10 Reliable Suppliers for Retail Store Supplies in New York and New Jersey



Retail stores in New York and New Jersey rely on a multitude of supplies to operate efficiently and serve their customers effectively. Whether you run a clothing boutique, grocery store, electronics shop, or any other type of retail establishment, having reliable suppliers for your store's needs is crucial. This article will introduce you to ten reputable suppliers for retail store supplies in the New York and New Jersey area. Each of these suppliers offers a wide range of products and services to meet your retail store's requirements.

  1. ULINE: Website: www.uline.com ULINE is a one-stop-shop for all your retail packaging needs. They offer a vast selection of shipping supplies, packaging materials, and janitorial products. Whether you need cardboard boxes, bubble mailers, or cleaning supplies, ULINE has you covered.

  2. Shorr Packaging: Website: www.shorr.com Shorr Packaging specializes in custom packaging solutions for retail businesses. They offer a range of packaging materials, including corrugated boxes, foam inserts, and custom printed packaging, to enhance your brand's presence.

  3. Store Supply Warehouse: Website: www.storesupply.com Store Supply Warehouse is your go-to supplier for retail store fixtures and display products. From clothing racks to mannequins, they offer a wide selection of items to help you showcase your merchandise effectively.

  4. Imperial Bag & Paper Co.: Website: www.imperialbag.com Imperial Bag & Paper Co. is a leading supplier of disposable foodservice and janitorial supplies. If your retail store includes a café or offers food items, they can provide you with everything from food containers to cleaning products.

  5. A&A Global Industries: Website: www.aaglobal.com For retail stores with vending machines or prize redemption areas, A&A Global Industries is a reliable source for toys, novelties, and redemption prizes. They have a vast catalog of products suitable for various retail environments.

  6. American Retail Supply: Website: www.americanretailsupply.com American Retail Supply offers an extensive range of retail store supplies, including bags, pricing labels, and security products. They also provide custom printing services to help brand your store.

  7. Alconox, Inc.: Website: www.alconox.com Alconox specializes in cleaning detergents and solutions. For retail stores that require stringent cleaning protocols, their products are ideal for maintaining a clean and safe environment.

  8. Empire Office Solutions: Website: www.empireofficesolutions.com Empire Office Solutions is a provider of office furniture and supplies. If your retail store includes office space or requires office-related products, they offer a variety of furniture and stationery options.

  9. Party City: Website: www.partycity.com For retail stores that carry party supplies or seasonal decorations, Party City is a well-known supplier. They offer a vast selection of party-themed merchandise, costumes, and decorations.

  10. Bergen Paper Supply: Website: www.bergenpaper.com Bergen Paper Supply is a local distributor of janitorial and sanitation supplies. They can help you maintain a clean and hygienic retail space with a range of cleaning products and restroom supplies.

Examples of Retail Store Supplies:

  1. Store Fixtures: Store Supply Warehouse offers various fixtures, such as clothing racks, shelving units, and display tables. These fixtures help organize merchandise and create an appealing shopping environment.

  2. Custom Packaging: Shorr Packaging can provide custom packaging solutions with branded boxes and packaging materials. This enhances your brand's visibility and provides a memorable unboxing experience for customers.

  3. Janitorial Supplies: Imperial Bag & Paper Co. offers janitorial supplies like cleaning chemicals, mop buckets, and trash bags. Keeping your store clean is essential for customer satisfaction and safety.

  4. Retail Bags: American Retail Supply offers a variety of retail bags, including paper and plastic bags, custom-printed bags, and reusable shopping bags. These are essential for customer purchases.

  5. Vending Machine Toys: A&A Global Industries supplies toys and novelties suitable for vending machines. These can be a great addition to arcades, family entertainment centers, or retail stores with a play area for kids.


Having reliable suppliers for your retail store supplies is crucial for smooth operations and customer satisfaction. The suppliers mentioned in this article, located in New York and New Jersey, offer a wide range of products to meet your retail store's needs. Whether you require packaging materials, fixtures, cleaning supplies, or specialty items, these suppliers have you covered. To ensure the best fit for your specific needs, be sure to research each supplier further and inquire about their product catalogs, pricing, and delivery options.