• 1000 Wholesale Comic Books By Marvel, DC, Image, Valiant, Dark Horse, And More .49 Each


    Wholesale Comic Books By Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, And More

    Collectible, popular, and novelty 

    comic books from the 1990's and up.  

    I have sold comic books

    with original retail values of up to

    $4.00 each, and with price guide 

    collectible values

    of up to $20.00 each,

    in these lots.

    Comic books can 

    feature popular characters such as 

    Spiderman, Batman, X-Men, 

    Superman, Hulk, Daredevil, Punisher, 

    Hulk, Fantastic Force, Archie,

    GI Joe, Star Wars, Robin,

    as well as other lesser known characters.

    Please keep in mind that the titles

    can change with every shipment, which means

    that I cannot predict or guarantee which titles

    you will receive.

    You will receive an assortment of 

    different comic books depending

    on what is available in stock.

    Comic books can be

    collectibles, popular titles

    by well known publishers,

    and titles from lesser known

    independent publishers.

    Publishers can include Marvel, DC, 

    Image, Valiant, Dark Horse, 

    and well as other independent comic book publishers.

    Comic books can be great sellers at 

    dollar stores, flea markets, on Amazon,

    and on eBay. 

    Customers buy comic books out of impulse, 

    to keep their children happy, out of curiosity, 

    and for their collectible appeal.

    The release of comic book based movies, 

    such as movies featuring Spiderman, Batman, Superman, 

    Star Wars, as well other recognizable characters,

    can create interest in comic books. 

    You can potentially profit from the popularity 

    of comic books by 

    purchasing them at below wholesale prices, 

    and selling them as dollar items or as collectibles. 

    You are welcome to order online or you

    can visit the warehouse and 

    make your own selection.