10 Ways to Sell the Contents of a Walmart Overstock Pallet


Ways to Sell the Contents of a Walmart Overstock Pallet.

An overstock pallet, otherwise known as a
liquidation pallet, is basically a box containing a set of overstock or
returned items from Walmart. It is sold by either being bid on online or sold
for a fixed minimum amount. A Walmart overstock pallet contains a set of items
from a variety of categories and different sections of a Walmart store, or
otherwise from their website. These pallets are sold in bulk, either for a set
wholesale price, or at auction. The customer does not know what the pallet
contains, but they could be valuable or sought-after items. Here are 10 ways to
sell the contents of a Walmart overstock pallet:

There are a number of companies that sell overstock
pallets online, find the right one where you can sell your pallets.

1. Bulq is the most popular online site
which sells liquidation pallets. They are also known for their great customer
services. Bulq have received a number of good reviews on offering quality items,
especially Walmart overstock pallets. The site is very user friendly and categorizes
the pallets according to their retail store.

2. Liquidations by B-Stock Solutions is
another online platform that categorizes their pallets according to the store
they came from. This site sells overstock pallets in singles and truckloads and
offers free delivery.

3. PalletBID sell wholesale pallets under a
number of different categories, including Walmart overstock pallets.

4. Department Store Liquidation is a
department store website which buys pallets by the truckload. So, this is a
useful site to sell your liquidation pallets to if you
have a lot of them. This is also a good indication of how much business there
is available when it comes to overstock pallets. The website is user friendly
and comprehensive, it is an excellent site for re-sellers and local suppliers.

5. GBY Liquidation is a website that offers
a good variety of stores and pallets. They also offer some popular brands under
a number of categories and tend to offer many shoes and apparels. They sell a
lot of Walmart liquidation pallets and are therefore a good business to sell

6. eBay is another good place to sell
Walmart overstock pallets, but be sure to list the pallet grade level, such as
whether they are clothing grade, clearance (this means that Walmart is emptying
their inventory into the pallets), scrap, mixed returns (items that have been
returned by clients), or letter graded with A being the best quality and C
being the lowest.

7. You can find junk stores or second hand
stores in your areas. Factory shops in particular may buy apparel. They often
buy overruns from brand names and resell them at a marked up price.

8. Find a local auction company in your
area, they often buy pallets.

9. You might have some luck on Amazon,
especially when it comes to smaller items like electronics.

10. Craigslist is less of a safe bet when
it comes to selling Walmart liquidation pallets, but you might find some buyers
of smaller pallets here.