10 Wholesale Dress Factories In China


Do you want to import wholesale dresses directly from China for your store? 

Are you looking for information about the best dress factories in China? 

The textile industry in China contributes almost half of the country’s export. However, due to the increased overseas competition and the high cost of labor, the industry has emphasized more on quality improvement and innovation. Whether you are planning to start-up a women dress store or you are an experienced women dress vendor, it is a good idea to become familiar with clothing manufacturers in this Asian economic powerhouse.

I would caution you when purchasing brand name or designer clothing from any factory. You need to ascertain whether the brand or designer has given the factory permission to sell you their merchandise.

For example, Calvin Klein might contract a factory in Bozhou or Dongguan to manufacture apparel carrying its internationally known label. But the factory cannot sell you any overproduction or cancelled orders of Calvin Klein dresses unless the company themselves has given the factory permission to do so.

You can play it safe by focusing on fashion or private label wear, or you can take the extra step to contact brand owners such as Ralph Lauren and Nine West before purchasing their clothing directly from any factory.

10 Women's Dress Factories in China

-Vogue Favo

This is one of the leading fashion factories in Guangzhou, China. The factory started operating in the year 2000. It mainly specializes in designing and producing various women’s attires such as women’s jackets, women’s coats, and women’s tops and women dress. If you want to start-up women dress business, then you need to contact them.

-Bulk dress Limited

This is another Chinese dress company that has a good reputation and has helped many traders over the years. It mainly produces wedding dresses, cocktail dresses, and bridesmaid dresses. It is also the best factory of size dresses and wedding gowns. They also sell through their various online platforms.

-Jusere Textile Company

This is another women dress factory based in China. They offer unique and personalized women dress designs that are not easily found in the market. They have employed highly qualified fashion designers to make sure that their clients get the best dress in the market. You can visit their website to get more information about their various women dresses collections.

-Henan Zhenhua YongSheng Garments Limited

This is another factory that specializes in making women dress and is located on Xing yang City, China. They are ISO9001 Certified and have been working since 2011.It has produced more than 3 million women dress pieces to date.

-Nanchang Chengtao Women Dress Factory

This is a textile factory that is found in Southeast of China. They specialize in exporting dresses and customized clothes for private and public institutions. They have international experts that handle all their trade negotiations with their customers. They are efficient and customers trust them around the world.

-Anul Sunshine Garment Company

This is a textile factory that is in Guanting town, China. The factory produces high quality women dresses. If you want to know more about how you can trade with them, then contact them through their website.

-Allied Fortune Company

This textile factory has the required ability to design various types of women clothes including dresses, skirts an, blouses and coats.

-Udreamdress Textile Factory

This is a leading online dress retailer of all time. They mainly produce night dresses, bridesmaid dresses and affordable cocktail dresses.