10 Popular Wholesale Levi's Products


10 Popular Wholesale Levi's Products 

Levi is one of the most recognized names in the wholesale fashion industry with its stylish and innovative arrays of jeans, jackets, and fashionable clothing. And if you want to stock your boutique with premium wholesale clothing, then there are only a handful of brands that can keep up to the standards of Levi. But what should you look for when considering buying wholesale products from Levi's?

To be honest, there are a lot of options and categories to choose from, but here are ten wholesale items that you need to check when you decide to buy from Levi's, because these ten excellent products display the sheer magnificence that is Levi's.  

So, without further ado, let’s dive into them, shall we?   

Levi's Clothing Items for Men 

If you are shopping at Levi for men’s clothing, then these are the products that you should definitely check out. 

1. Levi’s Men 501 Jeans  

If you are looking for Levi’s classic, then Levi’s Men 501 Jeans are the ones you should check out. The iconic 501 was first manufactured in the 1890s and is still beloved by thousands of users worldwide. 

The 501 has more than 40 different styles, which primarily differ from the type of cotton used. The most common variants use 100 percent cotton fabric. The initial design comes with two back and front, with the right front pocket coming with a smaller pocket. It comes with the vintage Levi's lighter tan bridge color. 

2. Levi’s Men 510 Skinny 

If you want style and skinny look on your jeans, then the 510 is definitely the one you should look for. It is a skinny fit of jeans that covers from your hip to lower legs. The material used for the 510 is ninety-nine percent cotton and one percent elastic. The skinny leg openings also ensure the skin-tight ankle outlook.  

3. Levi’s Men 511 Slim Fit 

Many people don’t enjoy the outlook that comes with skinny-fit jeans, nor do they want to venture to the standard jeans fashion. And if you are one of them, then the 511 slim fit is the perfect choice for you. 

The 511 slim fit comes with enough amount of tightness to show your lower legs while making it less tight fit around the thighs. Thus, making it comfortable for its users. The overall pocket & labeling design follows the standard jeans. 

4. Levi’s Men 513  

This is a standard straight pair of jeans from Levi that truly honors simplicity with a pinch of fashion at the top. What makes it desirable to many users is its leg opening. It is slightly wider compared to the standard value. The jeans are tight around the thighs but give ample breathing room for the lower legs.  

5. Levi’s Men 505 Regular 

Sometimes you don’t want the most trending jeans, sometimes you just want to relax, and that is exactly the 505 regular provides. It is a standard pair of jeans with all the known features. But it comes with Levi’s phenomenal cotton work and exclusive material. Thus, making it the go-to comfort jeans for any occasion.  

Levi's Clothing Items for Women 

While Levi's initially started as a jeans company for men working in the factories, Levi’s women’s clothing rules the current fashion trend with their men’s product with zero compensations. And these are the bestsellers that you should take a deeper look into if you are considering Levi’s to be your next shopping stop.  

1. Levi’s Women Wedgie Fit Jeans  

One of the most common products of Levi’s, this pair of jeans can be worn on any occasion and will grant you a skin-tight look without making you feel tight or worn out. It is 99 percent cotton and 1 percent elastic, making the low denim stretch that customers adore the most. It shows off your curves perfectly and also comes with a 5-pocket styling feature.   

2. Levi’s Women 315 Shaping Boot Cut Jeans 

This is a classic for parties and works alike, and if you are a fan of the boot cut, then there are no other jeans in the market that can live up to the standard of the 315 Shaping Boot Cut Jeans. 

Made with 81 percent of cotton, 17 percent of polyester, and 2 percent elastic, these jeans are comfortable and provides the flattering bootcut you are looking for. It also includes tummy-slimming panel that enhances your curves, legs, and overall form.  

3. Levi’s Ribcage Jeans 

If you want to show off your figure and form, then the ribcage jeans are the match made in heaven for you. It has features like hip slimming, leg-lengthening along with the unique straight ankle hit. 

The denim is non stretchable, and the core materials consist of 79 percent cotton and 21 percent of TENCEL. These classic straight-leg jeans provide a versatile look that is standard for multiple occasions.   

4. Levi’s Women 501 Original Cropped 

Iconic Levi's jeans for women. This jean comes high rise and straight-leg feature and is quite similar to the men’s 501 models. These stretchable jeans can be worn on any occasion, from formal to party. And Levi's claims that anyone can recognize it due to its uniqueness and the vibe that it provides. 

The materials for these stretchable jeans are 99 percent of cotton and 1 percent elastic with the standard five-style pocketing. 

5. Levi’s Women 711 Skinny 

These zip fly skinny jeans from Levi's are what you imagine when you think of classic skinny jeans for women. It has a natural rise and fine skinny leg opening that works with any type of clothing and brings out your natural figure and form. 

The materials for this one are 93 percent cotton, 5 percent of polyester, and 2 percent of elastane, making this pair of jeans mid-stretch denim. 


Levi is a brand that offers exceptional wholesale products with appealing looks that is almost close to no competition. And it can seem daunting at times to find something that you’ll value afterward when multitude of options are given in front of you. 

But hopefully, this article has shed some light on the matter and has given you ten products that you can look forward to when searching for wholesale products to stock up your store with.