10 Used Clothing Wholesalers In The USA


If you are looking to purchase used clothing, the USA has an active market comprised
of experienced used clothing wholesalers.

Below is a list ten used clothing wholesalers.

1. A&E

Established in 1996, A&E is a lead used clothing wholesaler in the United States. The New York based clothing corporation processes and distributes used clothes within the US as well as outside. Its overseas export markets mainly include Europe, South America, Central America, Africa, and the larger Caribbean region.

A&E is known for its high quality fabrics and attires. The firm attributes this to its careful selection and grading of clothes. It only accepts second hand clothing which are in good, wearable, and sellable conditions. It further processes them to improve their quality before packing and sealing them for distribution.

In a bid to ensure that its customers only get the best, A&E works with a number of leading clothing houses in the US. These include Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria's Secret, Aeropostale, Levi's, Nike, GAP, and Calvin Klein among others. From these and other sources such as charity clothing shops, the company processes around 50,000 pounds of second hand clothing a day.

2. Trans-Americas Trading Co.

Trans-Americas Trading Co is one of the longest standing used clothing companies in the US. In existence since 1942, the company sources clothes from the New York region and processes them in its New Jersey based processing plant. The fact that the clothes are sourced from New York can explain the company's strong grip on the second hand clothing market. New York City alongside others like Paris and Milan make up the world's fashion capitals.

Back to Trans-Americas Trading Co, the iconic clothing company exports its high grade used clothing worldwide. It has established strong market networks owing to its reputable brand and quality products. Its other exports also include vintage clothing and wiping rags.

3. Global Clothing Industries

Global Clothing Industries (GCI) is another bulk buyer and distributor of used clothing. The Atlanta, Georgia clothing company processes over 150,000 pounds of used clothing a day. It then distributes these to over 40 countries in the world including North America. Africa, Asia, and Australia are some of its biggest export markets.

GCI is able to meet the large market demand thanks to its equally large processing capacity. The company operates from a 133,000 square-foot warehouse where masses of employees work to ensure that customers' orders are met. Customers' orders are shipped to them in large bales and containers.

4. USA 501

USA 501 is the go to place for any retailer who wants to buy security second hand women and kids clothing. The company processes and stocks a variety of used clothing in its Manhattan Beach, California plant. It especially focuses on skirts and dresses for women as well as children's clothing. It has been supplying the second hand clothing market ever since 1987.

Aside from regular clothing, the company is also famed for its jeans and leather accessories. USA 501 partners with Levi's to supply high quality used jeans to customers all over the world.

You can expect some of the hottest fashion items at USA 501. They boast of award winning LA clothing designers such as Alan del Rosario and William B. Bebe among others. You can always make your order from their California store or their second store in Athens, Greece.

5. Eagle Trade

With a mission of taking American fashion to the rest of the world at an affordable cost, Eagle Trade is indeed a blessing to the clothing and fashion world. The family-owned company distributes overstock and customer returned clothing at a cheaper cost.

Eagle Trade mainly gets its merchandise from liquidations, wholesale clearances, and departmental store returned clothing. It then repackages these and export them to over 47 countries across the world. The company's prices can be up to 90% off the original price.

Eagle Trade is headquartered in Miami, Florida. Miami is in its own self a renown fashion hub.

6. A-1 Liberty International Used Clothing and Rags

A-1 Liberty International is also another powerhouse when it comes to large scale distribution of used clothing. The Houston, Texas based company has a clothes processing plant which spans over 85,000 square-foot. Herein, close to 100 workers engage in processing and packaging of used clothing. The clothing are sourced from all over the US and include even rags and wipers.

A-1 emphasizes a lot on quality. It takes care to distribute only quality clothes to enable it have a lasting stake in the competitive fashion world.

7. American Used Clothing Inc

Also based in Houston, Texas, American Used Clothing Inc is another big player in the used clothing world. The company boasts a 90,000 square-foot warehouse where over 150 workers work tirelessly to meet the world's clothing needs. The Texan clothing unit churns out thousands of second hand clothes and apparels on a daily basis. These include everyday clothes and attires, rags, wipes, and even shoes among others.

8. Bulk Vintage Clothing

As the name suggests, Bulk Vintage Clothing specializes in distribution of second hand vintage clothing. The company has a large warehouse located in Philadelphia from where it processes its clothes. It mainly deals with men's, women's, and children's clothing from the 1930s up to the 1990s.

9. Carpe Diem Trading, Inc

Based in Vernon, California, Carpe Diem Trading sorts and exports used clothing to various parts of the world. You can expect to find very fashionable items from their store now that LA is synonymous synonymous with celebrities and fashion.

Carpe Diem also distributes its fashionable clothes within the US.

10. M&J Exports/Imports Co

To crown everything is M&J. This colossal company engages in both import and export of second hand clothing. You can therefore expect to find a diverse range of clothing from them. They also source their clothes from cancellations and returns then pack and distribute them to retailers and other clothing traders. M&J is based in LA.