4 Ways to Promote Your Auction on AuctionZip


If you're interested in purchasing a rare item online, you might be wondering what the best way to do that is through an auction site. AuctionZip is a web site that has over 16,000 upcoming auctions and 9,500 active auctioneers. As of last month, the site received approximately 430,000 unique visitors and had 17 million pages viewed. For more information about AuctionZip, see the following article.


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Invaluable is the leading online marketplace for antiques, collectibles, and fine art. With more than one million auctions held annually, its combined value is more than $25 billion. Through Invaluable, you can also access a database of auction results. Their comprehensive database of auction results contains over 58 million complete auction records. This provides valuable information to auction houses and buyers. Moreover, the Invaluable platform includes an integrated auction management platform, which is designed to simplify the uploading process.


Swiss-based Artmyn, which aims to reinvent the online art buying and selling experience, recently announced a $4 million convertible note fundraise, co-led by its original investors and Invaluable. The funds will be used to deploy its unique scanners at Invaluable partner auction houses. One new feature of the scanners is their infrared capabilities, which allow buyers to see underlayers and markings below the visible surface.

Members of Artmyn are asked to agree to receive emails from their auctioneer, Invaluable. These emails include order confirmations, renewal/expiration notices, and notifications of credit card problems. You can opt out of receiving these emails if you wish, but it may prevent you from viewing some content. You can disable these emails, but they will prevent you from using some of the services on the website.

Invaluable is an online marketplace for premier auction houses. The company also provides digital authentication services to auction houses. Artmyn is integrating its technology with Invaluable's services to create a seamless and immersive digital experience for collectors. The combined technology will allow auction houses to treat every piece of art as a masterpiece. By integrating their services, the two companies aim to transform the art buying and selling experience, providing collectors with the most convenient and secure way to enjoy physical art, while also giving them access to blockchain and scanning capabilities in close proximity to leading global art centers.


The new search function on AuctionZip reflects a major shift in the company's core demographic. In contrast to the pickers of the past, today's buyers dwarf sellers. AuctionZip aims to accommodate a variety of formats for buyers. Mobile users now represent half of all site traffic, a 10-percent increase over the previous year. The company also now offers apps for mobile devices. Listed below are 4 ways to promote your auction on AuctionZip.

A unique and fast way to search for auctions is the new feature called Auction Alerts. With AuctionZip, you can set up automated searches for items and auctioneers that meet your criteria. You can choose to receive daily emails listing of auctions for specific items or locations. This new feature is free for both auctioneers and auction goers. Here are the top reasons why you should sign up for this feature. So why wait?

AuctionZip is an online marketplace where sellers and buyers can bid on a wide variety of goods. It has more than 25,000 professional auctioneers and over 14 million registered bidders. In addition to the streamlined process, you can also enjoy the support of a dedicated team. The site offers several features that help sellers sell their items for the highest price possible. You can choose from a wide range of categories on AuctionZip, including cars, household items, and more.

Customer service

The website's FAQ section answers frequently asked questions and gives you useful information about the company. You can find information on the company's founding, header quarters, technology stack, industry listing, and more. If you're having trouble navigating the website, you can call the company's phone number and talk to a live person. This is particularly helpful if you're new to the auctioning industry and have questions about your specific product.

The website provides email and phone support and has a customer support center. You can also send a message through live chat. If you don't want to wait for a live agent to respond, you can contact the company through its mobile apps for Apple's iPhone and Google's Android platform. The company offers more ways to contact them, but you can also try contacting them through their social media pages. You can also try to find the contact information of the person behind the auction on Linkedin or on the company's Facebook page.

Advertising options

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