50 Wine Wholesalers In The USA


The wine industry is booming, and adapting, especially in light of the fact that more people are working and entertaining at home. If you are considering entering the wine business, you will want to take a look at the following list of 50 wine wholesalers who are located in the United States.

If you are ready to jump into the wholesale wine business, you should consider using the following wine apps. These apps can help you navigate the wine industry, and help you select the best possible wines.

10 Best Wine Apps That Every Wine Wholesale Buyer Must Consider

Whether you are tasting wine for the very first time or are an oenophile and none of your occasions is complete without wine, there are various wine apps that will match your requirements, tastes, and preferences. Such apps can help you know about various types of wines, what food pairs best with different kinds of wines, and a lot more.

There, of course, are many wine apps that you will come across but not all are created equal. If you are interested in the finest ones then this list of 10 best wine apps is just for you.


If you want to download just one wine app then Vivino is something you will love. It is one of the most popular wine apps with a photo label recognition system. With its help, it can quickly give you information about any wine from its database of over 2 million wines.

You will get information like the average price of the wine, its tasting notes, rank, winery, grape variety, and food pairing. If the app is unable to find a match using your provided label, then their team will find out the information for you manually.

Whether you are looking for wine in your favorite store or just are checking out the wine reviews' database, Vivino will make you smarter about wine.

2.Wine Events

Wine Events is a simple but helpful app that lets you know about the upcoming wine events in your area, be it UK, US, or elsewhere.

Whenever there is any wine event happening nearby, the app will offer you all the details regarding tickets and more, Also, it offers interesting deals and exclusive ticket access on a regular basis. You can even use it to share the event details with your friends through social media.


Drizly is one of the most popular DTC (direct-to-consumer) wine apps you will come across. It helps you order wine, spirits, and beer to 7 U.S. cities and it will be delivered to you that very day. If you do not reside in either of these cities then too you can get it shipped and reach you within 2-3 days or pre-pay and pick it up from the store yourself.

since the store offers a huge collection you are surely going to love it.


When you visit different stores the same variety of wines may be priced differently. A thought that then comes to your mind is if you can find this variety at a lower price elsewhere. Well, Wine-Searcher will prove to be useful to you then.

This app helps you search and compare the price of particular wines. It does so by getting you connected yo a database that contains the price of over 5.5 million viewers from nearly 40,000 retailers throughout the world.

You will get to know where the wine is available, what the charges in the different stores are, and which store is closest to you.


Delectable is among the best smartphone apps to scan any wine bottle and get user ratings, reviews, and background details. You simply need to use the camera of your phone and Delectable, in just a few seconds, will use the photograph and retrieve necessary data.

The popular wines will register in the app easily. However, some brands may be missing and you will have to enter them manually.

Also, the app serves as a discovery tool. You will be able to follow news-feed of winemakers, sommeliers, and even wine pros.

6.Cellar Tracker

Cellar Tracker is one of the biggest cellar tracking apps. Using this label scanning app, you will be able to track the contents of your cellar digitally, and also record tasting notes and reviews.

You can search for wines by taking photographs of the labels. You may even quickly take notes and photos of various wines for future reference.

Through the community database, you can also learn what other consumers feel about the wine that you have opted for. The database has information of more than 2.8 million wines and has over 7.9 million tasting notes.

7.Hello Vino

This is an amazing companion app that helps you rate your glass or bottle of wines. It includes a label scanner and a personal wine journal. Also, it comes with a tool that helps you pair wine with food.

If you want to really enjoy the taste of your wine you have to be careful about the food you drink it with. With Hello Vino it will become simple as it breaks down food by occasion or ingredients. Thus, it helps you find the best wine that you can have with your sausage or pizza toppings, the one that you can serve with Chinese food, and a lot more.

8.Winery Passport

Winery Passport has been created to help you find out local wineries and plan tasting visits. The app will 'stamp' your passport and thus help you record your fun visits with ratings, photographs, and tasting notes for all the wines you tasted.

Together with discovering local wines, you may even book tasting, join a wine club, buy wines, and find out about forthcoming wine events in your area.


Plonk, like various other wine apps, allows you to take a photograph and enter comments and thus log your usage of the wine. But what makes this app different is its amazing emphasis on education. It has an amazingly detailed profile on every region, grape, and style that you can think of.

Each profile comes with a proper photo, description, and even a sound file that you can play to learn about the right pronunciation of wine-related words.

10.Wine Picker

Are you trying to select the best bottle of wine to order at a particular restaurant? Wine Picker will make this job super easy for you.

You simply need to select any restaurant, type in the food that you will have, and Wine Picker will then start working for you. It will select 5 wines from the wine list of the restaurant that will be ideal for you. Alternatively, you may select wine from the list and Wine Picker will then select the best dish to pair it with.

To Conclude -

Each of these apps is amazing in their own way. You can select one or more depending on your interests and needs. One thing is for sure, no matter which you select among these, you certainly will have a great experience and love every bit of it just like you love every drop of your favorite wine.

