10 New York Sources For Evening Wear At Wholesale Prices


Are you looking for great evening wear? We are going to discuss some wholesalers and retailers in New York City who sell women wear like gowns, formal dresses, etc., at wholesale prices.

1. Lara
Lara is a wholesale showroom which offers a wide variety of women wears. It offers many options in women dresses, evening gowns, party wear etc. It also has an online store based on NYC which adds an advantage to your shopping experience. You can visit their store which is located on 49C W 37th street, New York or you can contact them using their phone number which is provided on Google.

2. Bazar New York
“Bazar” means market. It can be of anything. BNY has utilized the concept of bazar and provided customers with a wide range of ladies’ product brands. The list of brand includes Ellen Tracy, Nine West, and much more. It can be a perfect destination for the ladies if they want to spend a lot of time in searching their desired product. It is also situated on the 37th street. You can find their contact on Google. This shop also offers you wholesale prices.

3. Blake and Company
This store is also located on 37th street. They try to offer the best customer service and try to offer best dresses and gowns. They also have their own website. But please note that it is not an e-retailing website. It just provides information about the company. If you want to select from wide variety of option, then definitely go there.

4. Eric dresses
Eric dresses is an online retailing website which offers wide variety in evening gowns. You can find any type of women wear on this site. They are currently offering up to 50% discount and provide dresses on a wholesale rate. You can order from anywhere even from a foreign country.

5. JJ’s House
It is also an online retailing site. And it also offers wide variety in women wears. If you want to search for evening dresses, go ahead and search on its website. You can get up to 70% off on dresses and 75% discount on shipping charges. 70% is a large amount in terms of discount so remember to check out this website as soon as possible.

6. SMC Fashions
This e-retailing website is having a totally different section for products that you want to purchase on a wholesale price. Many companies has opted for SMC Fashion as their main supplier, so, you can get an idea of what this site can offer in evening dresses You need to create an account to browse on this site and after that, you are ready to go.

7. Light in the Box
This website offers the best prices for women wear. They offer up to 70% discount on the women wear. It is even cheaper than the price offered by a wholesaler. If you are looking for attractive plus cheap dresses, then definitely check this one out.

8. Neiman Marcus
This website has a different section for evening dresses. You can select one from many options like evening gowns, evening exclusive, and much more. But the downside is that they are not offering discount as the other websites are. They are offering just 40% off, but at a 40% off sale you can end up paying the actual wholesale price sometimes.

9. Issue New York
It is retail and a wholesaler store. They always keep themselves updated about the latest fashion trends in the market. They also have their own website, but it does not offer any product and is just instead for providing all the information related to them. You can find all the information related to their stores on their websites.

10. Faviana
If you are looking for a wholesaler, then Faviana is not the stop for you. Why I am mentioning it here is because of its brand recognition in New York City. For every site I visited or any reviews I read, there is not a single person who has registered a negative feedback against them. This gives it a great credence as one of the major NYC evening dresses.