Amazon B-Stock Auctions


What Are Amazon Auctions?

 The Amazon auction business has proved to be
great for Amazon has proved to attain great reputation in selling
music, books and other products of entertainment. Whenever you buy product or
sell with Amazon’s auctions, you’ll be guaranteed the satisfaction of attaining
Amazon’s services. Amazon is considered to be the best online marketplace and it has loyal as well as trustworthy followers.

 This online marketplace is operated and owned
by B-Stock Solutions, Inc., which is a company that is not affiliated or
controlled by any member of the Amazon group. This marketplace basically sells
Amazon overstock, damaged products and customer returned products. All products
are directly sold and shipped to you from Amazon, and B-Stock Solutions never
grades, deals, or otherwise sorts with the products in any way.

 Amazon Auctions Liquidity Services marketplace
is a place where the professional buyers can purchase commercial excess surplus
inventory and government surplus and excess assets in an online platform. Items
conditions vary from new in a box to customer returns and used products. Our varied
range of product categories includes Denim apparels, Sony gadgets, Dell
computers, LG electronics, branded house-wares, industrial equipment, any size
vehicles, and much more. 

Amazon basically has great auction
service; but they also lack certain addition user features that are offered by
the other higher-ranked auction websites such as adding
products to an item’s description or opening a store. In addition to the absence of these basic
features, searching through the item's category layouts is time-consuming and many
products have missing pictures.

Amazon Auctions Selling Fees:

 Amazon has a good system of buying goods, it provides customers with useful information about each product that is, the seller, where the product is located, when the specified auction started, the bid numbers and various payment options. One major drawback that's associated with Amazon auction services is its countdown clock that shows the deadline of auction. You need to refresh the page frequently for the clock to project real time. 

Amazon Auctions Selling Features: 

Amazon’s auction service provides the needed basic features that a seller would require for a successful sale. In addition, they don't have certain salient features like extra-picture options and customized listing layouts. 

Amazon charges about 10 cents to enlist every item in addition, you can relist them only once for free. they also charges 25 cents plus 5% of the product's final sale that include the shipping and handling cost for all sold items. Pro Merchant Subscription is also available for $39.99 per month but only for sellers who often list many items.

Amazon doesn't entertain cross
promotion of additional items that you're selling from details pages.

Though, they definitely include a “cross link” feature along with amazon. With this feature, it allows you to promote auction item with new books like harry potter,
music or DVDs of latest version of Sony that's located on Amazon. A good example being, customers
can cross link their “Nemo Board Game” on’s “Nemo” DVD page.

Amazon Auctions Listing Options: 

Amazon has account management and feedback options. They entertain feedback system and recommend all buyers to review seller's feedback that's before making a bid. With your account, you hav the privilege to manage all the products that yoy have sold, bid as well as won. But, you don't have the privilege to save favorite categories, searches or sellers. 

Amazon Auctions Payment Options: 

Amazon’s search features have been

found to consistently produce comprehensive and relevant results. If you are in
need of a specific item, then it's among the best ways to use Amazon Auctions Services. However, we come across a lot of search which had no detailed photo page or gallery. 

Amazon Auctions Liquidity Services: 

Amazon Auctions Liquidity Services
encompasses innovative e-commerce solutions for marketplace to manage,
segregate, value and sell various inventories for business equipment as well as
government clients. Amazon liquidation Auctions operates upon multiple networks
of top e-commerce marketplaces that ascertains buyers as well as sellers to do transactions
in an efficient, easy and automated environment thus offering over 500+ product

Amazon Auctions superior service has
the ability to give results that enable you build trusted as well as a
long-term business relationship with over 10,000 clients all over the world.
With almost $7 billion of completed transaction made and close to 3 million
buyers across 200 countries,Henceforth, Amazon Auctions' services is the proven master in delivering
reliable e-commerce solutions.

All merchandises are located in
different countries throughout Europe and the contents given to each and every
auction may have to be shipped to the customers from multiple warehouses. All
merchandise that’s on Amazon Liquidation Auctions is coming directly from one
of the world's largest online retailer. New Amazon Auctions can all the same be
posted anytime in a normal business hours, but they will generally be offered 2
to 3 times per week. Buyers who have subscribed to Amazon Auctions newsletter
services will receive an email stating the opening and closing of Amazon
Auction each day. 

If you are an approved buyer and you
log into Amazon Liquidation Auctions and select "My Account" from the
"Account" drop down tag. You can update all the contact information
or change the password on your account. You also have the liability to click
the blue "Forgot Your B-Stock Password?" text on the login page in
case you cannot remember your password correctly. 

Prior to listing your item in an
auction, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the space available in
which you’ll be posting. Spend some valuable time at Amazon’s auction site
browsing through the categories in which you will be listing your item. Just
check for current activity by taking note of total no. of bids for similar
items. Based upon the demand for your auctioned product you may place your
product for more bids to pour in. The various drops down options helps you to
tour down upon the sites varied features and helps you manage your account of
auctioned products and total no. of bids attained per product based on its

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