Apple Auctioneering Co


If you're in the market for a used vehicle, you can find it at auction with Apple Auctioneering Co. The company conducts government auctions at various locations nationwide, including U.S. Marshals, Customs, Border Patrol, and other government departments. The auctions are either online or held live. Anyone can bid on any seized vehicle, and many of these events are open to the public. In addition to conducting government auctions, Apple Auctioneering Co. conducts seized vehicle auctions.

Kevin Scully

The company that owns the name Apple Auctioneering Co. is also a towing company. The family owns both companies and works together closely in both. Apple Towing works with the U.S. Marshals Service to manage and store assets while legal proceedings are underway. Kevin Scully said that the Miami Marlins Park auction was not unlike any other and the company pulled out all the stops to make sure the most possible recovery was made.

The company's auction process includes several steps that buyers must follow to make a winning bid. First, they must know the minimum bid amount for the auction. Next, they must meet the minimum bid amount. If they do not, they must make another offer. Once the bid is made, a buyer is legally bound to purchase the property. After the bid has been accepted, the auction company will announce the high bid amount and bidder's number.

Mike Scully

The company is an affiliate of the Apple Towing Company, Houston's largest towing company. It bills itself as the "nation's leader in seized asset management." On July 7, Apple completed the sale of 10 high-end vehicles seized from drug kingpin Alvaro Lopez Tardon. Two of the top sales were a 13080-mile 2003 Ferrari Enzo and a 2008 Bugatti Veydon 16.4. Other cars included a Rolls-Royce Ghost, Bentley Continental GTC, and several luxury SUVs.

The auctioned cars were sold in a high-profile auction held online. Six of the 10 cars were owned by a South American drug lord who operated a cocaine pipeline from South America to Spain. The auctioned vehicles made more than $2 million. The top bid was more than double the asking price. Despite their high price, the iconic sports cars often have a storied past. For example, six of the 10 Ferraris on sale once belonged to drug lord Alvaro Lopez Tardon, who made millions running a South America-to-Spain cocaine pipeline.

While AMENTUM offers secure payment methods, nonpayment of accounts can result in cancellation of bidding privileges. Moreover, there are no refunds, adjustments, or returns. In addition, you can't inspect the lots before the auction because the United States Department of Treasury retains the right to reject any bid. You must pay for your purchases in full at the time of the auction. You may also request a copy of the sale contract, which can be obtained by contacting the auctioneer directly.

During the auction, you should check each item thoroughly before placing a bid. Depending on the condition of the item, you may not be able to bid on all of them. You may also have to register for an account to bid online. Apple Towing Co., Inc., reserves the right to extend the bidding period or to relist the property for auction at a later date.