20 Top Business Auctioneers in New York and New Jersey


20 Top Business Auctioneers in New York and New Jersey


Business auctions play a crucial role in the ever-evolving landscape of commerce, helping companies liquidate assets, acquire new resources, and explore growth opportunities. In the bustling metropolitan regions of New York and New Jersey, a plethora of professional business auctioneers cater to a wide range of industries. This article will introduce you to 20 of the top business auctioneers in New York and New Jersey, showcasing their expertise, specialties, and contributions to the vibrant business communities of these states.

Manhattan Auction House

Website: Manhattan Auction House
Specialization: Art, collectibles, and high-end luxury items.
Manhattan Auction House is renowned for its upscale auctions featuring fine art, jewelry, antiques, and rare collectibles.
Able Auctions

Website: Able Auctions
Specialization: Industrial and commercial equipment.
Able Auctions specializes in liquidating surplus industrial and commercial assets, serving businesses across diverse sectors.

Website: AuctionAdvisors
Specialization: Real estate auctions.
AuctionAdvisors focuses on distressed property auctions, bankruptcy sales, and real estate investment opportunities.
Capitol Auctions & Estate Services

Website: Capitol Auctions & Estate Services
Specialization: Estate sales and antiques.
This New Jersey-based auction house specializes in estate liquidation and antique auctions.
Swann Auction Galleries

Website: Swann Auction Galleries
Specialization: Rare books, manuscripts, and vintage posters.
Swann Auction Galleries is a prestigious institution known for its expertise in rare literary and visual collectibles.
Fortuna Auction

Website: Fortuna Auction
Specialization: Fine jewelry and watches.
Fortuna Auction is a trusted name in the world of high-end jewelry and watch auctions.
Ritchie Bros.

Website: Ritchie Bros.
Specialization: Heavy equipment and machinery.
Ritchie Bros. conducts auctions globally but has a significant presence in the New York and New Jersey areas for industrial equipment auctions.
Bodnar's Auction

Website: Bodnar's Auction
Specialization: Electronics, collectibles, and estate sales.
Bodnar's Auction hosts a diverse range of auctions, including electronics, coins, and estate items.

Website: Bonhams
Specialization: Art, antiques, and fine jewelry.
With a global reach, Bonhams conducts prestigious auctions featuring fine art, antiques, and jewelry.
Chiswick Auctions

Website: Chiswick Auctions
Specialization: European and Asian art and antiques.
Chiswick Auctions has a strong presence in the New York area and specializes in European and Asian art.
Heritage Auctions

Website: Heritage Auctions
Specialization: Coins, collectibles, and rare artifacts.
Heritage Auctions is known for its diverse range of auctions, including rare coins and sports memorabilia.
Nye & Company Auctioneers

Website: Nye & Company Auctioneers
Specialization: Fine and decorative arts.
Nye & Company Auctioneers is a respected name in the field of fine and decorative arts auctions.

Website: Antiquorum
Specialization: Fine and rare watches.
Antiquorum is a global leader in the auction of high-end, vintage watches.
Grogan & Company

Website: Grogan & Company
Specialization: Fine art and antiques.
Grogan & Company conducts auctions of fine art, antiques, and estate items.

Website: Hindman
Specialization: Fine art, decorative arts, and jewelry.
Hindman hosts a wide array of auctions, from fine art to jewelry and decorative arts.
Weschler's Auctioneers

Website: Weschler's Auctioneers
Specialization: Fine art, jewelry, and collectibles.
Weschler's is a well-established auction house in the D.C. metropolitan area, with a strong presence in New York.

Website: Sotheby's
Specialization: High-end art, jewelry, and luxury goods.
Sotheby's is one of the world's most renowned auction houses, with a significant presence in New York.

Website: Christie's
Specialization: Fine art, luxury items, and collectibles.
Christie's is another global powerhouse in the auction industry, with a major hub in New York.
Stampler Auctions

Website: Stampler Auctions
Specialization: Commercial and industrial equipment.
Stampler Auctions is a trusted name for business liquidation auctions in the New York and New Jersey areas.
Millea Bros. Ltd.

Website: Millea Bros. Ltd.
Specialization: Fine and decorative arts, Asian art.
Millea Bros. Ltd. is known for its expertise in fine and decorative arts, as well as Asian art.

The dynamic business landscape of New York and New Jersey is greatly influenced by these top auctioneers. From fine art and jewelry to industrial equipment and real estate, these auction houses cover a broad spectrum of specialties. Whether you're a collector, investor, or business owner, these auctioneers offer diverse opportunities to explore, invest, and connect with the vibrant auction scene in the region. Remember to visit their websites and attend their auctions to experience the excitement and opportunities they offer firsthand.