10 Wholesale Online Directories


A wholesale directory is a website that lists different wholesales suppliers for the purpose of making the information available to the public. These are the 10 top wholesale directories of the moment.

1. www.4wholesaleusa.com:
4WholesaleUSA has over 700 USA wholesale suppliers listed by categories. There are in total 54 categories to choose from. Each listing has the suppliers address, phone number and a link to their website. This wholesale directory and indicator is totally free to use.

2. www.baolink.com:
Baolink is reputable wholesale directory that is associated with some of the most popular trade shows and wholesale suppliers. Baolink publishes the names and addresses of wholesale suppliers under different categories depending on the nature of items supplied by the wholesale supplier. The categories includes Fashion, Gifts and Accessories, Contemporary Furniture and Design, Home Textiles and Accessories among others.

3. www.greatrep.com:
Greatrep is a reputable wholesale directory that publishes the names, addresses, contact information and website link of different wholesale suppliers. There are several wholesale suppliers listed on this directory among which includes Savonology, The Queen's Jewels, Yard Card LLC, Sword & Plough LLC, Bluesky Clayworks, Familiar Goods among others.

4. www.solomayoreo.com:
Solomayoreo is a wholesale directory that publishes the names, addresses, contact information and website links of several wholesale suppliers. Solomayoreo publishes wholesale supplier details under several categories among which includes Accessories, Electronics, Jewelry, Clothing, Sunglasses, Toys, Home Textiles among others. One thing that makes this online directory unique is that it is a bi-lingual wholesale directory.

5. www.wholesaleroom.com:
The Wholesale Room is another reputable wholesale directory. This directory publishes the names of several wholesale suppliers under their respective categories. In addition to this, the directory has a search engine for people who might be interested in searching for wholesale supplier information for specific products.

6. www.toptenwholesale.com:
Top Ten Wholesale is an online directory that publishes the names, addresses and website links of wholesale suppliers under different categories depending on their trade specialization. There are numerous trade categories that are published on this directory among which are Handbags, Jewelry, Shoes, Consumer Electronics, Fashion Accessories, Sunglasses and Eye Wear among others.

7. www.topwholesalesuppliers.com:
Top Wholesale Suppliers is an online wholesale directory with a vast list of wholesale suppliers organized into various categories depending on their trade specialization. Visitors can search this wholesale directory for free. Visitors can either search wholesale suppliers by category or by their location.

8. www.wholesaledir.com:
www.wholesaledir.com is a free online wholesale directory for thousands of quality wholesale products. A person can easily locate wholesale suppliers by searching the various categories listed on this online directory.

9. www.wholesalehub.com:
Wholesale Hub is another free online wholesale directory that is dedicated to helping buyers find wholesale suppliers for different category of products. This wholesale supplier provides adequate information about various wholesale suppliers.

10. www.wholesaleez.com:
Wholesale Ez is a unique wholesale directory because of its unique print version. This wholesale directory publishes wholesale suppliers information both in online and print format. Visitors of their online directory can browse through different wholesale supplier information under the various categories. This wholesale directory is free and has been in business for over thirty years.