30 Wholesale Party Dress Suppliers in New York


30 Wholesale Party Dress Suppliers in New York

New York is one of the best cities in the world and it is said to never sleep. It is also regarded as the fashion capital of the world; little wonder why the greatest brands and designs are found on its street. New York holds some of the best fashion shows, has some of the best fashion showrooms and also definitely has some of the best wholesale party dress suppliers.

As a matter of fact, New York might be that one place in the country where you find so many wholesale party dress suppliers. Maybe because they have numerous designers who exclusively design for women and for this purpose as well.

First, let’s all be on the page with our definition of a party dress. A party dress is simply a dress worn for parties. And there are different types of parties; e.g.: Children’s party, cocktail party, garden party, wedding party, birthday party, costume party, Prom party and many more to mention the popular ones.

Although it is possible to have a party dress that can be worn to all of these occasions, example is the little black dress; yet, most of the time, you cannot wear the wear a type of party dress to another party.

It will be awkward seeing someone at a cocktail party dressed in a garden party dress. Very awkward. Therefore, it is imperative you understand the type of party you are looking to attend or the type of party dress you design before you visit any of the listed wholesale party dress suppliers just so you can be sure you are visiting the right one.

Furthermore, it will interest you to know that although some ?ig’ brands/ designers design and manufacture for the wholesale fashion consumers, what you will typically find however, are other brands who aren’t so big.

These brands, although not super big, offer quality clothing and also are affordable. Example of the brands you will find in most of these stores are: Aidan Mattox, Alyce Prom 2017, Alyce Cocktail, Alyce Paris, Alyce Evening, Alyce Formal, ASHLEYlauren, Azzure, Beside Couture by Gemy, Beside Couture Plus Size, Blush, Cameron Blake, Clarisse, Clarisse Atelier, Dave and Johnny, David Tutera, Daymor, Ellie Wilde, Faviana, Faviana Cocktail, Faviana Glamour, Faviana Prom, Feriani, GiGi, Janique, Jasz Couture, Johnathan Kayne, Kurves by Kimi, La Femme, La Femme Cocktail, La Femme Evening, Lara, Lucci Lu, Mac Duggal, Mac Duggal Couture, Mac Duggal Prom, Madison James, Milano Formals, MNM Couture, MNM Fouad Sarkis, Mon Cheri Montage, Mon Cheri Social Occasions, Mori Lee, Mori Lee Prom Paparazzi, Morrell Maxie, Nika, Nina Canacci, Omur Ozer, Panoply, Primavera Couture, Rachel Allan, Rachel Allan Couture, Scala, Shail K, Sherri Hill, SK by Saiid Kobeisy, Sophia Tolli, Sticks and Stones, Tarik Ediz, Tarik Ediz Prom, Terani, Terani Cocktail, Terani Evening, Terani Homecoming, Terani Prom, Tiffany Designs, Tony Bowls New Beginnings, and many more.

Also, apart from the wholesale party dress suppliers’ offices/ stores in New York, you can also get these wholesale party dresses by attending some of the best trade shows also in New York.

Tradeshows are exhibitions usually done by different companies in an industry to showcase and demonstrate their products and services.

And for the fashion industry, a tradeshow is usually a function where established and upcoming brands make their clothing available for a large crowd; and where they can tell their story for you to understand what type of brands they are.

There are indeed so many tradeshows happening all year long in the fashion industry in different parts of the country. And also for New York, there several fashion tradeshow, but here are some of the popular tradeshows you can look out for to get a wholesale party dress supplier, network with fellow fashion consumers/ lovers and also meet designers/ manufactures.They are:

Capsule: Capsule is a lifestyle and fashion trade event that fuses brands and designers that are shaping the fashion landscape. They have high -end brands, progressive brands, directional brands as well as independent designers.

You are to get any type of party dresses here in wholesale quantities. Contact the Capsule show by either visiting 80 8th Ave/Ste, 202 New York, NY 10011 or call +1 212 206 8310 or mail <info[at]capsuleshow.com>. The show’s website is <http://www.capsuleshow.com/>.

Designers and Agents: Designers and Agents will provide all wholesale party dresses and more from their identified emerging talents. They have designers like 0039 Italy, Acote, ADAWAS, Alkemie, APERCU, AYNI, b. belt, Balkanica, American Colors by Alex Lehr, Any New York, Ana G, Alessandra Petersen, By Sophie Paris, Carla Fernandez, Casmari, Christina Lehr, Coclico, CLHEI, BSBEE, and many more.

Contact Designers and Agents at 601 W 26th Street, Ste 349, New York, NY 10001; or call 212 302 9575; Fax: 212 302 9576 or mail: info@designersandagents.com <mailto:info@designersandagents.com>. Their website is: <http://designersandagents.com>.

