10 Outlets In The United States Where You Can Buy Brand Name Handbags At Up To Below Wholesale Prices


Handbags are an essential everyday item that many cannot live without. There are differences between brand name and non name brand handbags when it comes to price and product quality.

Unfortunately, buying brand name handbags can become expensive, while buying generic brands you can lose out on the quality .

Thankfully, in the United States there are many outlets that sell brand name handbags at discounted prices. All you have to do is research, buy online or maybe do some light traveling to find what you are looking for. 

I have visited outlets in Secaucus NJ, and Woodbury NY, and have purchased merchandise at low enough prices that allowed me to make money while selling the merchandise to my customers.

Many outlets run end of the season, holiday, and clearance sales.

These sales can potentially be a phenomenal opportunity for buying handbags at what essentially can be below wholesale prices.

You can then turn around and sell the bags in your own store, from home, on Ebay, on Amazon, through your own website, or at a local flea market.

Below are ten outlets that carry handbags.

You can always call the outlets to confirm that they currently have handbags in stock.


1-There are outlets that only sell name brand merchandise. They usually care about last season items or items not sold in the regular store but made for the outlet store. The first example is Coach outlets. There are a number of physical outlets across the country you can visit, and now also offer an online site which will deliver. Be mindful that the physical store will offer nicer and more variety of content. 


2-Next, is the Brighton outlet which stocks last season merchandise. Every first of the month, new season merchandise is sold at a semi discounted price. They also offer different events to promote more products and sell more merchandise on clearance. You can find them in California, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Nevada as of now. Their online presence is also growing. 

Giorgio Armani

3-There are also 12 Giorgio Armani outlet stores across the United States. They have made it clear that these outlets only sell leftover stock from the main stores and nothing more. Their online presence was limited but their site is now growing. 

Michael Kors

4-There are also numerous Michael Kors outlets across the country and even an incredible online presence. Michael Kors is so common and wanted now you can go to many outlets and find handbags. 


5- Gucci even has nine outlet locations throughout the US. Many of these places are near major cities across the country to be more accessible for people. Gucci can also sometimes be found in other outlets.

It is important to mention the Outlets across the US that carry multiple designer handbags rather than focusing on one brand. These outlets carry a wide range of merchandise and have something for everyone. 


6-We start with Bagriculture stores which offer multiple locations around the country. They sell a mixture of previously owned and even new handbags from a variety of different names like Chanel, Gucci, Michael Kors etc. 


7-Burke's outlet is a good choice for those looking for lower end brand names like Kenneth Cole Reaction, London Fog, and more. They are at an extremely discounted price and also offer websites with $5 flat rate shipping making it very convenient and affordable for many people. Their inventory is always improving.


8- Tangar Outlets are set up across the country and even have an online site. They offer handbags from Coach, Guess, Banana republic and much more. Their wide variety will surely have something for you.

Online: My Bag Outlet

9-Now you can also buy from multiple online handbag outlet sources such as My Bag Outlet which sell brands like The Satchel Company, Hunter etc.  They deliver all over the country.

Online The Outnet

10-Another online outlet to try is The Outnet which sells a variety of designer handbags such as DKYN, Coach and more.  They also deliver across the country and more. 

All in all, there are so many different outlet choices that sell designer handbags across the United States. Hopefully, starting with these ten will open open doors to finding the products that you are looking for. Good luck!