10 Wholesale Clothing Markets In Nigeria


Whether you are a Nigerian trader looking to supply sellers, or you are a Nigerian retailer looking to purchase wholesale clothes, the following markets can give you access to some of the best deals in Africa.

Following are the top 10 clothing wholesale markets in Nigeria where clothing materials are available in a huge range.

1. Katangua Market 
This is one of the most famous markets in Nigeria, the specialty of this market is that second hand item, including hand wears and household items which are conveniently available in low prices starting from N100 and onwards. Katangua Market is also known as “Bend Down Market”, this is not just an ordinary market, it is a hub, where you will have an experience of head swirl, with beautiful things to buy all around you. For Katangua, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s are special and important, as on these particular days new consignment arrives.

2. Tejuosho/Yaba Market

Tejuosho/Yaba market is considered to be one of the modern markets amongst the entire Logas, Nigeria. Once you visit these two market you will fall in love with the beautiful collection available for sale. After Balogun, Alaba Shop, Tejuosho is considered as one of the busiest market in town, as here different shops will be found in one space, whereas yaba market is famous for its Okrika Clothes. The most fascinating thing about these two markets, the offer a wide range in fair prices.

3. Oshodi

Oshodi market is a limitless place when it’s about clothing material availability, one can get any kind of fabric in this market. Once it was famous as an unorganized market, but now after such amazing transformation navigation is easy, above this aso ebi’ material can be found easily in this market. This place is famous because of an outstanding display of African fabric materials and Ankara exclusively.

4. Balogun
This is a place, which assist you beyond what you have imagined. Balogun is a place where all kind of fabric and textile items are available including African fabric, Aso-oke and many other. Balogun Is popular by its another name Eko’. The prices here are not the same, it varies with the type of fabric one chose to buy.

5. Aswani Market

If anyone one wants to enjoy euphoric feeling, Aswani Market is the place located in Isolo. It offers a huge range of ready made dresses, fabric material and accessories in a fair price range. Awani Market is famous because of the long years spent in catering consumer needs in clothing sector particularly.

6. Oil Mill, Port Harcourt
in the city of Port Harcourt, oil mill is a famous clothing market in town, which is located near eleme junction. Like every other markets Oil Mill special day is Wednesday and is considered as the busiest day of the week. The most fascinating thing about this place is the prices, as in low prices you can get amazing fabric, cloth materials very easily.

7. Choba Market

This market specializes in all kind of goods, from clothing to food. Due to the closeness of university, prices are subsidized. The most amazing thing about this market is, there is a night choba market every day and people can buy good on such low prices one can dream of, but it depends on their bargaining power.

8. Ariana International Market
Aba is the city known as a commercial hub, a lot of hotels are here for commercial and official use. Ariana International Market is not just a small market area, it is divided into different segment and It is known for its shoe industry particularly, dream about a shoe and you will get it here. Isn’t is great!

9. Ekeoha Market

In Nigeria this is the market which is known as shopping center. This place offers a wide range of clothing material, in affordable prices. There is no textile company in the industry who are not associated or working with this market and monthly it turns out hundreds of millions of naira.

10. Online Market

Like every other country, Nigeria has its own charm of online marketing. Multiple designers are available, like jumia, konga, payporte and more who are offering ready made cloths in cheap rates, all you need to do is follow the instruction and your order will be delivered in the allotted time.