UBM Fashion: UBM Fashion has served over 1trillion clients in the fashion marketplace because they make available wholesale designs in tradeshows which includes the NY Women. They are the leading producer of many renowned fashion tradeshows like MAGIC, Coterie and many more. They have tradeshows usually in May/August/September; and they also have a 24/7 online tradeshow. Visit <http://www.ubmfashion.com/> or call +1 (877) 554 4834; +1 (310) 857 7316 or mail cs@ubmfashion.com <mailto:cs@ubmfashion.com> to get more information.

EDIT: For highly curated designs and international designs, you should attend the EDIT tradeshow. It also showcases designs from both emerging designers and established designers as well. The brands that are exhibited includes 26line by MLNK, 289 By SARAGIUNTI, 5 on 7 new york : made in new York, Alessandrosimoni, Anna Seravalli, Annette Gortz, Aspen True, Auden Design, BADGLEY MISCHKA, Bagutta, Basietta, Bernard Zins, Bessi, Biella Collezioni, Blood&Honey, Braccialini, Cadieux, Camilyn Beth, CHI CHI VON TANG, Di Bello, Diogo Miranda, Elisabetta Franchi, Emmelle, Fo.rI Fashion, Gran Sasso, Greta Constantine, Hammitt, J. Markell, JED, Joanna Maxham, JUSTICIA RUANO, Kimora Lee Simmons, Linda Cunningham, LING WU PTE LTD, LIVIANA CONTI, Love Binetti, Luis Buchinho, Marc Aurel, Marella SRL, Marta Cucciniello, Mi Jong Lee, Mignonne Gavigan, Nora Noh, One.61, OUI, Paola Todesco, Pellessimo Paris, Princess Goes Hollywood, Queenmark, Richard Grand, Rick Rhe, Roberta Gandolfi, Rossopuro, SGN Group Inc, St. Emile, Strenesse USA Inc, SunYuHong Design Co., Ltd., Tissa Fontaneda, TONET, Tricot Chic, Valerie James Showroom, Village England, Vone, Whole9Yards, Xacus, YEOHLEE, Zyga.

This year’s (2017) EDIT tradeshow will hold at Jacob Centre, New York between September 17th and September 19th. Other tradeshows in New York that you can check out for accessories, dresses, garments and more are:
Atelier Designers - www.atelierdesigners.com <http://www.atelierdesigners.com> (This holds in April and have attendance of Independent designers)

Accessorie Circuit - www.enkshos.com <http://www.enkshos.com> (Also hold April / August) (Usually this consist of only Accessories)

Accessories the show - www.accessoriestheshow.com http://www.accessoriestheshow.com. This happens in April / August; and they supply only accessories.

Fame - www.fameshows.com http://www.fameshows.com. -April / August.

Fraiche - www.enkshos.com http://www.enkshos.com. Holds April
Intermezzo Collections - www.enkshos.com http://www.enkshos.com. Holds April / August.
Moda Manhattan - www.modamanhattan.com http://www.modamanhattan.com. Holds in April / August

Indigo Salon - www.indigo-salon.com http://www.indigo-salon.com. This holds April and they showcase garments.

MRket Show - www.mrketshow.com - It holds July.

Project New York- <http://www.magiconline.com/project-new-york>www.magiconline.com <http://www.magiconline.com> - Tradeshow holds July.
Project Sole New-York <http://www.magiconline.com/project-sole-new-york> - www.magiconline.com <http://www.magiconline.com> - Tradeshow holds July
Tents NYC - www.magiconline.com <http://www.magiconline.com> - Tradeshow holds July.
Liberty Fairs - www.libertyfairs.com <http://www.libertyfairs.com> - Holds July.
Man Woman <http://www.man-woman.co/> - www.man-woman.com http://www.man-woman.com. Holds in July.
Premiere Vision New-York - www.premierevision-newyork.com http://www.premierevision-newyork.com. Holds in July and mainly for garments.

While there are so many wholesale party dress suppliers in New York as you would rightly guess, we will be listing some of the ones we consider top based on customer reviews, listings on the fashion wholesaler record, availability of different types of party dresses and their experience in the fashion industry which we would know by the number of years they have spent in the street of New York meeting these need.They include:

1. Volume Apparel Group. At the Volume Apparel Group, you are sure to get some of the best quality wholesale party dresses. Here, you will find beautiful and classy designs from cocktail party dresses to formal evening party dresses to maxi dresses that can be worn to garden parties and many more.

