10 Shoe Wholesalers In New York


There are many shoe wholesalers in New York City. They buy large numbers of shoes from manufacturers and store them in warehouses. After that, they resell the shoes to retailers. In New York City, there are some wholesalers who only sell one specific brand of non-competing shoes. These are known as distributors. Here are 10 shoe wholesalers in NYC.


This is one of the shoe wholesalers in New York City. Formed in 1998, the company provides high fashion European shoes. They get shoes from European manufacturers and sell them to the New York market. Their shoes are made using hand-craft techniques, feature the latest styles and are made of fine materials too. Over time, the company has sold products to thousands of clients.

MO 68 Collection

MO 68 Collection is another shoe wholesaler in New York City. The company provides shoes to clients in the city and beyond. They also have an online store where clients can buy these wholesale products. MO 68 Collection stocks shoes from Europe that are inspired by the Morocco, Paris and Milan fashion scenes. Their products are released seasonally too. This makes MO 68 Collection one of the top New York shoe wholesalers.

Jinjiang Kukujia Shoes Industry Co. Ltd

Dealing in a variety of shoe types such as EVA shoes, slippers, clogs and beach sandals, Jinjiang Kukujia Shoes Industry Co. Ltd is one of the shoe wholesalers in New York. They have provided wholesale shoes for more than a decade. With more than 300 employees and a 30,000 square foot warehouse, the company is one of the largest suppliers in New York.

WLC Shoes

Also known by the name White Line Footwear, this is a shoe wholesale company in New York. It is a privately-held enterprise in the city that provides a variety of shoes for men and women. They have products from all over the world. The company has been operational for many years.

OneOone Shoes 

This is a wholesale shoe provider in New York which specializes in providing fashion-forward men's and women's shoes. They have provided this service for more than 20 years and carry the oneOone brand. Over this time, the company has developed a global chain of distribution stores. They include department stores and hypermarkets. The company performs all the activities that are involved in supply chain management.

Shoes 4 Less by Tonna Nicole

Specializing in women's shoes, this is a wholesale company based in New York City. Dealing from an online store, this company provides clients with low priced shoes. Their merchandise comes from Europe and other parts of the world too. Clients can also get amazing discounts on their products.

Broadway Plus Corp

Privately owned, Broadway Plus Corp is a shoe wholesaler company in New York City. They have been in the market for 8 years and offer a variety of products to their clients. Examples of these are boat shoes, moccasins, boots, pumps, sandals, marching band footwear, booties for infants and espadrilles.

The Phyllis Morgan Collection Ltd

This is a New York-based company which specializes in women's shoes. They operate out of their own dedicated warehouses and provide shoes from all over the world. Their products are available at discounted prices for the masses. The Phyllis Morgan Collection Ltd is a well-known wholesale company in the city.

Great Solutions LLC

This company provides women's shoes in wholesale throughout New York. They have been in business for many years and have a distribution network across the city. Their products are sourced from all over the world.

Golden Road Trading

Located in Broadway, New York, this is a company that provides shoes on a wholesale basis. Golden Road Trading has been in business for more than a decade. They also ensure that all their products are of high quality. Moreover, the company has a dedicated distribution network of stores where their clients can pick up the merchandise.