10 Wholesale Dress Styles For The Maternity Clothing Market


If you have been in the wholesale or retail business long enough you have received requestes

for maternity clothing.

Women know that pregnancy should not be the end of their sense of style. Frustratingly, there are very few brands of clothes that are specifically designed for pregnant women. Unfortunately, this makes putting together a stylish expectant wardrobe somehow difficult. So, whatever the style of your customer is, you  can find the perfect label.

This list of wholesale dress styles is ideal for wholesalers and retailers looking to supply fashion in the maternity apparel market.

Seraphine navy dot woven maternity dress.

This maternity dress is often spotted with celebrities. Surprisingly, it is one of the most affordable maternity dresses with high quality. This navy spotted dress is designed with a fantastic fit despite the fact that a pregnant woman experiences a constant change in body shape. Not only does the light material give a good cover but also keeps you cool and the hemline sits perfectly above the knee.

Nia maternity ruched dress.

The Nia maternity ruched dress is a staple of maternity ranges everywhere as it is so flattering on a growing bump. This dress in a super-soft jersey fits neatly over the upper arms and looks great with a suit jacket as well as brogues for the office. This dress has the split at the knee that makes it easier to walk with and furthermore there is room for growth if you are heading for a larger bump.

Flower maternity tea dress.

The flower maternity tea dress is the best of an impressively cut yet incredible affordable range of summer dresses from Mothercare’s marvelous blooming line. This dress is popular because of its gorgeous floral pattern. Nonetheless, the dress is designed to show off your baby bump without highlighting lumps and rolls everywhere.

Paisley maternity tunic.

The paisley maternity tunic is made of cotton and is very light thus perfect for the hottest summer. This dress hides the bump in both the early and mid-pregnancy. In fact, this tunic dress is also flatting on a non-pregnant figure. Unfortunately, the fabric is loosely cut but has no stretch. Therefore, this tunic dress does not accommodate larger bumps. Nevertheless, the dress is perfect for reducing overheating in summer, and it also looks good with tights and boots as well as cardigan on a chillier day.

Maternity animal print stripe cami dress.

The Asos maternity animal print dress is cut in soft polyester. Thus, this dress looks and feels like silk.

Check maternity flute sleeve dress.

Unlike other maternity clothing brands, this black and white dress is hard wearing and gives a lot of space for growth. More so, it is the most durable maternity dress that could be worn and washed again and again without stretching and tearing.

Navy maternity dress.

The navy maternity dress from the Jojo Maman Bebe deserves two slots among the top ten because of its impressive quality as well as the breadth of styles it offers. More so, it is also the most sustainable maternity dress. This dress clearly disguises your bump into the late 20 weeks. This dress has two deep front pockets that are very useful for avoiding carrying heavy bags.

Spot floral tie tea dress.

Like a few maternity dresses, the spot floral tie tea dress is best for summer. It is made of polyester mix thus this makes the dress less comfortable. However, the dress is designed with a fit including the bows and the forearm cuff. Top shop maternity dress sizes come up small therefore it is good to opt for one size larger than your usual pre-pregnancy fit.

Clary and peg chambray dress.

Unlike other maternity dresses, the Clary and peg chambray dress is the most expensive but also the only dress that marks you out from the crowd when you are expecting. It comes as a one-off piece cut from the end of line material. The Clary and peg chambray dress is also available in petite sizes that can be worn even after birth.

Bardot shift dress.

The Bardot shift dress from Tiffany Rose makes the top ten list for its sheer versatility. The Japanese garden print as well as the inbuilt under slip helps to even your shape. The material used to make this dress hangs well and has little movement as you walk. This dress is the ideal choice for a number of events.