25 New York Wholesale Fashion Showrooms


New York wholesale fashion showrooms are outlets or large spaces that are used to display fashion items. All designers in order to be able to get their designs down to the retailers usually use the fashion showrooms as their wholesale option to drive sales.

New York is known to harbor the world’s most famous showroom. Little wonder since it is often referred to as the fashion capital of the world, little wonder most of the amazing fashion showrooms you would ever need are all up in the city. Before we dive into the list, it would be nice to ask yourself certain questions to be able to choose the most suitable showroom for your need. The questions are:

a. How many years have they been in business?

b. What other complementary services do they offers?

c. Where are they located and how is the environment?

d. What Clients have they had and what clients do they have presently?

e. What lines do they represent?

f. What is the thought behind every of their brands?

g. How are they priced?

h. Do they participate in trade shows?

Answers to these questions will not only help you decide, but also will help you align your thoughts to know exactly what you are looking for; so you don’t get distracted or swayed when you eventually visit.

Also, before you visit a fashion showroom, especially the caliber of the ones we would be listing down here, there are also some points to take note of. They are:

i. Book an appointment before you visit. Most of the fashion showrooms are on tight schedules and will most of the time not take drop-in/ walk-in clients.

ii. Make sure you go through the fashion showroom’s website to know to a large detail what they offer. You do not want to visit a contemporary showroom with the expectation of finding vintage design. Do your homework, it will save you time and embarrassment.

iii. Be free to ask the showroom staff as many questions as you want to; ranging from prices to the stories behind each designs and the market review of any design; until you are satisfied as they are usually educated about all the information.

iv. Be mindful of the time of others; if you do not to ask any question, don’t; and if you do not need to see any design, don’t either.

v. Your manners will go a long way to determine if your visit will be fulfilling/ successful or not. And remember the names of the sales personnel attending to you; goes a long way too.

vi. If you are going in with your client, make sure you are prepared on what to show your clients and equally have prepared your client on what the visit entails.

vii. Be crystal clear and polite about your decision on any design.

On the other hand, if you are a designer looking to sell into one of these fashion showrooms, make sure you are ready to put out large orders without disappointing or missing deadline. And, before you choose which fashion showroom to walk into, answer the questions below.

a. Is your brand/line for current customers? Is there room for you in the market right now?

b. Will my line attract new customers in the fashion showroom?

c. As mentioned above, are you able to provide large order?

d. Do you have enough hands and resources to keep up with demands if they sell faster than expected?

e. What value, especially financially is your brand bring to the fashion showroom you want to sell into?

And, you should know that selling into a boutique or a small local retailer isn’t the same as selling to a big/ established fashion showrooms. If you are quite new to this, you might want to start with selling to the local retailers and boutiques to understand how this process and industry works.

If you are however an experienced designer, to get the first leg in the door:

i. Draw from the list of showrooms below, the ones that best suit your designs.

ii. Visit in person before or after regular store hours to book an appointment for a later time. You don’t want to visit when they are busy with clients or customers.

iii. On the visit, make sure you are dressed in your design, have your complimentary card and look book with you as well. Hold as many documents that has your story as a designer and shows your work readily at hand to boost your chances of getting an appointment.

iv. Be composed, polite and professional; be prepared and be persistent. Don’t forget even this is a sales meeting.

After you get that appointment, you need to adequately prepare; as it is often your one chance to sell yourself and your brand/ designs to the fashion showroom.

Some of the things to keep in mind while meeting the fashion showroom representative are:

a. Don’t rent a U-Haul with the hope of displaying all your pieces in the first meeting. 8 to 12 pieces are usually more than enough to show what who you are as a designer.

b. Make available your best designs. You do not want to go with a darker color and make excuses on why the design is not the best in the color you took. Take your best designs; no excuses.

c. Allow the buyer to touch your designs and ask questions. Give your design the space to speak for themselves. Do not rush through them and keep.

d. Do your research on what the fashion showroom is about, what their visions, how they intend to get more customers, what their prices are and much more. This you might be asked, and even if you are not asked; you want to be able to talk through them to re-assure your buyer that your designs have what it takes to push them forward.

