10 Wholesale Handbag Factories In The USA


USA handbag business is about a 500 million dollar industry, and is progressively increasing each year.
Here is a list of handbag manufacturing industry of USA which holds million dollar businesses.

-1 Baikal.Inc

This manufacturing firm is located in Ney York fashion district. Baikal.Inc is one of the most leading bag manufacturing industry of USA. This industry give chances to new designer and their fresh minds give them Unique new design samples. Some of the well established designer of this company claims that their professional career was established from Baikal.Inc.
They work with top established brands to give the best sample possible. The common bag material of this industry are leather, fabrics, exotics and fur.

- 2 Justin Paul.inc

A Brooklyn based industry expert in delivering luxury handbag are particularly famous for satisfying their clients.
If needed they completely ensure their client for personal attention throughout the development stages and production process.
A 5000 sq ft floor of the production area is completely dedicated for quality, it is fully equipped with modern machinery. They have a team of experienced, detailed oriented artisan who have superior manufacturing skill

- 3 GFG bag manufacturer.

It is manufacturing almost all type of bags since 15 years and delivering to most reputed companies of the world. GFG bag manufacturer works with different kind of material including leather, faux leather, canvas, polyester and nylon.

This manufacturing firm is located in OHIO. They are known for producing luxury bags and accessories. The company was started in 2013 by a husband and wife Philip and Jackie wachter.
They started to produce handbags in a room. Later they enhanced their manufacturing firm and today they produce one the reputed brand of USA.
The meaning of word fount is abundant source of desired quality and this is what they strive to achieve.


Shinola has its various branches across the USA like network, Washington, Michigan, Texas , Florida, California , Toronto, Denver etc.
With they help of skilled personnel and big heavy machinery they are successfully manufacturing bags for their clients.
A well established firm known for producing reputed brands.
Founded in 2014 by experienced Paloma Vega Perez now they currently have hired 260 employs.

- 6 Toby weston handbags.

It is a California based handbag manufacturing industry.
Since past 44 years it is being loved by their clients. A manufacturing firm which produces handmade durable bags. It is known for its design and fabrics. This firm is run by female . A mother passes the heritage to daughter and she is currently running it.

- 7 K. Slade

A Chicago based bag manufacturing industry known for using one of the most finest material to produce durable bags which is high in quality while maintaining its simplicity.


Their manufacturing industry is located in Tennessee 
They produce handmade bags with the help of local craftsman, They are very selective in hiring their craftsman. They ensure soft leather bags which is comfortable and can be used for many years. They uses material like leather , fur, fabrics and exotic.

- 9 J.W Hulme

A well established firm founded in 1905 produces quality leather bags and known for its durability.

10. Port chester USA.

A part from their excellent manufacturing firm they know the business well than any other in the market.
They can deliver you the material and design which is always most demanding in the market. They also have a group of high skilled craftsman for producing quality handmade bags.