They have been serving the wholesale market for years, and have made available high quality wholesale apparels that will stand equally successful in the retail market.

To find out more about them before visiting, you can their phone number: +1 212 575 5353 or simply you can simply take the walk down to visit them at 1407 Broadway # 2311, New York, NY 10018.

The Volume Apparel Group also gives you the option of shopping online by visiting their website dedicated for wholesale dresses for retailers: <http://www.volumeapparel.com/wholesale-womens-dresses-for-retailers-s/1887.htm>.

2. Spring Import Inc. The Spring Import Inc. fashion outlet is located at 1407 Broadway #715, New York, NY 10018; and their core business is supplying wholesale women’s clothing apparel including of course, the party dresses.
They do not only supply these clothing, they also design and develop styles that seamlessly fit into the modern fashion industry, they source and manufacture products using their own labels, and they also import and stock for wholesale to fashion consumers all over the country.
So, with the Spring Import Inc. you are sure to get the best party dresses, in different modern designs and at a fair price. They can readily make their pricing available for you if you. To access the wholesale pricing and products, visit their website <https://www.springimport.com/> to fill all information required. You can also reach them on +1 212 575 1888 if you need more information.

3. Closeout Explosion. As the name implies, the Closeout Explosion offers you explosive discounts on authentic and original merchandise of departmental store overstock, closeout buys, shelf pulls, store buyouts and many more. You are sure to get your party dresses supplied from different brands and designers at prices even below wholesale market price.The Closeout Explosion store is located at 276 Green point Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222; and you can also reach them on +1 718 389 5502 if you would like to find out more information before visiting or simply visit their website for more information. <http://closeoutexplosion.com>.

4. BH Wholesale Inc. With BH Wholesale Inc.; you are able to get women’s clothing including the party dresses at your request. They work with several designers and have been serving the wholesale fashion market for years. They are located at 86 34th St, No 10, Brooklyn, New York 11232 and can be reached via phone on +1 347 394 5559. For enquiries and more information; send a mail on their website <https://www.bhwholesale.com/>.

5. JBLA Inc. JBLA Inc. prides itself with the ability to bring in new fashion every week and that includes party dresses. They supply these fashion apparels in wholesale quantities and their designs are modern yet, affordable. You can read more about them by visiting their site <http://jblafashion.com> or check for the party dresses by going through their dress collection on this site <http://jblafashion.com/t/dresses>.
You can also visit JBLA Inc. wholesale store at 221 W 36th St, New York, NY 10018; or call +1 212 868 0321 to ask your questions.

6. The Clothes-out Factory. The Clothes-out Factory located at 34 Gazza Blvd, Farmingdale, New York 11735 supplies a wide range of wholesale clothing including the party dresses. You might have to look farther down to find the exact party cloth you desire, but you are sure to find some good designs as you look through.
Do not let their not- so clean website put you off; just make sure you remember the goal is to find quality wholesale party dresses suppliers; and they are one. Here is the website, already navigated to the dresses section for easy search. <http://www.clozeout.com/dresses.htm>. Or just call +1 877 443 7377 to get more information.

7. The Stylish Wholesaler. The Stylish Wholesaler is the fashion wholesale marketplace to get fashion items as the party dresses in wholesale quantities. They also have a close-out category that allows you to pick items filtered by warehouse. They are located at 1506 Sheep head Bay Rd #302, Brooklyn, NY 11235 and can be reached via phone on +1 646 846 6489. The Stylish Wholesaler’s website is <https://www.stylishwholesaler.com>. Visit for more information and to view dresses.

8. Pat & Rose Dress Inc. Pat & Rose dress Inc. with its location in New York, precisely; 306 W 37th St Floor 9, New York, NY 10018 is categorized under dress manufacturers. For a company who solely deals on dresses, be sure to find more than enough party dresses. To find out more information; please visit the address or call (212) 279 1357.

9. Burberry Wholesale. Yes, you read right. Burberry also offer wholesale for their items. As we all already know, Burberry offer classy, clean and trendy fashion items that are of good quality as well. They might be a little pricy even on the wholesale market more than the other wholesale stores/ fashion outlets, but you do understand they are Burberry; and their items are guaranteed to last longer.They are situated on 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019 and you can also call them on the phone to find out which of their party dresses are on wholesale supply. You can also order online, just make sure you picking the wholesale option and not the retailer. Their number is (212) 757 3700 and their website is <https://us.burberry.com>.