Celebrate and get ready for the rush if you made a sale, if not; keep looking and do not beat yourself up, because not every showroom is meant for your design. All you have to do is just find out which aligns with yours.

Though, you could tour the route of introducing your design or brand to a fashion PR company; as most fashion PR companies usually own one or more fashion showrooms. They already have one or some, or about to flag off one.

Some of the top fashion PR companies you can pitch your brand to are:

I. The People’s Revolution - The People Revolution on 62 Grand Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10013 is a company that has taken it upon itself to make sure talented and vigor young designers find their place in the fashion industry. Their website is http://www.peoplesrevolution.com.

II. The Maguire Steel - The Maguire Steel is one of the most dynamic PR firm that offers full representation of both established and emerging fashion brands. They are situated on number 73 Spring Street, STE 402, New York, NY10012. Visit their website http://www.maguiresteele.com for more information.

III. Karla Otto - Karla Otto is a reputable fashion PR firm with an unparalleled network of offices. They work on understanding the different designs and find ways to incorporate them to strive in the fashion world. They are also quite influential as they have powerful relationships with style leaders. In New York, their office is at 545 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10001.

IV. Agency V - Agency V is also an option if you are looking to pitch to fashion PR companies with a track record of supporting emerging brands. They are situated at 416 W. 13th Street, STE 109, New York, NY 10014. More information available on their official website- http://www.agencyv.com

V. Barbarian Agency - The Barbarian Agency focuses on driving creativity in the fashion space, and this includes pushing excellent emerging brands to the spot they believe those brands should be. They would collaborate and develop with these designers and also give their brands the opportunity to have the local support needed. Their office is located at 359 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10013.

Here, is our list of 25 New York Fashion Showrooms and do not forget you would need to book an appointment to visit one. Most, if not all fashion showrooms do not encourage walk-in seller or customers as they are seen as a privilege home for fashion lovers especially in the industry.

1. Showroom Seven

Showroom Seven has been around for over 20years and it has done a great job in providing the showroom business service to fashion and lifestyle clienteles around the globe.

They offer ready to wear collections and accessories and their clients, include 2nd Day, Anamaria Couture, DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, LPC, Sau, PatBo, LEI 1984, Memere, Gushiem, Primari, SAVE MY BAG, Chiara Ferragni, Daniella Lehavi, Erickson Beamon, Terri De Havilland and many more.

Showroom Seven occupies four floors on a 16,000 square foot historic warehouse terminal building, Chelsea art district located in the city of New York. Number 501 10th Ave; New York, NY 10018. You can learn more by visiting http://www.showroomseven.com You can also reach them on; T: +1 212 643 4810 and Fax: +1 646 763 8940.

2. Franklin St Showroom

The Franklin St Showroom formerly known as Steven Alan Showroom opened its first store in 1994 and launched its first showroom in 1997; when Steven Alan realizes the need to take the responsibility of building a wholesale business for emerging designers.

Over 20 years in business, the Franklin St Showroom has always maintained an enthusiastic, professional and dedicated approach to emerging designers as well as the established designers introducing their collections to retailers catering to the fashion world all over the globe.

They deal with women, men and also accessories from different designers as Demylee, Laer, Love Stories, Marissa Webb, M. Martin, Mollusk, Stateside, Repetto, Andra Neen, Clare V, Janessa Leone, Manufacture Pasol, Odette New York and Zanzan.

The Franklin St Showroom is located on 87 Franklin Street, New York, NY 10013. More information on http://franklinstshowroom.com or reach the Showroom Assistant on 646 666 8372 or send her a mail on daniella@franklinstshowroom.com or mailto:daniella@franklinstshowroom.com

3. W.29 Showroom

The W.29 Showroom is a showroom focused on women ready to wear and women's accessories from visionary designers. The Showroom has a bi-annual online sale called SPEND IT WELL for all its registered and invited clients.

The W.29 showroom collections include designers like; Alexis Gamblin, Ashish, Baumgarten Di Marco, Charlotte Wendes, Ela, Emm Kuo, Joanna Laura Constantine, Lili Radu, Marskinryypyy, Mona Sultan, Hestra, Pascale Monvoisin, Susan Alexandra, The Sleep Shirt, Use Unused and Zeynep Tosun.

