10 Popular Wholesale Boutique Brands Of Children's Clothing


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Wholesale 10 Popular Wholesale Boutique Brands Of Children's Clothing

There are many companies that manufacture clothes for kids. Retailers are advised to conduct research before purchasing wholesale brands. One of the things retailers need to understand is that not all these brands will meet buyers’ needs. There are endless chain stores that stock cute items. Here are the 10 Popular Boutique Brands of Children's Clothing.

1. Joules

Joules is a Britain based brand. The brand comprises of fun skirts, beautiful dress and soft tees among other outfits. The clothes are characterized by bright colors that have made them more popular among children. The patterns and quality is undeniable.

2. Appaman

The brand designs wonderful outwear for girls and boys, funky prints as well as graphic tees among others. The clothes from this designer are versatile such that they can be used for formal and casual events.

3. Pink Chicken

The pink chicken children dresses, leggings and tees are irresistible to buyers. The outfits have been designed for both formal and informal occasions. The dresses fall between 50 to $70 price range when purchase on wholesale. The brand also includes skirts and other outfits that will make kids look adorable.

4. Wes and Willy

Retailers targeting customers who love traditional styles need to stock products from Wes and Willy. The company manufactures polos and tees among other outfits for children of different ages. The clothes are characterized by different features including skulls, drum sets and cross bones among others.

5. Zutano

Zutano is one of the most popular brands when it comes to children’s clothing. The brand is characterized by cozy and colorful designs. The clothes from this designer are fun as well as unique. Some of the common designs incorporate flowers, dinosaurs, stripes and vehicles among others. Most of the products from this designer are versatile such that they can be used by both boys and girls. Retailers who want to attract buyers that prefer fashionable and trendy need to go for Zutano.

6. Tea

The tea collection comprises of clothes for kids aged between aged between 6 and 12 years. The high quality of clothes from this designer makes them ideal for daily playwear. Some of the common children clothes from this company include graphic tees, leggings, dresses and cargo pants. The clothes are sold at an affordable price thus making them ideal for low and average income earners.

7. Hilly Chrisp

There is no better gift to present to kids than Hill Chrip dress or leggings. The brand has mixed patterns and colors. Most buyers prefer quality bloomers and shorts. The clothes are sold at an affordable price on wholesale.

8. Kissy Kissy

Kissy Kissy designs clothes in different sizes and colors. The clothes portray different theme including separates, fire trucks as well as flowers. The clothes from this brand can be used on various occasions.

9. Hartstrings

Hart strings are a perfect choice for persons who want quality and affordable clothing for special occasions. The firm designs classic khakis, twirling dresses, critter bottoms and tops as well as madras.

10. Petit Bateau

The brand has been offering high quality and affordable dresses for kids. Petit Bateau is known for infant rompers, classic cotton sweaters and undergarments that retailers are not likely to find elsewhere.