10 Packaging Suppliers in New York and New Jersey


10 Packaging Suppliers in New York and New Jersey

Packaging is a critical aspect of any business that deals with physical products. Whether you're in the food industry, retail, manufacturing, or e-commerce, finding reliable packaging suppliers is essential to ensure your products are protected and presented professionally. In the bustling business hubs of New York and New Jersey, there are numerous packaging suppliers catering to a wide range of industries. In this article, we will explore ten top packaging suppliers in this region, each offering unique solutions to meet your packaging needs.

1. Uline

Website: Uline

Uline is a well-established packaging supplier known for its vast selection of packaging materials and equipment. They offer everything from cardboard boxes and shipping supplies to custom packaging solutions. With a distribution center in New Jersey, Uline provides fast shipping and a wide range of options for businesses of all sizes.

2. Nassco

Website: Nassco

Nassco, based in New Jersey, specializes in industrial and janitorial supplies, including packaging materials. They offer a comprehensive range of products, such as stretch film, bubble wrap, and corrugated boxes, making them a one-stop-shop for businesses looking for packaging solutions and cleaning supplies.

3. Packaging Price

Website: Packaging Price

Packaging Price is a New York-based packaging supplier that offers competitive prices on a variety of packaging materials, including boxes, tape, and packing supplies. They are known for their excellent customer service and ability to meet bulk packaging needs.

4. Atlantic Packaging

Website: Atlantic Packaging

Atlantic Packaging, headquartered in New Jersey, specializes in customized packaging solutions. They work closely with businesses to design and manufacture unique packaging that enhances product presentation and protection. Their expertise extends to industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and electronics.

5. Mid-Atlantic Packaging

Website: Mid-Atlantic Packaging

Mid-Atlantic Packaging is a family-owned business located in New Jersey, offering a wide range of packaging materials and custom printing services. They cater to various industries, including retail, food, and e-commerce, providing solutions like custom printed bags and packaging accessories.

6. Landaal Packaging Systems

Website: Landaal Packaging Systems

Landaal Packaging Systems, with a location in New Jersey, is a leader in sustainable packaging solutions. They focus on eco-friendly packaging materials and offer innovative designs to minimize waste and environmental impact. They work with various industries, including automotive and retail.

7. PakFactory

Website: PakFactory

PakFactory is a New York-based packaging supplier specializing in custom packaging solutions. They offer design services to create unique packaging that aligns with your brand image. Whether you need custom boxes, labels, or promotional packaging, PakFactory can deliver.

8. A-B-C Packaging Machine Corporation

Website: A-B-C Packaging

A-B-C Packaging, headquartered in New York, specializes in packaging machinery. They provide automated packaging solutions for various industries, including beverage, food, and pharmaceuticals. If your business requires advanced packaging equipment, A-B-C Packaging is a reliable choice.

9. Felins

Website: Felins

Felins, located in New York, specializes in innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. They offer equipment like banding machines and tying machines that are designed to reduce packaging waste and increase efficiency in industries like food, manufacturing, and logistics.

10. NorthEast Packaging Solutions

Website: NorthEast Packaging Solutions

NorthEast Packaging Solutions is a packaging distributor serving both New York and New Jersey. They provide a wide array of packaging materials and equipment, including stretch film, strapping, and palletizing solutions, catering to industries such as construction and manufacturing.


When it comes to packaging suppliers in New York and New Jersey, you have a variety of options to choose from. Whether you need standard packaging materials, custom packaging solutions, or specialized machinery, these ten suppliers offer a diverse range of products and services to meet your packaging needs. Be sure to research each supplier further to determine which one aligns best with your business requirements and values.