The showroom sits in New York, NY10001 on 4 W.29 Street. Visit http://www.w29showroom.com or call +1 212 563 0163 for more information.

4. August Showroom

Born from a simple passion for exquisite styles and a developed sense of what is made popular in the market space, the August Showroom was founded. The showroom is known to work exclusively with brands that are unique and the ones that are constantly working to bring new innovations to the fashion world; and at the same time, timeless.

Some of the brands they work with include; Year of Ours, Frankies, Jen’s Private Booty, She Made Me, Skye & Staghorn, Spell, Steele, Stone Cold Fox, Three Floor, Sage, Zulu & Zephyr and Tina Jo.

The August Showroom address in New York is: 548 8th Avenue, Suite 1220, New York, NY 10018. Visit the showroom’s website on: http://www.augustshowroom.com or call phone: 213 489 1009 or simply mail info@augustshowroom.com mailto:info@augustshowroom.com for enquires.

5. The park Showroom

The Park Showroom has an un-parallel long standing relationships in clothing, footwear and accessories. They deal with both women and men contemporary and street wear fashion and lifestyle brands; selling to all tiers.

Since it has been opened since 2006, it has worked in building and distributing for unique brands as Zanerobe, Scotch & Soda, Alternative Apparel, Thorocraft, Cult of Individuality, I Love Ugly, Hardy Aimes, Jachs, Woolrich, Diesel, Tiger of Sweden, Donna Karan, Hugo Boss, PRPS, G-Star, Original Paperbacks, Matiere, Howe, Dues Ex Machina, and many more.

They are located at the 3rd floor, 25 W 36th St, New York, NY 10018. More information on https://www.theparkshowroom.com.

6. CD Network Showroom

The cd network showroom located at 537 West, 25th Street, NY; is a multi-brand showroom. Their brands cater for both women and men and they include; Adaptation, Alexandre Vauthier, ArkWear, Army by Yves Salomon Women, Camoshita, Carmen March, Gauchere, Golden Goose Men, Golden Goose Women, Giada Forte, Fausto Puglisi, Goodlife, Joseph, Jumper 1234, K Jacques St Tropez, Grey Jason Wu, Harris Wharf London Men, Harris Wharf London Women, Troubadour, Valextra Men, Valextra, Vanessa Seward, Michel Klein, Koche and many more. Visit http://www.cdnetworkny.com or call 212 206 7179 to get more information.

7. Simon Showroom

The Simon Showroom is a worldwide recognized fashion power house with enormous track records of distribution and sales for several brands; and offering bespoke, client-in-house and 360 degree representation.

Some of their collections are; Amo, Carisa Rene, Delfi, Antik Batik, Frankie, Iro, iro Jeans, June 7.2, NightCap, Petersyn, Q, Sprwmn, Sundry and Tatras.

It is located on 95 Fifth Avenue 3rd floor, New York, NY 10003; and can be read on their official website- http://www.simonshowroom.com. They can also be reached on T: 212 242 1565 or Fax: 212 242 6836 or email: info@simonshowroom.com or mailto:info@simonshowroom.com

8. Brand Equity Showroom

The Brand Equity Showroom by Brian Shark represents men and women contemporary and street wear, accessories and premium denim. It was founded in 1996 and since then has launched many of the leading players of men and women wears in the fashion world.

These brands include; Eleven Paris, Happiness, Antony Morato, One Teaspoon, Wesc, Dsquared2, NXP, Fiver and LVLXIII.

Call 646 964 5466, mail info@brandequityshowroom.com or mailto:info@brandequityshowroom.com or simply visit the website http://brandequityshowroom.com for more information. The Brand Equity Showroom is located on 80 W. 40th Street, N0 25 New York, NY10018.

9. 10 Eleven Showroom

The 10 eleven Showroom regarded as one of the most highly influential multi-line showrooms in the country represents only highly regarded contemporary designers. It is also known for the architectural designs of its showrooms.

