6 Business Auctioneers in New York


Do you want to sell your business to avoid bankruptcy or pay off the mortgage? Then follow this article to find out the five most prominent business auctioneers in New York who can sell your business efficiently! 

6 Business Auctioneers in New York 

Selling one’s business by auction is a possible way to earn more money than what liquidators and wholesalers might offer you for your business. Having said that, auctions will usually produce sales results that equal a fraction of the original wholesale cost, so they are usually only recommended after all other going out of business sales efforts have been exhausted. And in a busy city like New York, the expenses of keeping a business going can be very high, so it is often prudent for business owners to conduct a quick liquidation of their stores, compared to waiting months to see if they can make more money by selling their merchandise to the public or to the trade. So, it is natural for business owners to sell their businesses via auctions rather than going down with the market price, if receiving the market price entails accumulating thousands of dollars in rental and labor expenses. 

Now for a good auction and connections to attain the auction, you need auctioneers, and finding the best auctioneer for you will determine how well the auction will go and how much you can earn. Now, the problem is finding the best business auctioneers can be hefty work, and if your business is crumbling to the ground, then this task becomes more complex. 

And that’s where this article comes in because, in this article, we will introduce you to the top 5 business auctioneers in New York, who can definitely help you to get the most out of your business’s business auction. 

What is Business Auction? 

Now, before getting acquainted with the business auctioneers, we need to understand what a business auction is because even though the name auction comes into play, a business auction is not like a normal auction. Because in the business auction, you will sell your entire business, or the contents of your business, to the highest bidder, not just a single product, and not only that, business auctions can be held in two ways private and public. 

And there is also the matter of maintaining all the documentation, legalization, and authenticity matters that come with business auctions. And that’s why business owners opt for business auctioneers because they can take care of both the legal and finding possible clients into their own hands. And as their connections are broad, they can find you possible bidder than you at any given point. 

6 Business Auctioneers In New York 

Now that we have the basics of business auctions and business auctioneers, let’s take a deep dive into the top five business auctioneers located in New York, shall we? 

1. Atlas Auction 

If you want to sell your business, then there are very few auctioneers who can rival Atlas auctions. This auctioneer mainly focuses on physical establishment more than anything. 

For example, if your business was based on transportation, then Atlas Auction would be the best auctioneers around. The same applies to the real estate of your business and other materials. 

So, overall, if you are looking for an all-around business auctioneer, then Atlas Auction should be placed high on your list. 

Why They’re Unique 

Atlas Auction have a good connection with business liquidators who will place high bids to acquire any useful products from your business that makes them stand out from all other auctioneers in New York. 

Address245 8th Ave #350, New York, NY 10011, United States 

Phone: +1 212-344-4443 

2. Reynolds Auction & Co. 

While Atlas Auction focuses on more physical auctions, Reynolds Auction & Co. goes all across and holds auctions on anything that your business can sell. That means they can put up auctions for the pens used on your business to put the cars, commercial real estate, cash bonds, and more. 

This is possible due to their high level of connection all across the globe. Not to mention Reynolds Auctions are one of the few Auctioneers in New York that can hold private auctions at any time. 

Why They’re Unique 

The entire auction of Reynolds Acution & Co. is done online, meaning there is no need for buyers or sellers to come in contact with each other. This attracts many buyers as a lot of buyers want to keep their identity a secret for personal reasons. 

Address3569 Palmyra-Newark Rd, Palmyra, NY 14522, United States 

Phone+1 315-597-8815 

3. Maltz Auctions 

Auctions and liquidations are the core components that make up the Maltz auction. This New York-based auction house is regarded as one of the most trustworthy and buyer-friendly auctioneers available. 

They are well known in the industry for their auctions over business assets and inventory. 

Why They’re Unique 

If you want to enjoy private auctions, they can manage that for you as well. Mostly they host physical auctions, but due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, they have taken the auctions to the internet. 

Address3569 Palmyra-Newark Rd, Palmyra, NY 14522, United States 

Phone+1 315-597-8815 

4. Auction Advisors  

Regarded as the best bankruptcy auctioneers in New York City, Auction advisors are the auctioneers that most businesses go to when they are facing bankruptcy or being crippled by debt.  

They have exclusive programs for businesses like that and offer one of the best auction services in town. They can also act as your liquidation wholesaler if you want to pick that route. 

So, if you are in New York and looking for the best auctioneers, then Auction Advisors. 

Why They’re Unique 

Auction Advisors also allows private business auctions, and if you want to sell your business anonymously, they have that option too. should be the one you should first check out! 

Address1350 6th Ave 2nd floor, New York, NY 10019, United States 

Phone+1 800-862-4348 

5. Ten-X Auctions 

There are no better options for commercial businesses than Ten-X Auctions as this auctioneer focuses simply on commercial businesses and real estate. Ten-X Auctions claims that if your business has any of those for auction, then Ten-X Auctions will be able to give you a profit that you won’t simply get from anywhere else.  

And as far as customer reviews go, they are doing a great job holding up to that claim. So, if you find their specialized area interested, then you should definitely check out Ten-X Auctions. 

Why They’re Unique 

Ten-X Auctions focuses on end-to-end transaction where they hold around 90% CRE sales. Their unique data-focused technology makes them one of the best auctioneers in New York. 

Address575 5th Ave 20th fl, New York, NY 10017, United States 

Phone: +1 888-770-7332 

6. Eliot M Millman Auctioneer 

Eliot Millman focuses on the liquidation of retail stores, wholesale warehouses, and equipment businesses. 

Address871 Ivy Hill Rd, Woodmere, NY 11598 



Final Thoughts 

Finding the proper auctioned for your business auction is necessary for a lot of reasons. And their compatibility with you also plays a big role in the matter. Hopefully, from the mentioned five, one of the auctioneers would fit you perfectly. So, it's time to look these auctioneer up and prepare for a business auction that will end with profits in your hands.