10. SarinasSarinas is one of the most standard wholesale fashion outlet in the country. They refer to themselves as a dynamic company in terms of the fashion items they produce. They are also involved in building new brands up monetarily while also simultaneously enhancing their notoriety. Most of the time, these brands are taken to the next level in the fashion industry.Sarinas will be a good place to visit for your wholesale party dress requests because they are experienced in the wholesale business and definitely also one of the best wholesale party dress suppliers in New York.They are located on 110 E. 59 St, 28th Floor | New York, NY 10022; and you can also reach them via phone by calling +1-212 324 0150; or simply mail sales@sarinas.com <mailto:sales@sarinas.com> with all enquires.

11. Genuine Wholesale. Genuine Wholesale is a wholesale clothing store located at 242 C West 36th St, Ground Floor, New York, NY 10018; and was founded in 2014. This is definitely one of the top and largest wholesale store in the New York, NY district as well as online. The Genuine Wholesale store has been ahead in offering their fashion consumers the best possible wholesale shopping experience by offering best prices and quality clothing that can be guaranteed to be the highest standard in the industry. Visit their store as stated above or simply check online via their website for those party dresses. Their website is <http://genuinego.com> or call their phone number 212 695 1606 or mail them with your inquiry on info@genuinego.com <mailto:info@genuinego.com>.

12. $7 and Up Clothing Store. The $7 and Up clothing store offers the fashion consumers numerous quality clothing apparels/ garments. They have been around for a while now and have mastered the wholesale business, enough to supply you with as many different party dresses as you want. They are situated at 237 W. 35th St., Ground Floor, New York, NY 10001. To get more information before you visit, you can reach them via their phone number - (212) 244 0777.

13. Pegah. The Pegah wholesale store is another amazing fashion outlet located at the 48 W. 38th St., Ground Floor, New York, NY 10018. They supply beautiful evening wears amongst other party dresses and fashion items.Visit for your party dresses or call them on 212 764 0910 for more information.

14. Compliments. Compliments is one of the wholesale stores that have mastered the business over the years, offering you all your fashion items in the easiest way they can. They deal with several designs and brands and have a lot of women clothing including the party dresses for wholesale prices.Visit the Compliments wholesale store on 15 W. 37th St., Ground Store B, New York, NY 10018; or call 212 997 1096 if you need more information before the visit.

15. Lafayette. With many designers in store/ stock; The Lafayette is one of the places you will definitely find your party dress regardless of what type of party it is. The store has many positive reviews and feedbacks from the fashion wholesale market. To check them out, visit their outlet/ store/ office at 990 Ave. of the Americas, Ground Floor, New York, NY 10018. And you can also call them on 212 967 6977 to get answers to all your questions before you visit.

16. Esprit International Limited. The Esprit International Limited offer diverse fashion apparels from both local and international designers. They often say that there is hardly what you want as a fashion item that you would not find. So, it is safe to say your party dresses will be abundantly supplied when you visit.The Esprit International Limited store is at 1370 Broadway, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10018. You can call 212 401 1122 or check out their online store for some of the samples/ designs on <http://www.esprit.com/>.

17. Gabriella Wholesale. The Gabriella Wholesale like all of the above mentioned wholesale store offer fashion consumers the opportunity to purchase fashion items in wholesale quantities rather than just on the retailing line. The Gabriella Wholesale deal majorly in evening party dresses and should be one of the top places you should check for your supply of wholesale party dresses; even if you are not looking particularly for evening dresses. They are situated on 237 W. 35th St., Ground Floor, New York, NY 10001 and can be reached on the phone via (212) 465 1767.

18. Juven’s Inc. The Juven’s Inc. wholesale store supply clothing apparels for all sizes of women from petite to plus size. They also have different types of clothing and that includes the party dresses.To visit Juven’s Inc., please go to 1441 Broadway, Suite 1601, New York, NY 10018; or simply call 212 997 4428 to get more information.

19. Laura’s Fashion Consultants Inc. Laura’s Fashion Consultant Inc. is a buyer, distributor and wholesaler of women's clothing. They have been doing this for some years and will be able to attend to your need of party dresses. They do not only deal with local brands, but also international brands.
They strongly believe that the fashion wholesale consumers do not deserve lower quality clothing just because they are ordering in large quantities. So, they have taken it upon themselves to provide you with runway fashions at an unrivaled price/ discount.
In over fifteen years of running, they have catered for various sizes of business either your aim is to push your designs out more to the fashion world, or to get more sales or to navigate your way through the fashion world.
You can learn more about Laura’s Fashion Consultants Inc. by visiting their website- <http://www.laurasfashion.com/> or by going down to their location at 135 W. 36th St., 20th Floor, New York, NY 10018; or simply dial their number to ask. Their phone number is 212 760 1320.
20. A & A Wholesale Matisse
The A & A Wholesale Matisse is an importer of clothing apparels. They are able to supply different types of party dresses either from their local brands or from their imports. They are located at 15 W. 37th St., Ground Floor, New York, NY 10018; and can be reached on 212 465 8787 to answer all your requests and/ or concerns.