You can start your search for the best wines right here in New York!

10 Top Wineries In New York

Depending on how vast with wine-producing cities you are, you might be shocked to know that NYC is the second-ranking state. With the city of California, ranging as the first largest, New York records high-quality production of wines in the US. These wineries are known to be spread across the state, producing fine wines transported yearly across the country. Just so you know, we've had records of residents of California purchasing wines from NYC only. So that should strike something on your mind.

In no time, we'll look at the 10 top wineries in New York with the consciousness that they wouldn't be arranged in any order. However, their varying descriptions and contact details would be attached to each winery summary. I've been a lover of wine since my last year in college. Back in the days, I'd take every meal with at least two glasses of wine to mix the grape taste with the food. Let's not get into all of that for now, back to the 10 top wineries in New York, yeah? Let's go!


The Fulkerson family has provided the city of New York with generations of great and quality wines from its winery. We've had a total of seven generations all together keeping the family's business running since 1989. The wine collection of this family offers ranging options of wine to taste from. However, the rieslings and dry reds types are to die. The first sip of those from a visit to the winery, and I still share moments of them. Contact details: www.fulkersonwinery.com


Located in the deep shores of Hector, New York, the Red Newt Cellars is a winery known for elegance in their wine production. Just like with the Fulkerson winery, this winery also serves the best rieslings in the state, and hell the country! Locals take their rieslings with the famous dishes of Chef Jeremy Personius. With Red Newt Cellars, you get a tasting session that attracts a three-course meal to prove their wine quality. Contact information: www.rednewt.com


If you're like me and love to know your wine dates way back, Brotherhood Winery should be your next stop. The Brotherhood winery didn't just fall on the list of 10 top wineries in New York. Their winery standards preceded them. The architectural structure of the winery showcases a finely chopped underground with winery machinery. Brotherhood is filled with lots of historical events from way back, and each visitor gets to listen to them while they enjoy the wine. Contact details: www.brotherhood-winery.com


The ports of New York is one popular winery located in itacha, New York, and owned by Frederic Bouche. The famous winery is the powerhouse behind the ever-present Meleau Speciality Wines found in every wine store in the US. The winery techniques used in this establishment were the recipes of Frederic's ancestors to the family business. Ports of New York is also known for the historic museum present on the property of the Bouche generations. Contact information: www.portsofnewyork.com


It was late summer a few years ago when I decided to take time off to Finger Lakes that I stumbled on Lamoreaux. One fascinating thing about this winery that makes it a part of the 10 top wineries in New York is its style of wine-making. Lamoreaux uses a sustainable horticultural process in its wine production. The winery carefully utilizes man-made fungicides, fuel, fertilizers and pesticides in their procedures. Amazing, isn't it? The herbs-infused practices have won them lots of awards in New York City. Contact details: www.lamoreauxwine.com


Heard of Wine Enthusiast Magazine? Well, they seem to think Wiemer's 'Cabernet Francs' is one of the high-quality red wines in New York. Till date, the production staff uses the old wine-producing techniques handwritten by Hermann. It's no surprise their wines never cease to have the vintage feel when we wash them down our throats. Tales of the 300 years old wine-making techniques are being shared while guests taste their wines. Contact details: https://wiemer.com


Pen Runn's fully equipped winery is the only one on its axis that serves NYC with fascinating wines and a prestigious signature. Wines and Spirits Magazine was 100% sure when they regarded the vineyard as one of the best global wine-producing company. Fox Run wine riesling is one product that has won the winery lots of awards over the years. You should try it out when next you visit Finger Lakes. Trust me; you'll leave the coast with more than a few sips just like I did. Contact information: https://foxrunvineyards.com


Do you know that Benmarl winery source their grapes themselves, and only picks out the best to serve those amazing bottles of wine? This wine-producing company owns a 37-acre estate property where its business operations are being run. Consistency has been the drive of Benmarl vineyard for a while now that you can tell in the wine they produce. Virtually everyone I've offered a product of Benmarl winery nods to the quality of grapes and wine production. The estate also has views of the Hudson River Valley for your relaxation during the visit. Contact details: www.benmarl.com


The Spring Lake Vineyard is located in Lockport, New York. In my view, the 78-acre of the landscape of the vineyard is more of a tourist attraction center because of its beautification. The Vineyard Express is part of my family's yearly vacation plan. We visit Lockport at certain times of the year to be a part of the experience. Nonetheless, Spring Lake Winery has been known for the production of quality wine across NYC. You get to enjoy your wine on a train cruise. Contact information: www.springlakewinery.com


Do you know how you usually save the best for the last? That's the case of Dr Konstantin Frank winery. You never set up a list of 10 top wineries in New York City without including this winery at first three. The wine-producing establishment has been known to make wines from the finest grapes in the country. Since 1962, Dr Konstantin Frank's vineyard dominates the Finger Lake coast. Try a visit to the place for further details. Contact details: www.drfrankwines.com

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