10 Public Warehouses in the USA For Retailers And Wholesalers


The usage of public warehouses has become a common practice for drop shippers, start-up businesses, e-commerce sellers, Amazon sellers, eBay sellers, importers, and wholesalers. But finding the best public warehouses is a challenge as there are a lot of public warehouses out there, and some may provide good service while others may damage your products permanently. 

But for that, you need to check out each and every well-known public warehouse in the USA, and that is just a great hassle, to be honest. But you don’t have to do that research because we have done it for you already.  

What are Public Warehouses? 

In general, public warehouses are storage spaces or storage units where people can rent a specific amount of storage for a period, pay by the pallet or square foot usage, and pay for services provided such as distribution, pick and pack services, and e-commerce fulfillment 

Best Public Warehouses in the USA 

Public warehouses are set all across the United States, but while some may provide good storing space, their handling and distribution can’t seem to be up to the mark, and the ones that can do the deliveries right don’t have quality storage facilities.  

And this makes it harder to settle on a public warehouse that will have quality in both of the sectors. But don’t worry, here are the 10-best public warehouses that maintain high quality on both storage and service: 

1. DHL 

Dalsey Hillblom Lynn or more commonly known as DHL is a German logistics company that is known for its worldwide delivery services and shipping products of any kind.  

But what you may not know is the fact that DHL can also work as a public warehouse where you can store your goods and can deliver them in time. And this is quite optimal, too, as DHL provides one of the best courier services in the world and their storage system and security are always praiseworthy. 

What’s more, if you opt for public warehouse services, then you will get DHL’s services when they are delivering your package, meaning you will be able to track your products with real-time tracking along with many other features. And this way international deliveries becomes easier too. 

2. World Trade Distribution (WTD) 

Another great option for a public warehouse is the World Trade Distribution, and they offer customs bonded warehousing, which is great for heavy loads and also provides legalizations, thus acting as a safe haven for your goods which should be the primary concern in the first place. 

This public warehouse is more oriented towards large businesses or owners whose products are imported and comes from freights because freight management is also listed as a service for the World Trade Distribution Company. 

So, if you are looking for a public warehouse to handle your heavy-weighted imported goods, then the World Trade Distribution’s public warehouse service is the one you should check out first.  

3. Blu Logistics  

For on-road shipment and delivery along with storage units, there are only a few logistics companies that can keep up with Blu Logistics. The public warehouses from Blu Logistics offer good security and humble care that every business owner and drop shipper dreams of. 

Their delivery service is also adequate, to say the least. Most of their deliveries are made by trucks, which you can track from your mobile device by using real-time tracking feature.  

4. Eastern Warehouses  

If you are doing your business by port, then there are only a few public warehouses that can provide services like Easter Warehouses. Located in New Jersey, this warehouse and freight company started its journey in the early 1918s and is still one of the best public warehouse services out there in the market. 

A great thing about Easter Warehouses is that their storage system uses Artificial intelligence along with an entire dedicated management crew. And for that reason, they boost that once your products or goods are in their storehouses, there is no way they are getting damaged. 

And with 500000 square feet of the storage unit, it is one of the biggest public warehouses in the port arena. 

They do both container transport and single transport for their clients. 

5. HWC Logistics 

Based on Atlanta, HWC Logistics is one of the best distributors, transport, and not to mention public warehouse service providers in the market. HWC Logistic is widely known for its storage management and warehousing performance. 

They will store and deliver any type of goods you import or send out. They do container deliveries along with tracking. But if you want a more superior experience, most business owners opt for HWC logistics when they have to store and transport a good number of containers and cartons.   

6. Ryder  

If you are a small business owner or just starting with import-export or drop shipping, then you have definitely heard the name of Ryder Supply Chain Solutions, as they offer the best service for those who are on a tight budget.  

Although that may come as if the company lacks in transportation, that is hardly an issue as Ryder has been hailed as one of the most trusted transporters of goods both domestically and internationally. So, if you want a solid option on tight finance, then Ryder should be your first option.  

7. Safeway Logistics  

For almost four decades, Safeway Logistics has been the optimal option as public storage for many traders and importers. And as the years went by, they also adapted to more efficient technologies, and now Safeway Logistics offers one of the safest storage units in the USA. And their transportation services aren’t far from perfection either. 

8. Jillamy 

This third-party logistics company is one of the most sought out public warehouses in the past few years because of the care they put into storing and safekeeping your goods. Jillamy offers a dedicated team that only focuses on warehousing, and their 1.25 million sq. ft. warehouse allows them to house large containers easily. 

Their delivery service is also top-notch, and their asking price is quite low compared to others which offer the same qualities. 

9. WSI 

Suppose you want to store highly sensitive goods. In that case, WSI should be on the top of your list because their public storage service focuses on storing and transporting goods like chemicals and hazardous elements, food-grade goods, transloading, and many more. 

And their 50 years of service in this field earn them the genuine mark that we all look for when thinking of storing goods that need special handling.   

10. Radial  

Suppose you want a logistics company that bases its workflow with digital components. In that case, Radial is the perfect logistics company that you should look for when searching for the perfect public warehouse services. Everything will be monitored all the time when you are using their public storage, and you can track everything that goes on with your items. 


These are some of the best public warehouses that you will find in the USA that offer services that will definitely satisfy your needs. Hopefully, you have to find the perfect public warehouse for you from the mentioned ten, and if so, then it's time to use these services and get the best out of these public warehouses.