5 Bstock Solutions Marketplace Sellers


Bstock Solutions, the company behind the online marketplace liquidation site bstock.com, offers individual marketplaces for many national retailers. Below are five examples of retailers and what they offer.

The site can enable boutique owners, flea market vendors, eBay sellers, and Amazon FBA sellers, to get great deals on closeout inventory for resale purposes.

1. Lowes

Lowes is a home improvement store that sells home appliances on the Bstock Marketplace. Merchandise is shipped in truckloads and includes washer’s, dryers, and refrigerators. They also auction off mixed lots of appliances including microwaves, dishwashers, and stoves both electric and gas. They also sell bathroom and kitchen fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs, granite countertops, and garbage disposals. This merchandise is usually in scratched or dented condition, may be manifested, or sold in pallets of mixed condition. As well, Lowes sells LTL shipments of boxes of small items such as screws, washers, hinges, bolts, and other fasteners and binders. Rarely will they have wood and wooden doors and windows, and when they do they are usually cracked and in otherwise poor condition.

2. Game Stop

Game Stop is a popular video game store that uses the Bstock Marketplace to sell consumer electronics. Merchandise includes LTL shipments of Apple products such as iPad Pros and iPhones. They also sell Samsung phones such as the Galaxy S7. These products are usually in A or B condition. GameStop also sells pallets of video game consoles that are in fair condition, with a few moderate scratches, dents, and open box returns. The include game consoles such as the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Wii U. Along with consoles, GameStop also have pallets of video game discs in shipments of mixed condition.

3. Walmart

A famous grocery and home goods store, Walmart sells a variety of merchandise through the Bstock Marketplace including consumer electronics, furniture, and appliances. A common item they sell are TV’s in fine condition that were returned by customers. These TVs include Samsung and Vizio and suffer from minor scratches and dents. Walmart also sells salvage TVs. These TV’s have cracked and broken screens and other components. The bulk of their merchandise comes from pallets of mixed lots including gas grills, kayaks, mini bikes, and toys and games. Furniture is also available to bid on including recliners, sofas, bookcases, and bed frames.

4. Sears

Sears is a department store that specializes in home good, yard care appliances and tools, electronics, and exercise machines through the Bstock marketplace. Included in their merchandise are Samsung, Sony, and LG HDTVs with cracked and broken screens in salvage condition. They also sell exercise equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, and stair climbers. Several pallets of yard tools such as trimmers, blowers, saws, weed whackers, all in salvage condition are available to bid. As well, Sears is currently selling a truckload of infinity scarves, gloves, and sweaters, all customer returns. They also have salvage lots of sewing machines, soldering irons, and bicycles and bicycle wheels.

5. Sam’s Club

A big box store, Sam’s club sells home goods, home appliances, and electronics using the Bstock marketplace. Sam’s club sells electronics such as laptops, keyboards, phones, and tablets in fine condition. They also sell TVs, diapers, coolers, and lawn chairs in mixed pallets. Sam’s Club also sells stainless steel trash cans and pallets of Rubbermaid food storage containers. Finally, there are also sweaters, pants, gloves, and socks, all of which are items that customers have returned.