African Skirts Wholesale


When it comes to shopping for an African skirt, you might wonder where to start. Thankfully, there are several places to find African skirts wholesale. Below you'll find some tips on finding the best style and fit. These skirts can be worn for any occasion and feature traditional prints. They're also very comfortable, with wash-n-wear care. Washing and drying are not difficult, and you can always hang them to dry.

Ankara Print

Ankara Print African Skirts are a great choice for all occasions. These skirts are characterized by their flattering shapes and comfortable fit. They are suitable for summer occasions and can be styled in many ways. In addition, African prints can be amazingly stunning and unique. This type of fabric is easy to care for and won't fade if you wash it properly. Moreover, they don't need to be ironed and can be hung to dry.

These fabrics are made from wax and sponge blocks. The women carved designs onto the blocks to create patterns and then printed the designs on the fabric. Each fabric has its own significance. Colours and symbols are often symbols of social status, tribe, or marriage. The women who create these fabrics also come up with a story behind the design and then pass it on to the manufacturer. This way, the fabric gets a new name!

Ankara Print Maxi Skirt

Authentic Ankara print Maxi skirts are available at wholesale prices. Made from African wax fabric, these skirts are suitable for all occasions, from church to holiday parties and even formal dinners. They are comfortable to wear and require no special care. Simply wash them and hang them to dry. You can also buy a matching scarf to go with your skirt. These skirts are available in many sizes. If you are planning to buy an Ankara print Maxi skirt, check out the following tips.

Ankara Print Mini Skirt

A mini skirt made of African prints has become very popular, and the Ankara print skirt is no exception. These short skirts are made of 100% cotton, and the elastic waistband helps you tie them to fit. They typically end about mid-thigh, and look great paired with a top of your choice. Here are some tips for dressing in an African print mini skirt. You may also want to consider a traditional African-inspired dress.