10 wholesalers that sell Walmart pallets in Canada


10 wholesalers that sell Walmart pallets in Canada

One of the greatest business practices is buying cheap and selling high, and there are companies that let anyone do just that. These organizations are in the market for merchandize that comes from returns, closeouts, overstocks, and bankruptcies.

Then, they sell them in bulks for a fraction of its retail price which gives a great opportunity to small businesses and entrepreneurs to get their hands on a cheap stock. Here, we present the best 1 0 wholesalers that work with liquidation pallets in Canada.

1 – VDC Canada

This company is one of the largest liquidators in Canada, and they buy from retailers, manufacturers, and distributors.

Their price range is very flexible. You can buy a single pallet for as low as 595$, and order an entire truck full of goods. As a bonus, they allow their clients to visit their warehouses so that they can see exactly what they are purchasing.


2 – Department Store Liquidations

DSL also sells the items customers return at Walmart stores. On the website, you can get everything from wholesale makeup and pay for the piece to an entire truck full of varied appliances.


3 – Direct Liquidation

Direct Liquidation is both in Canada and the United States, and their website is really easy to navigate. There you can buy pallets of products and bulks of refurbished and returned electronics.

This wholesaler is a good option if you want to try the market first because they work with small quantities, and they offer a 90-day warranty on refurbished products.


4 – Canada Liquidation Sales

CLS claims most of their inventory is brand name which somewhat guarantees the products come from reputable sources. They purchase around 800 tractor trailer loads of merchandise each year.

They have a lot of electronics and appliances, but if you want to check out their prices, you have to create a customer account.


5 – Amabec Liquidation Inc.

Amabec is another good option for businesses of all sizes since it sells lots, pallets and truckloads. Their inventory is very straight forward, so you can have a clear idea of what you’re buying, and their customer support staff is always there to answer your questions.


6 – AAA Closeout Liquidators

AAA is one of the few wholesalers that only purchase from Canadian stores, manufacturers, and retailers. However, they have been in the market for 36 years, and they have tons of good reviews.

As a plus, they pay attractive finder fees, that go from $1,000 to $5,000, to people who give them information about closeouts and liquidations.


7 – TechLiquidators

Even though it isn’t a wholesaler per se, Tech Liquidators have been the exclusive liquidation channel for Best Buy since 1999.

They specialize in technology, and the TechLiquidators Qualified Seller Program gathers a large group of sources that provide high quality and valuable products.

This is one of the best options for companies that are looking for large inventories of elextronics, DVDs, computers, and even Apple products.


8 – Core Liquidations

Even though this company is a wholesaler, it’s minimum order is extremely low which makes it appealing to individual customers too.

Core Liquidations also has a blog where you can find lists of upcoming products, news, and tips on the whole sales industry.


9 – Trade Zones

Trade Zones is a whole seller that also counts with couching services. They teach companies what to do with unwanted stock while protecting their brand name at the same time.

They focus on buying from businesses, and the quotation process is a not as friendly as the other entries on this list. So, it might be a good option for experienced buyers that have a considerable budget.


10 – Walmart Canada

Every day, people return millions of products at Walmart stores, and if you are in the market for a cheap inventory, you are in luck.

Walmart’s liquidation program allows you to buy lots, pallets, or trucks. Moreover, you can enter auctions and maximize your profits.

All the merchandize comes from Walmart stores which guarantees acceptable standards for quality and its market demand.


Did we miss a big whole seller? What is your favorite liquidation outlet in Canada? Let us know at the comments below.