ARC Helps Retailers and Brands Reduce Costs and Increase Profits


Retailers and brands sourcing for vintage apparel can benefit from ARC's services. With a wide range of categories and styles to choose from, ARC helps brands and retailers streamline sourcing while reducing costs. As one of the leading wholesalers of vintage clothing, ARC has helped many brands and retailers find new ways to reduce costs while maintaining a high-quality stock. If you're a fashion retailer or brand owner looking for new ways to cut costs and increase your profit margins, ARC may be the answer.

ARC is a wholesaler of vintage and commodity used clothing

ARC is an online store that offers high-quality, unique products made of second-hand, recycled clothing. It provides everything from cotton dresses to vintage clothing. From high-end boutiques to established high-street stores, ARC is your one-stop-shop for vintage clothing. If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone special, ARC is an excellent place to look. It also offers a unique way to shop for clothing at wholesale prices.

It helps retailers streamline sourcing

As demand for apparel rises and supply chain complexity increases, retailers are looking to optimize their operations. These changes include consolidation of fabrics, platforming and prebooking, and the rise of virtual design, a new technology that boosts design speed and cost efficiency. Nearshoring and reshoring are also becoming popular strategies to reduce costs and improve quality. By adopting a diversified strategy, retailers can ensure they are accessing a wider number of source countries.

AR clothing try-on solutions help manufacturers create accurate digital representations of customers. Body scanning technology helps manufacturers understand customers' preferences, improve future garment design, and efficiently distribute products. AR virtual try-on combines the in-store experience of a boutique store with the convenience of online shopping. Today, many brands are exploring the possibilities of AR technology to boost sales, minimize returns, and improve customer experience. To learn more about how AR can transform your business, click on the links below.