20 Dresses Wholesale Liquidation Deal


20 Dresses Wholesale Liquidation Deal

This is a special liquidation deal

to sell out the current inventory of dresses.

Brands such as, R & M Richards, Nightway, Calvin Klein Jeans, 

Nine West, Calvin Klein, as well as dresses by fashion labels.

You will receive a variety of different

brands, styles, colors, and sizes.

The majority of the dresses range from

sizes 6 to 18.

These are some of the actual dresses available

in this lot. Your order may contain these

or other dresses depending on availability.

Dresses have estimated original retail values

from $60 to $200.

Your price is only $14.99 for each dress!

This closeout is available until these dresses are sold out.

Every order will receive a bonus 

consisting of assorted merchandise.