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Legitimate fashion directories are few on the Internet. Apparel Search ( is one such site that provides all Information you will ever need from a fashion guide absolutely free.

You can use their search engine to locate local clothing suppliers, or wholesalers that export their products on an international basis.

For instance, if you are planning to visit the New York Fashion District you can conduct a search for showrooms in the wholesale district.

You can also use this clothing industry website to compile a list of potential customers for the merchandise that you have for sale.

If you are a designer you can look for jobbers and distributors for your fashion production.


Does it help one find lost clothes? No, it helps people find new fashion. Apparel Search is an apparel (clothing) directory. That means it is a fashion search engine. It will provide you with a list of legitimate apparel suppliers. It provides information needed by the fashion industry to maintain its operations on daily basis. This means that it contributes to the data fashion industries use to identify trends and thus help them in marketing. However, that is not the only thing it does.

Apparel Search also provides its website viewers with information on fabrics, garments and just everything that relates to the fashion industry. It could also help you decide who to purchase dresses from in case you run a store or boutique.

Using the search tool has made it easy to find fashion and fashion dealers. This is demonstrated by the fact that the below list is compiled using information entirely found on their database. It consists of 5 of the best wholesale clothing suppliers.

1. Adolfo-Concorde Apparel Inc.

Adolfo is a reputable wholesale supplier and distributor of men's formal clothing. The link above provides addresses and contacts of Adolfo-Concorde Apparel Inc. and other similar organizations in various cities.

2. Body Activewear (eventually leading to )

Having its designs originating from Brazil, Body Activewear specializes in wholesale supply of bikinis, dancewear, workout and gym among other clothing categories for women.

3. Arora Apparel USA Inc. (eventually leading to )

Arora Apparel USA Inc. provides wholesale for both men's and women's clothing. It is highly praised for high quality and cheap pricing.

4.Catalina Bay USA Inc.

Specializing in sports shirts, wind shirts and general sportswear, you can be sure you will get whatever sports garment you are looking for in wholesale for men, women and children.

5. Baby Bloomers Wholesale (eventually leads to )

Did you know that toddler clothings have one of the most constantly high demand? With Baby Bloomers Wholesale, you can get any baby apparels at a fair price.

The full list is available at


Scam services have grown in number on the Internet. This makes it hard to determine which one isn't. However, many people including independent researchers have tested the accuracy of the data the website provides and found to be true. Wholesale as well as retail suppliers recommend it. Rest assured you are getting accurate information from their website.


Head over to the Apparel Search website at You could then use the menu at the top of the website to find information relevant to whatever you are searching for. This can be made easier by using the search functionality integrated into the website. To access this, just enter your search query in the search box at the top right of any page on the website. Relevant results should be shown to you in no time. From there, you would navigate like a typical website to lead you to your desired information.


Anyone serious in their fashion business should try out Apparel Search service. makes finding of information easy. For example, as a fashion store, where would you find legitimate fashion suppliers for your store? Apparel Search would be there for you.