5 Up And Coming USA Fashion Designers


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Make your boutique stand out by purchasing wholesale clothing from these 5 up and coming USA fashion designers.

It is often believed that edging your creativity in the fashion world requires a degree. Well, the truth is that without any university degree, you can become a master in the industry as a fashion designer. Blending the demure with striking and the old with the new, these 5 up and coming USA designers can create a magic and excellence in the fashion world.

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Charles Harbison:

At a young age, Charles has been exposed to the world of fashion. This occurred when Harbison discovered the wonders of fashion on his mom's personality. Charles studied the North Carolina native snagged internships and Central Asian textiles with high-end names such as Jack Spade and Michale Kors. Charles youthful, unequivocal and contemporary fashion styles are crucial wardrobe additions for women searching for striking and modern sportswear that is perfect and bold for work.

Katharine Polk:

Polk was inspired by great designs of icons such as rocker Patti Smith, actress Katharine Hepburn, and Bianca Jagger. Katharine's Houghton fashion design style concentrates on statement pieces that remain unique. Polk, a Malibu, California native focuses on an effortless, fine tailoring and playful fashion style. Katharine fashion designs remain captivating to women looking for classic, uncomplicated, and casual styles that match your textures. This helps to your dressing sense resemble figure-flattering silhouettes.

Jonathan Simkhai:

Do you know where Kim Kardashian looks for her crop-top dresses and white-hot skirt? Jonathan the upcoming American designer remains the architect for most of these on-trend attires. Jonathan's handiwork has been seen in other celebrities such as Kate Bosworth and Taylor Swift. The fashion brand of Jonathan Simkhai is vibrant and edgy with androgyny that reveals the perfect blend of sophistication and allure. The New Yorker fashion designer is focused on providing women with elegant, classic and top-notch lady's outfits.

Karolyn Pho:

Pho is one of the 5 up and coming USA designers who are currently trending. The twenty-something-year-old is the mastermind behind her own name. The fashion brand of Karolyn Pho is textured, structured, and comes with a metallic-accented dress that remains efficiently expressive. Pho is popularly known for dressing a wide range of clients outside of the celebrity social world. Since Pho debuted in 2012, her millennial-generation friends remain enthusiastic about her scooping up and classic designs.

Sally LaPointe:

Sally LaPointe is a Massachusetts native. Sally moved into the fashion industry by converting hee fine arts into a living career. Her expertise helped in securing a place in the "30 Under 30 in Art plus Design" on Forbes 2013 slot. In 2006, Sally Lapointe graduated from the Rhode Island School Of Design. Sally and one of her fellow RISD friends Sarah Adelson relocated to New York and created a new brand. With dark inclinations, Sally collections glow in sophistication. LaPointe collections are designed for fiercely women celeb such as Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, Katy Perry and Emily Blunt. These celebrities are customers dominating oft-surreal and alluring designs.


While there are many upcoming fashion designers in the USA, you can quickly access the names in the article and find inspirations. You will be excited to find wonderful fashion styles and designs.