• 100 Wholesale Brand Name R&M Richards Dresses $24.99 Each!


    Wholesale R&M Richards Dresses

    This is a lot of 100 R&M Richards brand name dresses.

    You will receive a very elegant selection of fashionable

    women's dresses.

    This New York dress brand is carried in top department stores,

    and has a great reputation for producing exciting high

    quality and stylish clothing.

    Orders are packed with a variety of different styles, colors, and sizes.

    You can make your own selection in the warehouse.

    The selection for your order will

    be made in the warehouse for you.

    The pictures are samples 

    of the type of dresses

    that you can expect to receive.

    Original retail values of up to 

    $200 each.

    When you purchase this lot of 100 dresses

    your price for each dress is only $24.99!