10 Retail Strategies That Can Help You Make $200 A Day


The following 10 strategies can help you make $200 a day in your retail business. While no strategy is guaranteed to work, and your results can vary, these are strategies that I have personally used in my wholesale business, Closeout Explosion Inc. The key to increasing your chances of success, is to utilize all of the strategies on a consistent basis.

Give every single person that you meet a business card for your business. The person that you give your business card to can become a customer, or they can refer a customer to you.

Create listings on eBay for your products. You can increase your odds of selling your merchandise by creating multiple listings. 

Launch your own website, using original content and pictures. In other words, write your own content and take your own pictures. If you prefer, you can pay someone to write content and take pictures for you. The key is not to simply use the content that your suppliers might provide you with. Your website will stand out, and possibly attain a high search engine ranking, by having original and unique content.

Ask your customers for their email addresses. You will want to set up an email list, and then send out offers to your customers.

Compile a list of your customers phone numbers, and periodically call them with your offers.

List your products on your Facebook page, on appropriate Facebook groups, and on the Facebook Marketplace.

Upload to YouTube videos of your products.

Advertise your website with Google Adwords and Facebook Pay Per Click Ads.

Write articles on your niche. Make sure that the articles are relevant and interesting. Include your contact information in your articles, or on the website where your articles will be posted. I have submitted hundreds of articles to EzineArticles.com, as well as included those articles on my main website, CloseoutExplosion.com

Participate in forums that are of interest to your customers. For example, if you sell Calvin Klein dresses, you will want to participate in forums in which people talk about Calvin Klein dresses. Your forum posts should include your website's address. For example, if you sell wholesale products, you want to take a look at Wholesaleforum.com, a forum dedicated to wholesale buyers and sellers.