21. Due Per Due. The Due Per Due outlet is a place to go if you want some of the best designers wholesale clothing, or if you would like to do a private labeling or simply have a custom order. They have different dresses; including party dresses for supply and their clothing are of good quality. You can call them on 212 921 7650 for more information or simply pay them a visit at their physical store located at 209 W. 38th St., Suite 401, New York, NY 10018.

22. Top New York Fashion. The Top NY fashion outlet at 241 W. 36th St., Ground Floor, New York, NY 10018; supply different types of party dresses including the evening party dress and the garden party dresses. They also cater for every body shape size ranging from S (small) to L (large).They can be reached via the number: (212) 695 6561; if you have any more questions.

23. Effetto Fashion Inc. As expected, there are so many hidden or maybe not-so pronounced fashion outlets that are in the wholesale space; and Effetto fashion Inc. is one of them. Amongst their portfolio of clothing, they supply women’s clothing and that includes the party dresses.Visit Effetto fashion Inc. at 18 W. 37th St., Ground Floor, New York, NY 10018; or call any of their lines to get more information on items available/ any other enquiry. Their phone numbers are: (212) 465 9392 or (212) 268 2156.

24. Garneau Inc. If you are searching for wholesale suppliers of party dresses specifically for proms and any other special occasion dress as ?other of the bride dress’, you should visit Garneau Inc. fashion outlet. You should note that they have a sales minimum and should call their number to find out if your order meets their minimum number before visiting.The number to call is (212) 840 1333 and you can visit them also in their outlet; located at 525 Seventh Ave., Suite 713, New York, NY 10018.

25. Natasia 36, NY Accessories & K. The Natasia 36, Accessories & K fashion outlet supply various types of party dresses. From the prom dresses, to evening dresses to bridesmaid dresses and much more. They also offer other types of dresses including the career-wear amongst others. All of their dresses are available in different sizes and come in plus sizes. They are located at 261 W. 36th St., Ground Floor, New York, NY 10018; and the number to call for more information is (212) 244 0840.

26. DeMee Inc. The DeMee Inc. fashion store is located on 135 W. 36th St., Ground Floor, New York, NY 10018 and it was established since 1988 by Paul Choi and Damee Choi even though the New York outlet was birthed in 1994.With over 2000 customers and the years of experience in the wholesale business, providing trendy, modern and quality clothing for women, DeMee Inc. is definitely a place you want to check for the supply of your party dresses.They can be reached by phone on (212) 594 7200; and their website <http://dameenyc.com>; tells their story and styles/ design perfectly.

27. Milano 40 Inc. The Milano 40 Inc. is a fashion outlet who trades in wholesale quantity. They have mastered the trade of clothing at wholesale and will be able to supply all the party dresses you might be needing. They are situated at 225 W. 35th St., Ground Floor, New York, NY 10001; and can be reached on (212) 244 1610 for more information as regarding your request.

28. He Rocks. Although not too heavy on dresses, they offer some types of party dresses for their wholesale fashion consumers both locally and internationally. They refer to themselves as a wholesale distributor company. They also have apparels from different designers and their quality is impressive as well.They are located on 242 W. 36th St., Ground Floor, New York, NY 10018; and you can also reach them via their telephone number: (212) 594 2920 to get more information.

29. Ann Kevin Corporation. The Ann Kevin Corporation is an active supplier of wholesale clothing known majorly for trading. They supply clothing for different sizes (S, M, L, XL).You should definitely check the Ann Kevin Corporation for the supply of your party dresses; as they have different types of different dresses for different occasions. They are situated at 28 W. 37th St., Ground Floor, New York, NY 10018. You can reach them also on (212) 764 1266 to confirm availability of the type of party dresses you need.

30. Isabella Fashion Inc. The Isabella fashion Inc. is another great choice to visit for the supply of your party dresses; because they ship in clothing from all over the world and have done this for over 35 years. Some of the countries their import from and export to include; Asia, China, Europe and of course USA.

Their wholesale prices are very competitive; and apart from the different types of party dresses they deal in (couture, evening wear, bridesmaid dress, and many more), they also deal in contemporary, outerwear and clothing for special occasion.

They are based in NYC precisely, they are situated at 108 W. 39th St., Ground Floor, New York, NY 10018; and you can call them for information on available party dresses via (212) 391 3804.

The next time you visit the New York Fashion District make sure to visit my closeout warehouse!

My warehouse is located at 276 Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York, 11222.