Their collection includes; ALC, ATM, Saloni, Soft Joie, Tabula Rasa, Tanya Taylor, Vince, Joie, Kule, Current Elliott, Current Elliott Men, Equipment, Derek Lam 10 Crosby, Pam & Gela and RTA.

The stylish penthouse showroom is located on 80 W. 40th Street, New York, NY 10018. Visit http://10eleven.com for more details.

The 1o eleven Showroom can be reached on T: 212 398 1641 or F: 212 398 1841 or email: info@10eleven.com.

10. Archetype Showroom

The Archetype Showroom provides a fresh perspective and clear vision to the ever evolving fashion industry and designs. Their brands includes work with both men and women designers; as well as women accessories.

Some of these brands are Earnest Sewn, Maiden Noir, M.Patmos, Rika, VSP, Won Hundred, Gents, Hiro Clark, Zespa, Tulesta, Ouiga, Freda Salvador and Maria Black.

The Archetype Showroom is situated at 676 Broadway, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10012. http://www.archetypeshowroom.com has more details. Also, you can call 212 529 1407 or Fax: 212 529 1405 or mail info@archetypeshowroom.com mailto:info@archetypeshowroom.com.

11. Babel Fair Showroom

The Babel Fair Showroom is one of its kinds with the sole aim of promoting international brands in the American soil. They have since inception, provided the American consumers with access to innovative international labels across the world.

Some of the brands they are passionate about include; Motel, Oh My Love, Lucca, reverse, Jovonna, Six Crisp Days and See You soon.

Visit the Babel fair Showroom on 545 8th Ave Suite 1250 New York, NY 10018 or their website - http://babelfairshowroom.com for more information. All enquires can be directed to contact@babelfair.com mailto:contact@babelfair.com or simply call their phone: 646 455 0524.

12. The Cloque Showroom

The Cloque Showroom is known as a boutique fashion outlet with the aim oof representing brands/ labels and designers that are original and unique. Some of the brands they work with includes; Oskar, IN12H, Tessora, 02Sky (Zero to Sky) and Kor Foundry.

The Cloque Sowroom website is http://www.thecloque.com; and they are situated on 545 8th Ave Suite 1220 New York, NY 10018. T: 212 260 1069, F: 212 260 1562 or simply mail them by filling the enquiry box on the website.

13. Fashionhaus Showroom

The Fashionhaus Showroom is a showroom that create a platform for multi designers for fashion and mid-century interiors. Their collection includes; Allude, Cinoh, YDE, Spencer Vladimir, Odeeh, Yune Ho, Harvey Faircloth, Lempelius, Wehve, Fil Noir, Anne Vest, By Malene Birgerand Wehve.

The showroom is situated on 58 West 40th Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10018. You can also visit their website http://www.fashionhaus.com for more details. You can also reach them on +1 212 575 1500, Fax: +1 212 575 0255 or simply mail your questions or requests to info@fashionhaus.com <mailo:INFO@FASHIONHAUS.COM

14. The Foundation

The Foundation Showroom is referred to as the brand architects as they are known for building and developing operative business for both emerging and established brands in the fashion world.

It was founded in 2007 and works with brands like; Crep, Diadora, Diadora Heritage, IceCream, Tackman and many more.

They are on number 260 W. 39th Street, New York, NY 10018.

15. Hatch Showroom

The Hatch Showroom is a progressive and dimensional lifestyle showroom championing as the first in the country to include women and men’s footwear and a section of contemporary Jewelry.

The over a decade's work has seen the privilege of building, launching and managing brands like; Charlotte Ronson, Victoria Beckham, VPL, Giles and Brother, Kelly Wrestler, Lacoste, Alexander McQueen MCQ, Yohji Yamamoto and many other brands in the works.

The Hatch Showroom is at No 10 Crosby Street, New York, NY, 4th Floor. Visit the <http://hatchinc.com> link to read more about them or contact by calling: 212 941 8188 or mailing info@hatchinc.com <mailto:info@hatchinc.com> for all enquiries.

16. Joey Showroom

The Joey Showroom was established in 2004, and since inception has been known for offering a collection that is consistent of aesthetic across the various brands.

