10 Wholesale Jewelry Distributors In New York


Are you looking to buy wholesale or closeout jewelry and resell it on Amazon, eBay, or out of your own store?

While the jewelry business can be very lucrative, you need to make sure that you are buying the right merchandise for your customers, and that you are paying the best possible price.

Jewelry brings a great taste for fashion. There are various wholesale distributors of jewelry located in New York City. 

Below are examples of 10 business that are active in the wholesale jewelry business. 

Always do your research before buying any merchandise!

Earrings Plaza

It is located in Koreatown. They are dealers with signature pieces of jewelry such as rings, watches and rings. They also have variety of accessories such as bangles, brooches, belts, among others.

Jewel Shop International

It is located at Broadway & Avenue of the Americas. They deal with jewelry such as rings, watches among others. The minimum purchase that you can get in the store is $100 regardless of what you are purchasing.

Genuine Ten Ten

It is located in Midtown West. They make their jewels from artwork. The products can be from stone, diamond, gold, silver, etc. They are made of unique designs and you can order a specific design to be made for you. They have all sorts of jewels such as rings, necklaces among others.

Ultimate Diamond

It is located between Avenue of the Americas and 5th Ave Midtown West. Just as the name suggests, they deal with diamond products. However, they have specified their accessories to rings only. They design and sell diamond rings as per the requirement of the customer.


It is also found between Avenue of the Americas and the 5th Ave Midtown West. They deal with genuine gemstones to make their products. Since not everyone is into diamond products, this company makes rings with the art of gemstones. They deal only with rings and precisely engagement rings.

The Market NYC

It is located between Houston St and Jersey St Nolita. They deal with jewelry of all categories whereby they sell used products, accessories, vintage and consignment. They have various products including rings, watches, necklaces, bangles, etc. Their products are unique and have a sense of time. The customer may choose a vintage or new style product.

Aurora’s Beads & Jewelry Design

It is found within 2nd Ave Kips Bay. They provide both retailing and repair jewelry services. Their specialized in precious stones, silver and beads. They bring beads together to design an accessory for you. Some of these accessories that they make are necklaces and bangles. The designs are unique and rare as well.

Maranci Silver Jewelry

It is located between Avenue of the Americas and the 5th Ave Midtown West. The products they make are made of silver. They craft unique designs to make silver accessories such as rings. You can order the jewelry in wholesale or an individual accessory as per your interest.


This is located between 29th St and 28th St Flatiron. They are wholesale dealers in jewelry. They sell all sorts of accessories such as rings, bracelets, necklaces among others. Their services are affordable as the minimum that you have to spend per visit is $30 which is affordable to most customers.

Toho Shoji New York

It is located in Midtown West. They have a collection of jewelry products and craft items as well. They have products of beads with unique designs at their beads collection store. They also make metal products such as earrings.

If you are considering wholesale jewelry make sure that you visit the New York Diamond District on 47th st between 5th and 6th ave. There are over 2,600 businesses located in the district!

For more information you can check out diamonddistrict.org, a site set up and managed by the business improvement district that represents the area.