6 Social Media Jobs With High Income Potential


6 Social Media Jobs With High Income Potential 

Can you imagine interested earning $ 1.5 million each year by unboxing new products on YouTube? Believe it not, there are YouTube personalities making over a million a year. While these influencers have millions of followers, they all started from scratch. If you have a social media following, or can build a following, you can position yourself to make money from brands and companies who can pay you to promote their products and services.

While realistically you might never make that type of money, or you might not make anything at all, you can try to build your own following and capitalize on it, or find a job in the world of social media.

For example, let's say you had a woodworking business, and you decided to start a YouTube channel to promote your woodworking business. You could use your videos on YouTube channel to promote your own products, as well as equipment and wood suppliers.

You can even write articles, or pay for articles, and then use a text to audio software to create audio for your social media marketing.

Did you know that you can also make money by taking pictures for social media companies?

You could also find a job where you could be paid up to $80,00 to write, edit, and approve, social media posts.

Social media has undoubtedly changed the world in significant ways. Now, you can 'hang out' on Facebook and Twitter. While Instagram and Pinterest represent large virtual shopping centers. As well as being able to communicate with loved ones, these channels have also become ways to get hired and earn money. In fact, many careers are available today that weren't available ten years ago! 

You think you know your way around social media? Get a job in one of these high-paying fields and you might just land the job of your dreams. 

Top 6 Highest Paying Social Media Jobs of 2021 

Please note that salary estimations were taken from Indeed and Payscale. 

#1 - Social Media Influencer 

There are many ways to qualify as an 'influencer', but generally it involves someone with two characteristics:  

  1. Have a large online following, and  

  1. Be highly engaged with the audience to the point where they essentially influence how they shop.  

Establishing yourself on the internet is the first step to becoming an effective social media influencer. You'll also need the following skills: 

Expertise in a specific platform (such as Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube being the most popular of 2021) 

The ability to create unique content (e.g. stories, videos, etc.). 

Relationship skills (for maintaining relationships with clients, brand executives, audiences, and other Influencers) 

Estimated Salary:  

An Influencer career is a good place to start if you're looking to get started on social media. You could earn anywhere between $35,000 and $50,000 annually (possibly even more), depending on the clients you work with, your experience, and level of skills. 

#2 - Social Media Strategist 

This person, also known as a social media specialist, is responsible for staying on top of social media trends and incorporating them into business strategies. The Web is highly dynamic, so decisions cannot be made based merely on hunches. Therefore, this typically requires a year or more of experience. Analytical skills and algorithmic knowledge are also required for this position. 

Strategy requires expertise across a range of popular social media platforms - not just one. Among the things you would do are: 

  • Building strategies for various online platforms for social media communications 

  • Communicating with audiences and developing promotions 

  • Organizing social media posts in coordination with other specialists (e.g. copywriters) 

  • Analyzing campaign performance and optimizing campaigns 

Average Salary:  

Social media strategists can earn up to $50,000 annually. In the case of tenured or specialized agents, however, the salary can reach up to $79,000, especially if your position is in management. Considering you’ll probably be spending most of your nights researching trending topics, that's not bad at all. 

#3 - Marketing Consultant 

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? You can become a marketing consultant independently or through a consulting agency. Since your main responsibility is to provide information on promotions, channels and marketing trends, it is vital. 

Looking for an opportunity to target marketing projects on Facebook and Instagram to help your clients achieve their goals? You might be the perfect candidate for this job. A marketing consultant needs to be knowledgeable about social media, as well as carry out the following fuctions: 

  • Research your client's industry, market, trends, etc. 

  • Report on and make recommendations for marketing plans that are accurate 

  • Contribute to the development of new products or services 

  • Monitor sales, performance, and progress over time 

Average Salary:  

In addition to a pay increase of $57,000, people will also spend less time publishing posts and scrolling through News Feeds. As you advance in your career you might earn up to $150,000 a year. That's sweet! 

#4 - Community Manager 

The fourth social media job on our list is a Community Manager. Building an online brand is not easy. People with strong, loyal followings have an advantage over others who are not so social media savvy. Try applying to work for a business or brand that you're passionate about if this is your cup of tea. As the company's face, you are responsible for everything, including social media marketing, content creation, and PR. 

Don't forget to improve your chances at this new career by brushing up on these other skills: 

  • Make smart decisions about the future of the organization or brand 

  • Respond to feedback from clients, customers, partners, or the media 

  • Organise community events and get-togethers 

  • Maintain the company's blog, newsletter, and other forms of communication 

Estimated Salary: 

In general, the average salary for this job ranges from $48,000 to $56,000 based on your experience. If you work in a particular location, you may be eligible for $73,000. This profession is rated highly for job satisfaction, so it's definitely worth looking into. 

#5 - Director of Marketing Communications  

You could take advantage of your social media expertise if you have worked in certain roles in the past (such as social media experts or digital marketers). Think of this position as combining marketing consultation and community management. There are also companies where you might be responsible for email marketing, web design and SEO.  

You should check off these skills before applying for a job as marketing communications director: 

  • Efficacy in coordinating with partners 

  • Manage the analysis and evaluation of market data 

  • Develop and implement strategies to boost market share 

  • Finalize all marketing and/or promotional plans 

Average Salary:  

Due to the fact that you will be responsible for both traditional and new marketing campaigns, it is imperative that you possess strong analytical and communication skills. At a median salary of $76,000 or $140,000 if more tenured, it's a great opportunity. 

#6 - Vice President of Communications 

Would you like to become a top gun? The final social media job we will be exploring today is the Vice President of Communications. With your new position as vice president of communication, you're taking your knowledge of social media to new heights. Now that you're rubbing elbows with online influencers, you'll also be getting media coverage. Directly managing, enhancing, promoting, and protecting a company's reputation. As a brand spokesperson you take on the role of a community manager (albeit with greater responsibilities). 

Be prepared for these responsibilities: 

  • Be in direct contact with the company's president 

  • Develop and/or participate in relevant non-profit programs 

  • Develop, implement, and integrate various PR campaigns to help increase the company's visibility 

  • Increase company or business awareness and support 

  • Provide mentorship and/or training to employees 

Estimated Salary:  

In 2016, this was the highest-paying social media job with a median income of $126,000. Have you worked in the industry for more than five years? For your expertise, you could earn $223,000 per year. Overall, not bad. 

Final Thoughts 

Who says spending time on the Internet is a bad thing? By practicing and being patient, you could turn your knowledge of social media into real skills and earn top dollars.