10 New York Wholesale Shoe Warehouses


New York has many wholesale shoe warehouses and suppliers, below is a list of 10 different companies that specialize in shoes in NYC.

1. RG Barry Corp is in the first place. This company has quite long and successful business history. RG Barry was founded in 1947 and since then, they have developed a big number of lifestyle brands and fashionable products. Except for the shoes, they have created handbags and shoe inserts. RG Barry is based in New York City.

2. Shoenet.com is the first and oldest online wholesale shoe warehouse and because of that, it takes the second place on this list. As you can easily conclude, you can buy all of their shoes from the comfort of your home. That is a difference in comparison with some of its competitors. To start buying, you will need a computer or similar device and a good Internet connection.

3. Tip Top Shoes is a warehouse where you can find many interesting shoe models for your kids. This company is founded in 1940, and as you can see, it exists for a very long time. Tip Top Shoes also offers footwear for men and women, and they are not only limited to kids shoes. The company is based in New York as well.

4. Miz Mooz Inc is exclusively women shoe warehouse that offers a different kind of footwear for all seasons. They have stores all around the country and several of them are in New York City. You can also use their website to purchase any of their shoes, so it is a nice advantage. Miz Mooz Inc is offering some interesting rewards for their loyal customers, so you should check out this opportunity.

5. Inkkas is also a good company that should be considered while buying shoes. The warehouse is offering footwear for both men and women, and you can find a lot of interesting and nicely designed shoes for young people there. Inkkas is also selling these products online, and you can create a buyer account on its website.

6. Rasolli Footwear Corp is a company that offers some quality brands such as Coco Jumbo and Franco Vanucci. The warehouse is based in New York City as all others, but you can use its website to purchase online too. The good thing is that they are offering gift cards for new clients, so you can save some money that way.

7. Ultramoda Inc is representing some of the most prestigious brands such as Roberto Cavalli, John Galliano, Alessandro del'Acqua, and Blumarine. As you can easily conclude, they have truly great shoes for every taste. The prices are quite moderate for such great brands, and that is an excellent thing.

8. Hickies is offering great sports shoes for kids and adults. Its footwear is highly elastic and will easily adapt to every move, step and jump. That makes them ideal for different kind of sports activities. If you want to find very comfortable and useful shoes, then, you should consider Hickies.

9. Orva Store is also a great place where you can find almost all kind of footwear. They have a large number of great brands such as Reebok, Adidas, Asics, Cat and many others. You can also create an account on their website to start buying online. Orva Store is giving free shipping for all of their customers, so you will pay only for the goods.

10. Joy Foot International Inc is a large wholesale shoe warehouse in New York City. They are selling footwear for men and women. Some of the newest models are available for purchasing there. Their prices are often lower than usual, so you can find great shoes for a quite small amount of money. That way, you will save your budget while buying quality footwear.