10 Wholesale Auction Websites That Retailers Should Never Miss!


10 Wholesale Auction Websites That Retailers Should Never Miss! 

Online auction sites have always been popular for the selling and buying of new and used goods. However, if you are in search of some great deals, then you can surely find them at wholesale online auction sites. There are so many sites that provide you with nothing but disappointment, but today, we are here to solve this issue for you. No matter whether you are looking for a piece of land, jewelry, car, clothes, toys, or anything else, all of them are available at bargain prices at these sites. If you don't wish to break your bank while getting your desired products, then opting for these online auction sites will be one of the best decisions that you can make. In this article, we will be demonstrating the top 10 of them, so keep on reading... 

1: eBay—The Place where the Entire World Shops! 

When it comes to one of the oldest auction sites, then eBay tops the list. Apart from that, there's rarely a thing that you wish to get, and you don't find it on eBay as it offers a huge array of items from used clothes to diamonds and anything that you can think of. It is up to the buyers to bid or buy the items directly, while sellers can use this platform for getting rid of their unwanted items. It is claimed by eBay that their site is one-stop for all the sellers, buyers, and there's rarely a thing that you can't find here. And, eBay makes it easier for the users to shop; you can buy or sell through your desktop or through their mobile application. Apart from that, eBay features high-end policies and considerations, which end up boosting the trust levels of the users.  

2: ShopGoodwillDoesn't Keep any Profit and Helps the People in Need! 

ShopGoodwill is a non-profit organization whose main purpose in the operation of the retail stores is to raise money for the people who are in need. More probably, those people who have any sort of disabilities and who need a helping hand. Some of the interesting categories of items that ShopGoodwill feature includes: 

  • The Home, Bulk 

  • Art 

  • Tools 

  • Wedding 

  • Clothing 

  • Musical Instruments 

  • Pet Supplies 

  • Computers & Electronics 

  • Sports 

  • Bath & Body 

  • Toys/Dolls/Games 

3: Listia-No Cash Needed, Use your Stuff to Buy 

If you are a bit tight on your budget, but you are looking to upgrade then this site has got your back. It offers credits to its users; so technically, all the items are available for free. Wondering how it works? It works like when you don't want anything; you can list it on Lista; other users then bid on the products that you have listed; these bids require credits that they have earned from Lista by referring their friends or by selling their own merchandise. Thus, the users that have the most credits will get the product.  

We can also look at this auction site as a trading system. Still, we can't say that all of the items that are listed are of equal value, and you are given credits for that.  

4UBid Features those Products that are Over Stocked, Recertified, and Closeout 

If you are looking for products from known brands that are not too heavy on your pocket, then you must opt for UBid. It offers leftover products from known brands like Dell and Sony, etc. Moreover, you will find their inventory at a discounted rate, so what could be better than budget-savvy shoppers? Some of the interesting categories that you will find on this auction site include: 

  • Fashion 

  • Collectibles 

  • Sunglasses 

  • Discount Certificates 

  • Computers & Electronics 

  • Sports Memorabilia 


You will also find auctions on their sites which are related to travelling for different countries, including their cruises as well as vacation rentals, so if you are a travel enthusiast then you must opt for this website.  

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5PropertyRoomPolice Auctions (Online) 

A wide array of goods has been seized in the course of the law of enforcement. However, PropertyRoom works with a core aim of making these goods available via the public police auction. On this site, the audience will not only find vehicles, but a number of other things which include jewelry, watches, art, electronics and the list are never-ending. The selection of goods at PropertyRoom is vast, and it constantly changes as it works with over 4,100 municipal and law enforcement agencies.  

6Municibid—here you can Find Municipal Surplus as well as Forfeitures 

Do you ever wonder how you can get something that the government doesn't want anymore? With Municibid, you get them all! It is an auction site that helps schools, government agencies, authorities, and utilities in the selling of their products to their surplus, as well as forfeitures directly to their public. Some of the auction items that this site feature includes: furniture, computers, kitchen equipment, boats, cars, and the list go on.  



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7Webstore: Collectable and Rare Merchandise 

This is an auction site that runs on donations as well as advertisements. Thus, there are no membership fees. Apart from that, the costs of the products that this website features are also kept extremely low. But, there's one thing that you must keep in mind before you choose this site and it is, not everything is sold on this site. If you are someone who is into rare and collectable merchandise, then it is highly recommended for you to choose this site. On this site, you will also find some state-of-the-art electronics. 

Some of the interesting categories that Webstore feature include the following: 

  • Cameras 

  • Art 

  • Music 

  • Clothing 

  • DVDs 

  • Movies 

  • Poetry 

  • Jewelry 

  • Travel 

  • Tickets 

  • Specialty Services 

8: Auction Zip-The Place Where Live Auctions Occur 

If you are looking for a platform where you can participate in live auctions, then you don't have to search here and there anymore because Auction Zip is your one-stop! It provides live auctions to the users for their convenience. By participating in these live auctions, you can bid on the products that you like even by staying at your home and by using your web browser. Moreover, you can bid online without any software and throughout the world. Like a product? All you have to do is to bid on it regardless of the demographics. You will always find the website live with different products; you can even visit it now to buy the products that you like at a wholesale price! This platform works on the mechanism of real-time bidding.  


Catawiki claims to be an innovative auction site that brings its user new and inspiring objects every week. Moreover, the users will find around 300 auctions on this site, each with a wide array of interesting products. You will get around 300 auctions on this site each week that will feature a lot of unique products for satisfying all your requirements. No matter whether you are looking for some contemporary or modern art, some nice jewelry, stamps, or even cars, you are sure to find them at this auction.  

All of the items that are sold at this auction are handpicked as well as verified by this website's staff, which comprises of over 200 experts.  


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10: IRS Auctions—They Have Their Core Focus on Big-Ticket Items 

This is one of the best wholesale auctions sites that feature a treasure of products. The items that you will find here are rare to be found anywhere else. Apart from that, the Internal Revenue Code looks after all the items that are listed on this auction site. Some of the interesting items that this site lists include anything between commercial property, art, and jewelry.  



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In a Nutshell 

Now, you have acquired everything associated with the top 10 wholesale auction websites, so go through each of them and find which one fits you the best! There are so many websites that claim to be the best auctions sites, but they end up making you disappointed with their unprofessional behavior; thus, for saving your time and money, we would recommend you opt for these ten sites listed above as they won't disappoint you. Wait for no further, and enjoy shopping from these sites!