Some of the clients the Joey Showroom represents are; Bergdorf Goodman, Intermix, Ceremony, Henri Bendel, One and Only Resort, Moda Operandi, Harvey Nicholas London, Beyman, Net-a-porter, Ron Herman, Barney, Black halo, Siwy Denim and many more.

The Joey Showroom in New York is at 263 11th Avenue, 5th floor, New York, NY 10001. Reach them via phone on 212 675 8400 or fax with 212 675 8417. And also, more information and appointment can be booked via their website: <http://www.joeyshowroom.com>.

17. Circolo Showroom

The Circolo situated at 60 Walker Street New York, NY 10013 and showroom at 359 Broadway Street offers multi-designers the opportunity to showcase their designs to several retailers around the globe.

They offer Ready to Wear designs and also have a collection of accessories from many designers. Some of the designers they work with for both services include: Paloma Barcelo, Sans Arcidet, Sete Di Jaipur, MOU, BluGirl, Tela, Sessun, Humanoid, Hoss Intropia, Ottod’ame and Star Mela.

Visit <http://www.circoloshowroom.com> for more information. Tel: 212 343 0020, Fax: 212 343 1633 and Email: emee@olartefoussard.com <mailto:emee@olartefoussard.com>.

18. Goods and Services Showroom

The Goods and Services Showroom was founded in 2012; and has remained a reputable showroom for ready to wear and accessories for both emerging and established designers. This service covers both the men and the women fashion lovers.

Some of the brands they work with include; Eleven Six, A piece Treaty, Apiece Apart, Alejandra Alonso Rojas, Grl Frnd, Frame, LPA, Masai, Niddle and Thread, Pamela Love, Pharoah, Rebecca Vallance, Rhode, Rodebjer, Stateside, Trademark, Truss and others.

The Goods and Services Showroom is located on 151 West 26th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY10001. Their website to visit for more details is <http://www.goodsandservicesnyc.com>; and you can speak to a representative by dialing their 646 561 8460 number.

19. Peregrine Showroom

The Peregrine Showroom is one of the most stylish and comfortable showroom to fulfil your fashion fantasy. It is situated on 150 West 28th Street, Suite 902, New York, NY 10001.

The Peregrine Showrooms have designs from some of the most innovative fashion designers as; Afield, Cuisse De Grenouille, Eastlogue, Exley -NB, II Bussetto, Kele Clothing, Spellbound and Universal works. These deigns cater for both the female and the male fashion lovers across the fashion industry.

Visit <http://www.peregrineshowroom.com> to book an appointment or learn about any of these designers. They would also be answering all your concerns if you call: 212 229 2446 or Fax: 212 229 2466 or mail: jennie@peregrineshowroom.com/ <mailto:jennie@peregrineshowroom.com/> renee@peregrineshowroom.com <mailto:renee@peregrineshowroom.com>.

20. Fiftytwo Showroom

The Fiftytwo Showroom with one of the most unique ideas of not just opening a showroom to display and sell designers’ designs, but also to show the fashion consumers the concept behind each brand.

To be able to tell the stories in the most captivating yet educating way, the Fiftytwo Showroom team since inception in 2004 have ensemble a dynamic roaster of complementary collections every season to tell a fresh story with each.

They showcase deigns for both male and female wears and they also have the Swim collection. The male and female brands they work with include; Samuji, Grei New York, Seenai, Priory, Melt, Delfina Blada, Wolcott: Takemoto, Robert Geller Collection, Robert Geller Denim, Bricktown World, Hearfest, SVILU. And for the Swim collection, they work with brands like Clube Bossa, Lenny Niemeyer, Nannacay, Salinas and Adriana Degreas.

Contact the Fiftytwo Showroom either by visiting their address on 28 Warren Street Loft, 5 New York, NY 10007 or by reading more on <http://www.fiftytwoshowroom.com>. Their numbers are; T: +1 212 966 5110 or mail sales@fiftytwoshowroom.com <mailto:sales@fiftytwoshowroom.com> for serious enquires.

21. Seamless Showroom

The Seamless Showroom with one of the easiest to navigate websites including only the relevant information (<http://www.seamlessshowroom.com>) is located at 343 Canal Street, 3rd Floor, New York City, NY 10013.

