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The American Recycled Clothing Company is an industry leader in sustainable fashion, sourcing, curating, and categorization. With three warehouses and over seven million pounds of inventory, they offer unique, affordable, and sustainable fashion at fair market prices. The company's mission is to provide quality clothing made with recycled materials that are both stylish and functional. They believe in doing business the right way and offer its products for resale at an affordable price.

Girlfriend Collective

The girlfriend collective is a company that makes eco-friendly activewear. It uses recycled plastic in their apparel production and works with factories in Vietnam to ensure that workers are paid fair wages and have safe working conditions. In addition, the Girlfriend Collective uses 100% recyclable packaging. If you no longer want to wear the garments you have purchased, they will buy them back and recycle them for you. The brand is committed to size inclusivity and is also working with Unifi to develop a program that will help them recycle and reuse the materials they use.

The Girlfriend Collective aims to make women's activewear and eco-friendly apparel. Most of their clothing is designed for women, but they do sell men's clothing and accessories. In recent years, they have even started selling sleepwear. The brand has a wide range of sizes, and the models on their website reflect a diversity of ethnicities and body types. All items are designed with sustainability in mind, and they are also size inclusive, so they're suitable for any woman.

The GF Collective works with a factory in Vietnam that follows strict guidelines to ensure worker safety. They're also SA8000 certified, which is a standard developed by the Social Accountability International. This certification ensures that there is no child labor or other illegal practices in the factory. Furthermore, the factory pays fair wages and gives workers the right to unionize. The company also offers their workers a living wage, a free catered lunch and dinner, and a free health checkup every six months.

The Girlfriend Collective's eco-friendly fashions are also great for the planet. The company produces eco-friendly activewear for women, and each design is made with love. The Girlfriend Collective takes pride in creating beautiful clothes, so you can't go wrong with a GF Collective item. The company uses environmentally friendly dyes and other environmentally friendly processes in order to ensure that its products are as stylish as they are comfortable.

Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel is one of the leading manufacturers of recycled clothes. Its goal is to create stylish, ethical clothing that helps people get back into style. Through its online store, it provides affordable options to those who want to help the environment without compromising on style. It also helps people get rid of unwanted clothes. The company is committed to sustainable practices and wants to encourage a more conscious fashion industry. Here's a brief overview of the company's mission:

This brand calls itself the "Earth's favorite clothing" and uses organic fibers, chemical-free dyes, and sustainable farming practices. Their cotton uses 81% less water than non-organic cotton. The company also offers recycled packaging and ways to offset its carbon footprint. While it doesn't recycle the clothes themselves, it does purchase them from other companies that do. The company also offers some of the clothes in bulk and donates some of the proceeds to nonprofits that support the environment.

This clothing company also offers a variety of clothing, including t-shirts. Their 6005 t-shirt is made from organic and recycled materials and is super soft. In addition, the company has been a leader in eco-conscious apparel for many years. However, in recent years, the company has had some rough years, with a bankruptcy and shifts in production overseas. However, it still remains one of the leading eco-conscious apparel brands.

Planet Warrior

American Recycled Clothing Co Planet Warrier uses sustainable plastic materials and eco-friendly packaging to produce its range of eco-friendly activewear. The company was recently awarded Eco-Age status for its efforts to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. The brand uses natural fibres and organic cotton as its primary materials and also uses recycled nylon and polyester in its apparel. The company offers a range of clothing for men, women and kids. This sustainable activewear company also uses recycled plastic waste and eco-rubber materials in its garments.

Judith Rossinger, the founder of the brand, spent many years working in the French real estate industry before deciding to pursue a creative project with a social and ecological impact. Her fascination with fashion and intensive training in the design process gave her the idea to create a brand that focuses on men's yoga clothing. As a result, the brand has become an incredibly popular option for men looking to stay fit and active while wearing comfortable apparel.

The company focuses on quality, vintage recycled clothing. They have a huge selection of recycled sweatshirts, polo shirts and more. In addition to t-shirts, the brand also sells recycled unisex polo shirts and hoodies. Another brand focusing on vintage clothing is Beyond Retro, which sells jeans and other vintage fashion, as well as recyclable plastic packaging. While American Recycled Clothing Co. Planet Warrior has been around for five years, the company is still growing.


Rubymoon is a clothing company that promotes the use of recycled materials. The company believes in the power of fashion and is committed to keeping used clothing out of landfills. It offers customers sustainable fast fashion options. For instance, Rubymoon jeans are made from 100% organic cotton, which reduces pesticide use. The company doesn't use synthetic fibers and has vegan options as well. It also ships worldwide.

The company offers recycled swimwear, activewear, and beachwear. Its swimwear is made from 100% recycled materials and is chlorine and UV-resistant. The company also sells a variety of vintage clothing and recycles plastic packaging. In addition to sustainable swimwear, Rubymoon also supports social and economic justice initiatives. There are only a few styles available at the moment, but the company is dedicated to empowering women through the sale of its products.

The company produces beautiful activewear made from recycled materials. Swimwear and athleisure wear made from recycled bottles and fishing nets are available. Using these recycled materials, RubyMoon has reduced their carbon footprint by 42%. Plus, they give their customers a discount on their next purchase. As an added bonus, RubyMoon is also a woman-owned business. If you are a woman who loves to exercise, RubyMoon's activewear is a great way to start a sustainable lifestyle.

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage

The concept behind American Recycled Clothing is to turn old, unwanted garments into new again. The company collects used clothing, stores it, and resells it. Its aim is to promote sustainable consumerism and create a vibrant secondhand apparel industry. The company has three warehouses and over 7 million pounds of inventory. This way, consumers can purchase unique, stylish vintage clothing at a price that's fair to the market.

Reclaimed vintage clothing is a great choice for anyone who's on a budget or wants a statement piece. Buying used clothing is not only good for the environment, but it's also good for the wallet. There are over twenty-six brands of recycled clothing available at the website. Many brands are ethically produced, sourcing their materials from a socially responsible factory. Whether you're shopping for a special occasion or just looking for a new outfit, you'll find the perfect piece for you.

The company's clothing are made from recycled textiles. Some of the fabrics they use are vintage and therefore can't be easily replaced. For example, they use recycled cotton and reused denim to create stylish, fashionable clothing. The company's goal is to create a sustainable fashion industry, and to make its products as eco-friendly as possible. Moreover, they work with manufacturers who recycle their materials.