32Auctions Review


Curt and Steve were co-workers at a Fortune 500 company, and both were passionate about raising money for causes. Both had worked with silent auctions in the past, and they were inspired to solve the inefficiencies of traditional silent auctions. They decided to start 32auctions to help cause fundraisers maximize their fundraising potential. Their passion for helping others raise money for their cause led them to create 32auctions.


If you're wondering about the company behind 32auctions.com, read on for some important information. Curt and Steve, co-workers at a Fortune 500 company, had an idea for a silent auction service. They quickly agreed to start 32auctions, which was designed to resolve the inefficiencies of traditional silent auctions and help causes maximize their fundraising potential. This project sparked a passion for the company and its mission to help people raise money for their causes.

Sites of 32auctions

If you're looking to start your own online silent auction, 32Auctions is the place to do so. This silent auction site walks you through the process of creating an account. It works like eBay, and you can set a maximum bid, proxy bid, and winning price. Once you've completed these steps, you're ready to bid! Once an auction is open, you'll receive an email with the subject line "Finish creating your account". You simply have to click the "Yes, Finish Creating My Account" button in the email.

Once you have a good idea for a silent auction, you need to choose a place to hold it. 32Auctions is an online silent auction company that works for nonprofits and community organizations. Its services include absentee bidding, alerts, and bid management. Although 32Auctions is a great solution to many silent auction problems, it isn't right for every nonprofit organization. Consider the user rating and pricing, and decide if it will be the best fit for your needs.

Invoices for 32auctions

To pick up items, you must first make an appointment through 32auctions. Appointments are available only after the auction ends, and they fill up quickly. You must register for an account and fill out all of the necessary fields, and then you'll receive a confirmation email. Then, simply wait for the confirmation email to pick up your items. This will let you know exactly when and where you can pick them up.

When you buy items through 32auctions, you'll receive an invoice via email shortly after the auction ends. The invoice will include instructions for payment and delivery. Make sure to notify anyone you know who won the auction so they can place a bid on the same item. If you don't receive an invoice within 48 hours, you may have problems collecting payment from others. In addition, you must pay sales tax before you receive an invoice.