A Comprehensive Guide to Book Wholesalers for Amazon and eBay Sellers


How To Sell Books On Amazon: The Complete Guide To Successfully Buying, Listing, And Selling Used Books On Amazon

A Comprehensive Guide to Book Wholesalers for Amazon and eBay Sellers


Selling books on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay has become an increasingly popular venture for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The allure of a vast customer base and the convenience of online marketplaces make these platforms attractive options for book resellers. To maximize profits and efficiency, many sellers turn to book wholesalers, who offer a wide selection of books at discounted prices. This article will delve into the world of book wholesalers, providing valuable insights, tips, and resources to help Amazon and eBay sellers thrive in this competitive market.

I. Understanding Book Wholesalers:

Definition and Role:

Book wholesalers are distributors who purchase large quantities of books directly from publishers or other sources and then resell them to retailers, including online sellers. They bridge the gap between publishers and retailers, offering benefits like lower prices, access to a broad range of titles, and efficient distribution networks.

Advantages of Dealing with Wholesalers:

a. Bulk Purchasing: Wholesalers enable sellers to buy books in bulk, often at discounted rates, reducing the cost per unit and increasing potential profits.

b. Diverse Inventory: Book wholesalers offer an extensive catalog, including bestsellers, classics, niche genres, and textbooks, allowing sellers to cater to various customer preferences.

c. Time and Cost Savings: Partnering with wholesalers streamlines the sourcing process, saving time on individual book hunting and minimizing shipping expenses.

II. Key Book Wholesalers:

Ingram Book Group:

Ingram is one of the largest book wholesalers, providing an extensive selection of titles and distribution services. Their platform, IngramSpark, allows self-published authors and small publishers to reach a broader market.

Baker & Taylor:

Baker & Taylor offers a vast collection of books and entertainment products, serving libraries, retailers, and online sellers. They provide an advanced online ordering system for seamless transactions.

Book Depot:

Book Depot specializes in bargain books, offering significant discounts on overstock, publisher closeouts, and remainders. Their inventory includes a wide range of categories suitable for various e-commerce platforms.

Follett Wholesale:

Focused primarily on educational books and materials, Follett Wholesale serves educational institutions, bookstores, and online retailers. They provide access to textbooks, trade books, and classroom materials.


NACSCORP specializes in providing religious and inspirational books, gifts, and other related products. For sellers targeting this niche, NACSCORP is a valuable wholesaler to consider.

III. Tips for Dealing with Book Wholesalers:

Research and Comparison:

Before committing to a specific wholesaler, conduct thorough research and compare offerings, including price points, shipping costs, and return policies. Not all wholesalers cater to the same genres, so align their inventory with your target market.

Establishing a Wholesale Account:

Most wholesalers require sellers to create an account and provide necessary business details before making purchases. Ensure you meet their requirements and have a valid reseller's license if applicable.

Building Relationships:

Maintaining positive relationships with wholesalers can lead to better deals and priority access to new releases. Communicate professionally and be prompt with payments and orders.

Pricing and Profit Margins:

Calculate your desired profit margin when purchasing books from wholesalers. Factor in shipping costs, marketplace fees, and other expenses to set competitive prices while ensuring profitability.

IV. Resources for Book Sellers:

Seller Forums and Communities:

Join online forums and communities like Reddit's r/Bookselling and Amazon Seller Central forums to learn from experienced sellers and exchange valuable insights.

Educational Blogs and YouTube Channels:

Follow blogs like "The Selling Family" and channels like "Raiken Profit" for tutorials, tips, and success stories from seasoned e-commerce book sellers.

Industry Events and Trade Shows:

Attend book industry events and trade shows like BookExpo and the London Book Fair to network with wholesalers and publishers, gaining industry knowledge.

Online Wholesaler Directories:

Platforms like Wholesale Central and TopTenWholesale provide lists of book wholesalers and facilitate easy access to their products.


Navigating the world of book wholesaling is essential for Amazon and eBay sellers seeking to establish a successful business. By understanding the benefits of dealing with wholesalers, discovering key players in the industry, and adopting effective strategies, sellers can tap into a vast market of readers and book enthusiasts. Leveraging the resources and knowledge shared in this article, e-commerce entrepreneurs can enhance their profitability, expand their inventory, and build long-lasting partnerships with book wholesalers for sustainable growth in this competitive marketplace.