Advantages of DiscountMugs

$0.00 is a renowned supplier of promotional ware and products. Customers can customize their promotional ware with any message of their choice. With a low minimum order quantity and flexible shipping options, these promotional products are ideal for promoting brands and companies. As a result, they've gained immense popularity among consumers. So, how can you choose a good supplier for your business? Continue reading to learn about some of the advantages of

Customizable promotional products offers customizable promotional products at affordable prices. DiscountMugs is a leading supplier of custom items and boasts a huge product catalog. DiscountMugs offers free online design, guaranteed low prices, and fast shipping for most items. The company claims to be the largest promotional product store in the United States. Moreover, you'll receive your order within one week.

Customers can customize the design of their promotional products by choosing colors and images. The company offers several printing methods, ranging from simple printing to laser engraving. DiscountMugs accepts PayPal and credit/debit cards for payment. Customers can also upload images in various formats. Personalized mugs will make great gifts for business meetings, tradeshows, and other events. They're a great choice for small businesses and organizations looking to promote their brand.

Low minimum order quantities

With a minimum order quantity of just twelve pieces, offers low prices on its most popular ceramic mugs. The prices for larger quantities decrease as you order more. 25,000 or more pieces of your custom design will net you the lowest unit price. The site offers a wide range of color options, including custom colors, and laser engraving, which tends to be more expensive than standard logo printing. They also allow you to upload photos, designs, or logos in a variety of file formats.

Shipping and handling is fast and reliable at DiscountMugs. They offer standard shipping options, but only to USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. DiscountMugs accepts PayPal and credit/debit card payments. Customers can customize their mugs with their own logos, and they can even customize them using their own design tools. The site does not offer a mobile app. However, customers can get help via phone, online ticketing, and live chat. They state that they will reply to support tickets within 24 hours.

Flexible shipping options offers a variety of promotional products at discount prices. The site offers standard promotional products, but it also offers premium delivery. However, you cannot get delivery outside of the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. For payment, you can use PayPal, credit/debit cards, or a credit card. The site also offers a low minimum order amount and customization tools. If you're looking to order mugs for a group of people, might be a good choice.

Flexible shipping works with the WooCommerce shipping plugin. This plugin allows you to calculate shipping charges based on weight, cart total, or other factors. It can also charge different rates based on origin. It can also be extended with a premium version, Flexible Shipping Per Package PRO, which allows you to add unlimited advanced shipping methods and changes the default table rate rules so that shipping costs are calculated based on the value of the Package instead of the weight of the Package.

DiscountMugs offers flexible shipping options that are tailored to your needs. These include flat rates per product, a percentage-based cost, and minimum and maximum order quantities. Flexible shipping PRO also offers pre-made shipping scenarios that are easy to use with your existing shop. The plugin is free for WooCommerce customers and can be used for all kinds of stores. It will even work with your own domain name!


If you're looking for an online promotional product supplier, you've probably heard of DiscountMugs. However, you might be wondering if this company has a good reputation. Before you make a purchase, check out its reputation on Zippia, a company profile site. There, you can see if customers have left good or bad reviews. If not, keep reading to find out what you should expect from this company.

The reputation of DiscountMugs hasn't been perfect. However, it does offer a wide selection of promotional products, and you can also pay with PayPal or credit/debit cards. The minimum order quantity is very low, and the website also has an extensive customization tool. If you're planning to order a large number of promotional products, you can choose from an array of different designs and colors. However, there are some cons to this online retailer.

The biggest complaint about DiscountMugs is the lack of customer support. They do have a phone number, but it's not mobile-friendly. Luckily, they do offer live chat and online ticketing. They claim that a support ticket will be answered within 24 hours, but you won't be able to chat with them in person. So you're left to fend for yourself without a discount!

DiscountMugs also has a good reputation as a place to work. Its employees are 45% women and 5% men. Most employees identify as members of the Democratic Party and make $52,688 annually. The company pays its employees an average salary of $52,688, although the average employee's salary is lower than this. Other comparable companies pay over $104,000 a year, while the lowest-paying employees make less than $26,000 per year.