10 Wholesale Websites In Europe


Are you looking to buy wholesale clothing from Europe.

This list will provide you with 10 websites of European wholesalers.

There has been a paradigm shift from the traditional brick and mortar wholesale trade to e- commerce platforms that brings about many manufacturers making it possible for supply chain partners to buy in bulk, at convenient price and reliable transactions.

Wholesaling is the trade practice of reselling goods un- transformed in bulk to retailers, stockists, supermarkets as well as other businesses. It is usually the second chain in the supply command. Getting wholesalers into websites has been a ground breaking revolution that has transformed the facets of trade a great deal. A customer oriented focus on benefits will exemplify the fact that online wholesalers have brought about increased competition thus better prices and value for consumer’s money.

In Europe some of the leading wholesaler websites are:


This site focuses on wholesale selling. To become a member one chooses either to be a buyer or a purchaser and registration for manufacturers is nothing compared to contemporary platforms such as alibaba.

The platform has been applauded by many users for its user friendly interface as well as ease of transacting. Payment can be done through the platform via PayPal, or credit card. They also do not charge for the service of providing b2b contact.

10 wholesale websites in Europe 


The website provides all categories of merchandises. True lizard serves globally but is open to manufacturers and suppliers of Europe looking to sell their goods across the globe.

· http://www.supplibase.com

The new platform has an engaging platform whereby suppliers can communicate through chats and email with manufacturers and consumers.

· https://www.tradeallyint.com/

This website also provides listing opportunities to wholesalers and buyers and has been applauded for its integrated interface, which is also user friendly.

· https://eurolots.com/

This new site has very eloquent category list. It also features a number of wholesale deals and has integrated payment options.

· https://www.aliexpress.com/

The site deals with small whole sale quantities and is therefore ideal for budget retailers. Registration process is made easy by the use friendly interface of the site that makes it easy to navigate the site. Customer support is also guaranteed through the site email and chat services ensuring buyers protection.

· http://www.worldtradesupport.com/

The site is the European equivalent of Alibaba, but it’s applauded for better features such as agents, as well as daily deals that many wholesale buyers are constantly hunting for.

· http://yourbrandspace.com

This website is headquartered in UK and deals with women wear only as its niche, it has easy registration process and therefore is very popular with many buyers seeking to purchase from London manufacturers.

· https://www.esources.co.uk/

The best thing about this site is the strict verification process it has put in pace to ensure buyers protection from unscrupulous international traders. Trade payment is insured and guaranteed and can be done across the platform. The websites offers a wide category of goods on wholesale and the prices are also very competitive.

· http://lenewblack.com

The platform focuses mainly on French high end clothing goods. The registration fee is paid annually but buyers do not have to pay a cent for this. The platform is friendly and has integrated payment options. The various categories of French high end wears are catered for.