The Seamless Showroom caters for both female and male fashion consumers and it stores designers like; Again, Boys + Arrows, Knot Sisters, Kopper + Zink, Lacausa, Show Me Your Mumu and Static.

Reach a representative of The Seamless Showroom on 212 645 3073 or mail Jessica@seamlessshowroom.com <mailto:jessica@seamlessshowroom.com>.

22. Parlor Showroom

The Parlor Showroom offer exclusive fashion deigns for women wears and accessories. These designers are; VOZ, Whit, 6397 X Common Projects, Carrie Forbes, Jennifer Fisher, Leal Daccareth, Lisa Linhardt, Rachel Com, 6397, Anna Sammarone, Apiece Apart, AQ/AQ, Delfina Balda, Kaelen, Leal, Daccareth, Marta Cucciniello, Morgan Carper, Rachel Comey, TBA, Three Floor, Timo Weiland, TY-LR and Veda.

The Parlor Showroom website is <http://www.parlorshowroom.com> and Tel: 213 842 3668

23. Debut Showroom

The Debut Showroom always have a strong, diverse and design driven roaster of unique clients such as Christina Economou, Bower, Flagpole, Manta, Heart to Heart, and many more; have made them a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.

The Debut Showroom consults with talented emerging designers with the aim to build their brand and sell to the retail consumers.

They are located on 77 East Houston Street, New York, NY 10012. Visit <http://debutnewyork.com> or call 212 219 8631 or mail lisa@debutnewyork.com <mailto:lisa@debutnewyork.com> for more information.

24. Edite Showroom

The Edite Showroom is known for representing eclectic mix of outstanding and contemporary brands offering the ready to wear and accessories services.

With Edite Showroom, you are sure to get brands that offer new and innovative styles. Some of these brands include; Zynni Cashmere, Cadieux, The Seafarer, Delage 1905, Example, Mei L’Ainge and Laroline Lang. All of these designs are for the women fashion lovers.

The Edite Showroom was established in 2007 by Julia Simon. It is situated on 146 West 29th Street, Studio 8E New York, NY 10001. Visit the website <http://www.edite.us> for details on how to book an appointment. You can also mail: info@edite.us or call 212 967 0202.

25. eM Productions

The eM Productions is an exclusive all women multi-brand showroom situated on 545 8th Avenue, Suite 2310, New York, NY 10018.

They are known for their unusual ensembles; and celebrate the uniqueness in every woman. Some of the brands they work with are; Carolina K, Beachgold Bali, Berenice, Charli, dRA, Kopal, Reiko, Laveer, Laura Siegel, Nico Nico, The Odells, St Roche amongst others.

Their website <http://www.emprds.com has more information, if you desire to visit; or simply call their phone numbers: 212 228 2428.

There are many more showrooms in the world’s fashion capital, but you should be more than fulfilled when you visit one or more of the amazing listed ones. They have all stood the test of time, produced remarkable brands and designs, and they also all deal with clients very professionally.

On a final note, if you want to open your own fashion showroom in New York, here are some few tips.

I. Do a lot of research and come up with a clear plan of what your brand is about and what your growth to success plan is. You should have a brand book that serves as your business plan. If you can talk to fashion showroom business owners or spend some weeks/ months working there.

II. Consider location and effects on your brand. Location is one of the major factors you need to consider and for you to get a good location; you have to actively be on your toes because those good ones go up fast.

III. Understand your neighborhood and your customer

IV. Pick a budget and stick to it. Retail is all about every penny; you need to keep track of how you spend your money and make sure you prioritize.

V. Network and talk to people; milk your connections.

VI. Don’t let the stress get the better of you in any of the process. One good tip is to come up with a formula that keeps the business running either your physically present there or not.

VII. Make sure you have a strong legal backing. You need to know your documents.  

Here are additional wholesale fashion rooms located in NYC:

Fashionhaus: Known for its curated selection of luxury designers, Fashionhaus showcases avant-garde and ready-to-wear collections in a sophisticated setting.

The Garment Room: This showroom features a mix of emerging and established designers, focusing on contemporary fashion and accessories for men and women.

