• Add A Pinch Of Fashion To Your Boutique With These 10 different Wholesale Betsy And Adam Dresses


    Add a pinch of fashion to your boutique with these 10 different Betsy and Adam Dresses

    Planning to go on a wholesale shopping spree this

    fall for your store? Then Betsy and Adam has good news for you. Their autumn collection

    wholesale dresses have in store everything your customer's wardrobes need for a makeover. So why

    wait when your shop can be the trendsetter in your local market. 

    Whether your shop is located in downtown Lagos, in Port Of Spain, by the hotels in Miami, or in Greenpoint, Brooklyn,

    these dresses can attract customers!

    Try out our favorite top 10 10

    different Betsy and Adam dresses this autumn:

    1. Sheath Dress: To add some drama to your sleeves, try out the bell sleave sheath

    dress by Betsy and Adam. It is a snug fit if you find the right size. The

    fabric is of flawless quality and it has been tailored with exquisite

    detailing. The bell sleave sheath dress is supposed to be knee length.

    2. High/Low Dress: In terms of high/low dress options, you can try out the backless

    lace high/low dress. This dress is a contemporary take on the classic floral

    lace. The high/low hem is tailored to perfection and this is one of the most

    fashionable cocktail dresses you can have.

    3. Long Crepe: Adorn the elegance of the long crepe with the Betsy and Adam’s Long

    Crepe Criss Cross Off Shoulder dress. This black dress is great for creating an

    impression in your cocktail parties.

    4. Chiffon gowns: Allow yourself some roominess and feel the delicate touch of luxury

    with Betsy and Adam’s Chiffon Halter Tie print. The chiffon fabric used in the

    dress is featherweight and very comfortable. So let the gown do to you what

    spring does to the cherry trees.

    5. Ballgowns: You can try out the Long Hi-Low Halter Satin Ballgown or the long

    print strapless Hi-Low Ballgown. Indulge yourself in some sultry satin and get

    the attention you deserve with the red hot halter satin ballgown. Or feel like

    a princess with the succulent floral design of the long print strapless

    ballgown. Perfect for making the first impression, both these ballgowns will

    grab a lot of eyeballs.

    6. Striped Gowns: A classic choice to go with, try out the striped gown with the long

    mesh. Available in black, the long mesh

    looks good on everyone. The mesh is delicately woven and the detailing as in

    all other Betsy and Adam dresses is exquisite.

    7. One Shoulder Dress: This fall, Betsy and Adam have introduced the Short Scuba

    One-Shoulder Mini dress. This is a fiery red dress ever ready to raise the

    party temperature. The shoulder ruffle has been exquisitely designed for the

    connoisseur of fashion.

    8. Sequin Gowns: Betsy and Adam’s collection of sequin gowns is consistent in giving

    the dazzling look you might be looking for. The red carpet and the night is

    waiting for you to shine. Available in both long sleeve and short sleeve

    options, the sequin design is immaculate.

    9. Envelop Skirts: Another lace option from Betsy and Adam is the short lace envelop

    skirt which comes in two colors – blue and white. If you want to keep it sweet

    and simple, try out this dress. The round neckline balances the asymmetrical

    shape of the envelope.

    10. Party Dresses: If you are looking for party dresses, Betsy and Adam have a complete

    collection dedicated to them this fall. Try out the Short ITY Open Shoulder

    Print Party Dress. A fashion tip for this autumn would be to go for a floral

    print that can go with the romantic flavour of this month. Keep it sleek : Keep

    it simple.