. ASD Market Week is the premier event for lower to mid-range merchandisers and was voted "Trade Show of the Year" in 2016 by TSNN, and deservedly so.

ASD Market Week serves resellers and consumers of the world's widest range of retail products. Boasting 1,500 vendors and over 1 million product lines, ASD Marketweek is known for offering the highest margin products, exclusive shopper benefits, free educational sessions, and fashion innovations. It has long been known that ASD Marketweek has been showcasing the most profitable new products at the best price for years, and as I said before, eliminating middlemen ensures that you and your customers get the best prices available. Those who are interested in profiting from buying goods in bulk and selling them at retail prices may well be among the visitors to the ASD Show in Las Vegas, also called ASD Market Week.

According to the organizers of the exhibition, there will be buyers from almost all sectors of the retail trade. Marketing materials say that more than 2700 exhibitors visit the exhibition.

Among 3,500 booths and 1,500 suppliers, visitors are ready to shop for the latest products for their shops and businesses. Retailers and distributors of all sizes will find showrooms filled with quality options in a variety of wholesale price ranges.

Whether you have an online store, a physical business, or both, ASD is truly a must-have bulk buying event for any small to large retail, e-commerce, distribution or import business. In addition, ASD Market Week also hosts a SourceDirect fair for importers, distributors, wholesalers and large retailers, where they can purchase goods in bulk directly from foreign manufacturers. Basically, ASD MARKETWeek is nine exhibitions in one, covering "Fashion + Accessories", "Beauty + Perfume", "Jewellery" + "Cash & Carry", "Gifts + Home", "Toys + News", "Universal store", "C-Store", and "SourceDirect". The letters "ASD" originally stood for Associated Surplus Dealers, but eventually Associated Merchandise Dealers (AMD) were added to the show and the event is now known simply as ASD.

The average wholesale shopper spends $82,500 per show, or $2.8 billion a year across hundreds of product categories. The average buyer spends $82,500 on this show, which is over $2 billion a year. Buyers participate with generous open budgets to purchase and immediate purchase intent.

Work with them here to develop new markets for your business, expand your customer base and eliminate excess inventory. Contact key decision makers for opening new accounts and placing orders with ASD.

You will be able to sell excess inventory and liquidate products while generating new leads. Discount on multiple shows and storage package for your brand if you attend other shows this year. In addition to exclusive shopper perks, you can find popular new products, free educational sessions and, of course, everything you need in one place. By registering now, you also get sourcing services to help you find the right supplier and product for you without wasting time.

The Summer Market includes a series of workshops and demos, industry networking events, and ICON HONORS celebrations. The Summer Market is the largest open-air sports show of its kind, designed for a specialized audience. Outdoor Retailer Summer Market prides itself not only on technical innovation and outdoor sportswear, but also on outdoor conference offerings, training retailers, representatives and manufacturers to grow their business. Summer Outdoor Retailer Market aims to provide the broadest and most comprehensive demographic of outdoor shoppers who are open to shopping and love the outdoors.

Twice a year in Las Vegas, the world's widest range of products comes together in an efficient four-day shopping experience. The industry's largest summer home decor and gift marketplace with over 8,000 brands across all gift, home decor and furniture categories.

The highly anticipated biennial ASD Market Week will take place from March 22-25, 2020 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, with the Refund Retriever located in the lobby of the Central Hall participating in the Independent Retailers Conference.

PROSPER Show is an annual conference dedicated to sharing best practice knowledge and providing meaningful networking opportunities for established Amazon sellers. The ASD Road Show has been a huge success with exhibitors and visitors during previous programs, providing many resources to the wholesale buyer community. With over 200 exhibitors at the Orlando edition of the Roadshow, this product showcase and showcase franchise has provided a platform for the general merchandising industry for over 50 years to securely connect and bring their products to market with an efficient shopping experience.

OCCC is well positioned for a successful recovery and will continue to be at the forefront of the meetings and events industry. Some of the most popular trade shows, expos and conferences in Las Vegas include the Consumer Electronics Show, Surfaces, Shot Show, Concrete World, International Builders' Show, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting, International Wireless Show, and International Pizza Show Expo.

While it's tempting to set aside a marketing budget for a niche trade show like Cosmoprof or the Magic Show, Exhibit Experience recommends exhibiting in a smaller booth at least during ASD Market Week. As industry buyers prepare to explore a brand new range of products, you as an exhibitor need to get your brand new merchandise in front of them.

Every business needs to keep up with trends, technologies, and marketing techniques to keep up with the competition and meet consumer demands. ASD has grown steadily, attracting more buyers from new markets with each exhibition. In 1992, the ASD/AMD Show in Las Vegas drew more interest than previous years, attracting a record 40,000 buyers and 4,000 sellers. This West Coast trade group was founded by Walter Fletcher as a small trade show in Santa Monica, California.

From February 27 to March 3, 2022, retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers from all over the world will meet in Las Vegas to offer each other exciting opportunities and deals.

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