20 Small Business Lenders For New York Retailers


Are you a retailer looking to start-up or expand your business in New York? 

If your answer is ‘yes’ to either of the above questions, you are in the right place. In this article, we will introduce you to 20 lenders offering loans for small businesses in the city of New York.  

Small business loans can come from various sources, from national banks to local government-guaranteed programs. Thus, if you are business owner looking to secure small business funding, there are several options available in NYC.  

Although you can access small business loans through various national lenders, local small business loans will feel more personalized. Being a New York-based entrepreneur or business, you are in luck because NYC has stellar lenders options you can choose from.  

20 NYC-based Lenders for Small Business Loans 

Here are twenty lenders that offer small business loans or local retail business owners to open, expand, or run their business operations smoothly.  

  1. Catskill Hudson Bank 

Catskill Hudson Bank is in Monticello and has already approved small business loans to over 200,000 local businesses and entrepreneurs throughout New York State.  

If you wish to contact them, you can either call them on (877)-736-2265 or email them on chb@chbny.com. 

  1. Adirondack Bank 

Located in Utica, Adirondack bank has already handed out business loans to 133,000 applicants. Their customer approval rating stands at 90 percent, making them one of the most reputable choices for both seasoned or new retailers and business owners.  

You can secure short-term loans, lines of credit, business credit cards, equipment loans, and real estate loans. If you wish to discuss your needs, you can speak to their commercial loan officer on (877) -404-2265 or email them or send an email via their online contact form.  

  1. Community Bank, Canton 

Canton’s community bank has approved up to $500,000 in small business loans. If you are a retailer looking for a reputable and personable service, this is your go-to lender. They offer long-term and short-term loans, commercial mortgages, construction loans, and an SBA guaranteed loan program.  

You can contact their customer services on (866)-764-8638 or visit their website 

  1. BFS Capital 

This private lender is a great option for your small business. BFS Capital offers loans to retailers and business owners anywhere in New York City. Rest assured, they have the right expertise to get you the funding your business needs.  

Moreover, BFS Capital happens to offer one of the fastest application processes. You can borrow up to $500,000 for the term duration of up to 18 months, and there is no processing fee, upfront origination fee, or other hidden costs. 

To apply, call them on (888)-732-0180 or email them on applynow@bfscapital.com 

  1. Bond Street 

They are excellent lenders for local New York businesses. If you are looking for a simple application process and a business loan up to $1 million, check Bond Street.  

You can visit their website or call them on (917) 722 3891 

  1. Sterling National Bank, Hampstead 

Sterling Bank is a mid-sized national bank. They offer various forms of small business loans, such as asset-based financing, equipment financing, mortgage warehouse lending, and franchise financing.  

If you wish to work with a lender that has a nationwide presence, this one is definitely for you. Call them on (855)-274-2800 

  1. Newtek 

Newtek offers variety of business solutions to retailers and business owners. They offer business loans between $10,000 and $10 million with a payback term of up to 25 years. If you wish to speak about your needs and eligibility, contact them on (855)-763-9835 or email them on Hello@NewtekOne.com 

  1. Evans Bank 

They are mid-sized regional lenders with huge presence in the Buffalo area. You can secure business credit card, commercial and industrial lending, equipment financing, or merger and acquisition lending.  

If you wish to know your options, speak to one of their commercial relationship managers or call their toll free number (844)-693-8267.  

  1. iCommercial Lending Group 

iCommercial Group hails from Rochester and offers a plethora of small business loans to choose from. You can get equipment financing, real estate financing, bridge loans, merchant cash advance, etc 

You can call them on (888)-385-8288 or email them on info@iclending.com. 

  1. Solvay Bank 

A top choice for small business lending in Syracuse – Solvay bank is the local experts to get you the funding your business needs.  

They offer SBA loans and other financial lending products, such as business line of credit. They even offer special programs for women entrepreneurs and minorities and business grants for start-ups.  

Call Solvay Bank on 315-484-2209 or email via their online form. 

  1. NYC Capital Access Loan Guarantee Program 

This loan guarantee program offers small business loans to New York businesses and run by New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC).  

You can get business loans anline of credit up to $250,000. However, you can only contact them via email through their website form. 

  1. TD Bank 

TD Bank is your go-to source for business loans as they were one of the top SBA lenders in 2018. You can get line of credit, term loans, and commercial mortgages. You can secure a loan between $10,000 and $1 million with a payment term duration of 3 to 5 years.  

Speak to one of their advisors on (855)-278-8988. 

  1. WE Fund Credit 

This lender has a small business loan program that provides lines of credit to female entrepreneurs in New York City. With WE Fund Credit, you can get funding of up to $100,000. However, you will have to fill out a form on their website for notification when they begin accepting their next business loan applications. 

You can also send them an email for information on wenyc@sbs.nyc.gov. 

  1. Pursuit Lending 

This lender operates from Albany, NYYou can secure various loans from SBA loans to SBA 504, loans for veterans, and more. Contact them on (866)-466-9232 today to discuss more options.  

  1. Excelsior Growth Fund 

It is another top-notch small business loan provider for affordable funding. With Excelsior Growth Fund, you can secure a loan of up to $100,000. Apply online, and you can have access to your funding within a week of approval.  

If you are looking for an SBA microloan, you can even apply for a loan of up to $50,000 or less.  

  1. Business Center – For New Americans 

If you are looking for SBA loans, microloans, and line of credits, BCNA can offer you loans between $500 and $50,000. You can pay off these loans within 6 to 36 months. They even consider start-up applications, as well.  

Call them on (347)-730-6468. 

  1. Fundbox 

You can get finance invoicing of between a thousand dollars and $100,000. Fundbox only offers invoice financing options to small businesses, something similar to business line of credit.  

You can contact them online through their website 

  1. Kabbage 

If you are looking for a small business loan or a business line of credit in NYC, Kabbage can offer you one with a repayment term of up to 18 months. Simply call them on (888)-986-8263.  

  1. Fundation 

Fundation offers small business loans between $20,000 and $350,000 with repayment terms of up to 48 months.  

Call them on (888)-390-0064 or email on info@fundation.com. 

  1. Balboa Capital 

Balboa Capital offers business loans for equipment up from m$2,000 to $5,000. You can repay the loan between 2 and 5 years. If you qualify, you can get immediate access to cash within a day after approval.  

Contact one of their offices or email them via online form.  

Bottom Line 

There – You have 20 top lenders who can help you start, operate, or expand your business by offering competitive small business loans. Be sure to weigh all your options before making a decision.