D&A Showroom: D&A Showroom specializes in contemporary womenswear, representing a range of international designers who offer unique and trendsetting collections.

Platform Showroom: With a focus on sustainable fashion, Platform Showroom showcases designers committed to ethical production, using eco-friendly materials and practices.

The Brand Assembly: Known for its collaborative approach, The Brand Assembly showcases emerging designers and hosts industry events and workshops to support their growth.

Archetype Showroom: Archetype Showroom represents an array of cutting-edge designers, offering a platform for emerging talent and showcasing innovative fashion and accessories.

Showroom Seven: Showroom Seven is a multi-brand showroom that represents a diverse mix of contemporary and luxury designers, featuring ready-to-wear, accessories, and footwear.

Assembly New York: Assembly New York is a concept showroom and boutique, featuring a curated selection of avant-garde and minimalistic fashion, along with artisanal accessories.

The News Inc.: The News Inc. is a renowned fashion showroom known for its selection of high-end designers, featuring both established luxury brands and emerging talent.

Suite 305: Suite 305 is a contemporary women's fashion showroom that represents designers with a focus on clean lines, unique silhouettes, and modern aesthetics.

Reinstein/Ross Showroom: Reinstein/Ross Showroom specializes in fine jewelry, showcasing exquisite handcrafted pieces that combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design.

The Suite Showroom: The Suite Showroom represents a curated selection of emerging and established designers, featuring contemporary fashion, accessories, and lifestyle brands.

Capsule Showroom: Capsule Showroom is a fashion and lifestyle trade event that features a carefully curated selection of progressive designers and brands across various categories.

Assembly Showroom: Assembly Showroom represents a mix of emerging and established designers, featuring contemporary fashion, accessories, and lifestyle brands.

Ron Herman Showroom: Ron Herman Showroom is known for representing a range of fashion and lifestyle brands, featuring a mix of casual and luxury collections.

The Shiny Squirrel Showroom: The Shiny Squirrel Showroom focuses on independent designers, featuring unique fashion, accessories, and home goods with a creative and artistic edge.

The News Showroom: The News Showroom represents a selection of contemporary fashion brands, known for their modern and edgy designs catering to both men and women.

The Webster: The Webster is a luxury concept store that also houses a showroom, featuring a curated selection of high-end fashion and accessories from established and emerging designers.

Coterie Showroom: Coterie Showroom is a renowned fashion trade show that features a wide range of contemporary and luxury designers, showcasing their latest collections.

Opening Ceremony: Opening Ceremony is a fashion and lifestyle brand that also operates a showroom, representing a mix of established and emerging designers known for their bold and eclectic designs.

Visiting Showroom: Visiting Showroom represents emerging fashion and accessory designers, featuring unique and innovative collections with a focus on craftsmanship and quality.

Designers & Agents Showroom: Designers & Agents Showroom is a fashion trade show that showcases a mix of contemporary and emerging designers, presenting their latest collections.

Collective Showroom: Collective Showroom represents a collective of emerging designers, featuring a diverse range of fashion, accessories, and lifestyle brands with a focus on sustainability.

Fashion GPS: Fashion GPS is a showroom and technology platform that provides designers with tools for managing their collections, including sample tracking and digital showroom solutions.

The Industry Showroom: The Industry Showroom represents emerging designers, offering a platform for creative and innovative fashion, accessories, and lifestyle brands.

The Way We Wore: The Way We Wore is a vintage fashion showroom that showcases curated collections of vintage clothing, accessories, and designer pieces spanning different eras.

The Collective Showroom: The Collective Showroom represents a curated selection of contemporary designers, featuring fashion, accessories, and lifestyle brands known for their quality and craftsmanship.

The Plaza Showroom: The Plaza Showroom is a luxury showroom that represents high-end designers, showcasing elegant and sophisticated fashion and accessories for both men and women.

The Bowery Showroom: The Bowery Showroom specializes in contemporary menswear, featuring a selection of designers known for their modern and minimalist approach to fashion.

The Suite Showroom: The Suite Showroom represents a diverse range of designers, featuring contemporary fashion, accessories, and lifestyle brands known for their unique and forward-thinking designs.